legend of korra season two

One thing I would have really like to see in the Korra finale was Bolin and Kuvira having a face-off. Bolin devoted three years of his life to helping Kuvira, looked up to her and trusted her (for the record, that’s as long as he spent with Korra, and he says that his life story only ‘really began’ when he met her). Also, he compares her to Korra at one point - he’s the first person in book 4 to do that. 

So even one moment of communication between them - an 'I trusted you!’ or 'don’t do this!’ or something - would have been awesome. I think those ten seconds of screen time would have done so much for both their characters. 

You know what? I'm kind of excited for season 2 of Korra.

Since Bryke even admitted every season they do is going to be kind of like a stand-alone series, this is their chance to clean it up. Their villain can actual have more development and an actual back story we learn about earlier, characters can be developed, because we don’t have the love triangle any more, Mako might not come off as a complete asshole, and in the finale Bolin actually seemed kind of funny (nothing like Sokka, though)

Literally, the season ended with pretty much everything being wiped out. I’m sure Bryke knows of all the complaints and is either A) going to make season two better with a lot more character development, or B) possibly get more writers? This could really be their chance to fix this series, and to start over again. I’m just saying, I’m going into season two with an open mind, and not as high expectations as I did the first time expecting it to be just like the original serious.

Also, BUMI!