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This has been bugging me for a while now, because no one in the Avatar universe seems to be blaming Suyin for this. As Tenzin says, Suyin is the perfect person for the job of fixing the Earth Kingdom. She has the military strength, she has the resources, and she has the technology. The entire city of Zaofu is basically remaining prosperous and well-off while everyone else in the entire kingdom is starving and living in fear because of bandits. And this isn’t surprising because Zaofu is literally the definition of a gated community. The giant metal domes and the elite security team alone ensure that it remains so.

Suyin says she doesn’t want to help restore order because she doesn’t want to “impose her ideals on an entire nation”. That does not make any sense–is it impossible to provide economic and military aid in getting rid of the bandits without “imposing your ideals”? Her other concern is that they would be seen as conquerors–but to a people recently pushed into chaos and disorder, would it really matter? She wasn’t going to conquer them and anyway she would be bringing help, which would obviously have been welcomed. Suyin has also said she didn’t want to grab power for herself in helping the Earth Kingdom–which also makes no sense! There is already a successor to the Earth Queen lined up; she would actively have to take control like Kuvira did in order to assume this power.  Suyin’s objections to helping the Earth Kingdom citizens make no sense! The Earth Kingdom was in dire need of assistance and Suyin turned aside for no reason. Suyin is also really the only person the Earth Kingdom could turn to–the other nations have their own business to attend to and frankly the Air Nation is too small to successfully carry out the job. 

This brings us to Kuvira’s resentment of Suyin’s refusal to help. Kuvira obviously feels very passionately about this problem–she speaks out of turn to try and convince Suyin to change her mind, and you can hear it in her voice when she’s arguing that she really cares. She’s proud of Zaofu and its accomplishments. Kuvira must really look up to Suyin; she even styles her hair similarly to Suyin at this point–they’ve both got the wavy front tendril thing going. But this is a huge tipping point for Kuvira–she was raised and trained to become one of the best fighters in the world–and to do what? Practice some fancy dance choreography and close the domes to the outside world every night? Maybe fighting against Zaheer gave her a chance to see what she could really do. And obviously others in Zaofu felt the same way because they readily joined her cause. When Suyin says Kuvira “turned Baatar against her” I doubt it really was a “turning against” as much of an “awakening”. Baatar is the oldest of Suyin’s kids and probably saw the same things Kuvira and the rest of the guard did.

That’s why in Operation Beifong when Opal was so confused about why Kuvira would tear down the domes (although we all know why now) it should have been obvious! The domes of Zaofu were the symbol of the city being closed off to others–how it was an isolated sphere of progress and prosperity where the rest of the Earth Kingdom was barely surviving. Of course she would have torn them down–they are a symbol of everything Kuvira works against. Suyin was totally in the wrong and Kuvira had every moral right in this situation. The other world leaders should have condemned Suyin’s move and applauded Kuvira’s initiative here in the beginning, but no one seems to be holding Suyin in the wrong for this decision. She’s too busy blaming Kuvira for her betrayal than recognizing her initial failure to act. 


Do you know what today is?

Three years since the Legend of Korra season 3 finale, Venom of the Red Lotus, was first released.

Three years since Korra survived the fight of her life–only just.

Three years since Asami’s “I’m here for you.”

Think of where you were in your life, then. Think of how much has happened.

That is how long they waited for each other, without even knowing how the other felt.

Only three years.

Korrasami is Back, Haters Can Go Suck It!

It feels like forever since we saw Korra and Asami romantically hold hands together as they entered the spirit world in the season finale of Legend of Korra. But now, curtesy of EW, we have the first look at the adorable bisexual couple’s new adventures in the spirit world. Turf Wars is written by everyone’s bae, Michael Dante DiMartino and illustrated by the lovely Irene Koh. The comic is due to be released some time in June. Because of this, I’d thought it’d be a good to have a little chat about Korrasami and people’s reactions.

Myself, along with the rest of the bisexual community were delighted when it was revealed that Korrasami was cannon. ‘Yes!’ we thought, ‘Two strong bisexual female characters being represented in the media – and on a children’s show, too!’

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However, not everyone shared our delight. Some fans were angered at the reveal of Korrasami being in a relationship, saying it to be blatant fanservice and that their relationship developed out of no-where. These were the same fans who vehemently defended the notion that Korra and Asami were just friends during the finale, and that anyone who believed that the pair gazing lovingly into each others eyes whilst holding hands in the portal to the spirit world we’re absolutely bonkers. That is, until the shows creators, DiMartino and Konietzko stepped in to verify Korrasami being cannon.

