legend of scotty


Just a couple of NBA legends reuniting in Miami today.

A really rough model sheet for this newest iteration of Scotty I’ve been drawing.  It’s a mix of so many things- the toonyness of prior versions, a pinch of wind waker, and a lot of inspiration from my brother.  Now with a fanny pack!  Thought it’d be funnier for him to pull stuff out of his inventory out of there instead of a backpack.

Largely inspired by Carly’s Fei-Yan model sheet, but also composed because friends from school are bugging me to do some art trades and I don’t have a recent version of Scotty I like.  Back to homework!

On another note, this is the semi-finished Legend of Scotty print.

I still don’t think it’s anywhere near where I want to colours to be- I’d rather this print be painted, but I totally don’t have the time right now.  Mr. Dorf sadly skipped out (for now) as I ran out of inking time (also the logo is a placeholder as I wanted to redo it)!  I’ll find some time to fix this in the near future, but I want to take a break from this and move onto some other things.


Scotty beat boards/doodles/whatever!  Been doing this all week when I should probably be doing homework.  Finally visualizing this whole mess.  I’ve gotr about another 10 pages of these but I thought this was nice enough without spoiling too much (or anything really as there’s almost no dialouge here). 

Skraggy, I hope you are ready.

It was my brother’s birthday earlier this week, so I figured the best way to celebrate would be to draw him something late!  Also starring Megan for the first time ever OH BOY

Uh so a lot of you may have noticed I haven’t been around lately, especially with me pumping up ArtSlam like I did.  A lot of adult stuff has been going on the last few weeks like job interviews and apartment hunting and debt management and it’s just been nuts.  Adulthood has officially hit me like a pile of bricks.

I do hope to post more as soon as possible, as well as finish the last few commissions I had.  I’ll probably be able to ACTUALLY do ArtSlam for July, and I’ll post as much as possible now between packing and whatnot.  

Thanks to everyone who sent me a worried message!  I’m okay, just a little flustered is all c: