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This is not a post I’d normally put on my tumblr. It just doesn’t fit. But i’m so touched, both sad and happy that I had to.

I’ve been following this show since its very beginning. Today is the day to accept that everything comes to an end. I’m sad to share with you, my friends, the very last moments of what will have been one of the greatest shows ever. Let’s not cry because it ended. Let’s be happy because it couldn’t have ended better, with korra.. and Asami.. hand in hand.. In a magnificent stream of light right beneath the stars. That’s “the Thing”


This has been bugging me for a while now, because no one in the Avatar universe seems to be blaming Suyin for this. As Tenzin says, Suyin is the perfect person for the job of fixing the Earth Kingdom. She has the military strength, she has the resources, and she has the technology. The entire city of Zaofu is basically remaining prosperous and well-off while everyone else in the entire kingdom is starving and living in fear because of bandits. And this isn’t surprising because Zaofu is literally the definition of a gated community. The giant metal domes and the elite security team alone ensure that it remains so.

Suyin says she doesn’t want to help restore order because she doesn’t want to “impose her ideals on an entire nation”. That does not make any sense–is it impossible to provide economic and military aid in getting rid of the bandits without “imposing your ideals”? Her other concern is that they would be seen as conquerors–but to a people recently pushed into chaos and disorder, would it really matter? She wasn’t going to conquer them and anyway she would be bringing help, which would obviously have been welcomed. Suyin has also said she didn’t want to grab power for herself in helping the Earth Kingdom–which also makes no sense! There is already a successor to the Earth Queen lined up; she would actively have to take control like Kuvira did in order to assume this power.  Suyin’s objections to helping the Earth Kingdom citizens make no sense! The Earth Kingdom was in dire need of assistance and Suyin turned aside for no reason. Suyin is also really the only person the Earth Kingdom could turn to–the other nations have their own business to attend to and frankly the Air Nation is too small to successfully carry out the job. 

This brings us to Kuvira’s resentment of Suyin’s refusal to help. Kuvira obviously feels very passionately about this problem–she speaks out of turn to try and convince Suyin to change her mind, and you can hear it in her voice when she’s arguing that she really cares. She’s proud of Zaofu and its accomplishments. Kuvira must really look up to Suyin; she even styles her hair similarly to Suyin at this point–they’ve both got the wavy front tendril thing going. But this is a huge tipping point for Kuvira–she was raised and trained to become one of the best fighters in the world–and to do what? Practice some fancy dance choreography and close the domes to the outside world every night? Maybe fighting against Zaheer gave her a chance to see what she could really do. And obviously others in Zaofu felt the same way because they readily joined her cause. When Suyin says Kuvira “turned Baatar against her” I doubt it really was a “turning against” as much of an “awakening”. Baatar is the oldest of Suyin’s kids and probably saw the same things Kuvira and the rest of the guard did.

That’s why in Operation Beifong when Opal was so confused about why Kuvira would tear down the domes (although we all know why now) it should have been obvious! The domes of Zaofu were the symbol of the city being closed off to others–how it was an isolated sphere of progress and prosperity where the rest of the Earth Kingdom was barely surviving. Of course she would have torn them down–they are a symbol of everything Kuvira works against. Suyin was totally in the wrong and Kuvira had every moral right in this situation. The other world leaders should have condemned Suyin’s move and applauded Kuvira’s initiative here in the beginning, but no one seems to be holding Suyin in the wrong for this decision. She’s too busy blaming Kuvira for her betrayal than recognizing her initial failure to act. 

Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale

I really wanted to post my thoughts before I started spamming your dash with finale gifs and other posts. 

I was honestly shocked that Book 3 was this good. I loved Book 1 and while watching Book 2, I started losing hope because the “teenage love story” was getting annoying. Book 3 was completely different from Book 2 in that aspect. There was a minor love story with Bolin and a separate one with Jinora but that was it. Nothing awk between Korra, Asami or Mako. They knew they had to work together and defeat the Red Lotus and all of them were determined to do so. 

People that bitch about Korra….DO you even watch the same show? She was the most selfless character. I felt like it was Aang and not Korra when she said the air benders mattered more and her friends can worry about saving her life later. I was already in tears from little moments where Korra said bye to her dad, or when Lin told her sister that she loved her. There were unbelievable amount of tender moments throughout the finale. Even when Zaheer’s gf died, the raw grief you could see on his face…Wow. Watching Avatar state Korra chasing Zaheer and fighting him reminded me of Aangs fight with Firelord Ozi! It was crazy intense! I loved every bit of that. But seriously, I couldn’t even tweet properly during the finale because I was crying so much. I’m glad Nickelodeon took this show off from airing on tv because this finale was NOT child’s play….  

Random thoughts: I love that Bolin is now a lava bender. He just seemed like an empty headed character for the longest time. I understand that Asami didn’t have that big of a role but hold up…she was ALWAYS there for Korra. Her friendship with Korra was beautiful, and we needed that esp after Book 1 and 2. I love the new airbenders. It’s so refreshing to see a new group of people all working together to help Korra. Kai is so adorable!!!! Him and his baby bison, TOO friggen cute! Mako, Mako, Mako….I love him. So glad he defeated the girl that kept kicking his butt. I WISH Zuko had a more significant role!!!! I was so disappointed. Zuko was just there…that’s it. I’m excited that Toph is traveling the world, which means she could make an appearance in Book 4. I kinda miss boring Mai. I wanna see Zuko’s family and definitely more of the Fire Nation. I think it’s time to visit the Fire Nation because Book 1 focused on Republic City, Book 2 focused on the water tribes, and Book 3 focused on the Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads. AND we need more flashbacks! I felt like they showed more in Book 2 and nothing in Book 3. This season had the MOST character development. I wanna know more about Sokka’s life with Suki! What’s the deal with the 3rd eye?!?! Was that girl related to Sparky Sparky Boom Boom man??? UGH THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY THAT THEY AREN’T TELLING US. T___T 

The last couple scenes broke my heart the most. Seeing Korra crippled like that… I could go on and on but I saw this post right before I started typing this http://ironinkpen.tumblr.com/post/95482540327/crystalzelda-even-though-i-am-completely-and This person explained that scene perfectly and I felt the exact same way. But hands down, this was definitely Jinora’s book. Her connection with the Spirit world made her so much stronger. She helped save Korra’s life but not only uniting the air benders to help Korra fight Zaheer, but also knowing exactly what poisoned Korra and who could save her. And seeing Jinora at the end was killer…..I saw Aang. And he would be SO proud of Jinora :’) 

There are so many other things I could mention from the season finale but you’ll understand after watching it.

Now it’s time to wait another century until Book 4. But for now, I’ll be satisfied from the beautiful season finale that I watched. 

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*SPOLIER** (If you haven’t watched all 12 episodes of legend of korra yet!)

My absolute favourite scene in the finale of legend of korra. Just seeing all the pervious avatars, my favourites kyoshi, Yangchen, roku AND AANG, it was so nostalgic! And seeing all other previous avatars that I’ve never seen before. I really want to learn about each of the past avatars, no matter how long it would take me. Legend of korra has blown my mind and I cannot wait for season 2!!! AKSNAJKCNALCNSLCNCALSNASLJA!