Both of them wrote tenderly written posts about Korra and Asami’s relationship and how it developed over the series.  DiMartino wrote: ‘Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other.’

In Konietzko’s post, he writes how Korra and Asami’s relationship wasn’t intended from the very beinging, but blossomed over the series’ production: ‘Was Korrasami “endgame,” meaning, did we plan it from the start of the series? No, but nothing other than Korra’s spiritual arc was.’ … ‘That’s how writing works the vast majority of the time. You give these characters life and then they tell you what they want to do.’

All in all, being a bisexual person myself, having my sexuality being represented in such a positive light by the show’s creators makes me truly happy. Personally, I can’t wait to read the comic to see what adventures the couple get up to and how their relationship develops! And to end, I want to say a huge thank you to Michael and Bryan, for representing us, for making our voices heard.

 - Nicole x


This is not a post I’d normally put on my tumblr. It just doesn’t fit. But i’m so touched, both sad and happy that I had to.

I’ve been following this show since its very beginning. Today is the day to accept that everything comes to an end. I’m sad to share with you, my friends, the very last moments of what will have been one of the greatest shows ever. Let’s not cry because it ended. Let’s be happy because it couldn’t have ended better, with korra.. and Asami.. hand in hand.. In a magnificent stream of light right beneath the stars. That’s “the Thing”

The finale was deep and I’ve been waiting to make this post so peep this underlying theme. Korra is the main character, who is a woman with melanin meaning that in the real world she has a deeper connection to Africa. Because of the evident melanin she is the underdog, subject to being in a camp most of her life to hone her skills (the field negro who was forced to work with little interaction with the outside world) until she escapes thanks to the advice of Katara, another melinated woman from the same region as her. When she makes it to the city she is cast as the underdog from the beginning, with hate groups literally trying to kill her and anyone of her kind with ties to the Spirit World. She loses almost all connection to her powers due to the oppression (Chi-Blocking) of Amon (White Supremacy) before meeting her past lives and regaining her powers.

Then she meets her uncle who appears to want her to fix the world by reuniting the spirit portals. They reopen the portals but at the cost of both light and dark spirits (angels, aliens, demons and shadow beings), as well as her uncle gaining power from a dark force. Her uncle represents the Uncle Tom Sellout Moor (not a true Moor) who only wants power for them self and does not care for struggle of the people.

In the process this Moor causes her to lose her past lives and her connection to the avatar state (representing the world prior to the so called Transatlantic Slave Trade caused by the Moors initiating war with various nations). She then meditates in a tree with nothing, no Ravaa, no Aang, nobody but herself. She finds her higher self without the need of Ravaa (crystals and raw gemstones) and becomes all powerful, reaching her Astral Projection state becoming the original Asiatic woman, a being of the most high.

Her past lives representing the oppressed however, once she loses all ties and starts anew, she represents the black man/woman regaining power and knowledge of self.

She reunites the spirit world with the human world representing December 21st 2012 but by being tricked by other people (New Agers and sell out Moors) to do it, bringing back the powers of people thought to be dead (air benders representing the lack of self knowledge). Korra goes off and as a fully realized Asiatic goes to fight a woman who fights with her third eye, and a man who has the power of flight from opening all 7 energy centers and cutting off his earthly ties. She is poisoned from this man and is blocked from her ties. She goes to her roots, the water tribes (Africa) and is healed to an extent from the same woman who gave her freedom. Later she runs away from home (Africom, look it up) to go on a spiritual journey. She then fights a woman after removing all poison but still has internal stress (Civil Rights, Crack Era, Slavery, major corporations blocking us from having much big business or power or unity). She goes to meet Zaheer and he teaches her to accept her past sins and go on with life not to make the mistakes again (reopening/cleansing the root energy center).


She then fights off the people attempting to annex land from every nation, with her unstressed self and creates a new portal. This is where that Eddie Griffin 1+1=3 video comes in. The portal looks like the the DNA Double Helix structure, but because it’s the third portal it can also represent the assumed third strand scientist have been saying lowkey we have been getting since the 80’s. 

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Korra has become a picture of what some us have been saying for long. You must figure out who you truly are, whether you are a Hebrew Isrealite, a Moor, Elohim, Nuwaub, whatever you decide to be don’t just focus on the physical but the mental, and spiritual as well. Your melanin gives you power as the original people.

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“…She was willing to give up your life to protect our lives. We can not repay all that she did. But we can follow the example of service and sacrifice. While she recovers … The Nation of Air will recover their nomadic roots and cross the Earth. But unlike our ancestors, we serve people of all nations, working where there is corruption and discord, to restore balance and p e a c e.”