legend of korre

Su and Lin having mobiles over their cribs made of meteorite pieces.
Toph up all night with Lin when she had her first ear infection, and Toph getting so tired and frustrated she can’t do anything that she starts crying, too.
Lin taking Su to dance class.
Lin helping Su with her earthbending when Toph got too busy at work.
Toph getting back late from work and checking on her daughters in bed and stroking their hair in their sleep.
Just. It wasn’t all bad, I know that.

The Equalists and Tall Poppy Syndrome--An Introspecitve

As the TVTropes Korra page has references in his profile, Amon is clearly a preacher of Tall Poppy Syndrome–the idea that for all people to be equal, instead of finding a way to raise the lowest common denominator, you cut the highest down.This gave me a few ideas, including for Amon’s alleged back-story, Hiroshi’s Sato’s mindset, and perhaps the reasoning for quite a few Equalists. It’s long, so it’s under the break.

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This IS a big win for the LGBTQ community. It’s a HUGE win to give you the closest thing to a queer relationship on screen for a kids cartoon show that depict women of color in love with each other.

Like I don’t know why the hell people say shit like “let’s just celebrate ALL of us” like holy shit no. Let’s let the people that FINALLY CAN RELATE, CELEBRATE AND BREATHE AND APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE INDEED VALIDATED IN POPULAR MEDIA.

I get we should celebrate everyone but at this point let the queer community have this one. This is a big deal and we deserve to celebrate.