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look pals i know it’s crazy and frustrating having to wait for the actual release date for the comics and i know spoilers are tempting and very good at the time….but remember this we are owed nothing. if anyone is concerned no one has to give us new content or new stuff. it can just as easily be taken away. so respect the fact that bryke, dark horse, and irene koh have decided to work hard to give us something they deem worthy of for the wait. respect their wishes, respect their hard work. delete spoilers if you have any. don’t share them.


The Legend of Korra - The Poster Collection

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

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Regarded as one of the highest-quality shows on TV, The Legend of Korra has garnered critical acclaim, dozens of awards, and thousands of fans since its 2012 debut. Relive all of your favorite moments with this oversized poster collection packed with stunning scenery and extraordinary characters!

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(Release date: 28th September 2016)

The Legend of Korra continuation will be called Turf Wars, with a release date of June 2017 for the first of three parts.

Turf Wars is set to pick up right where the series left off, as Korra and Asami return from the spirit world to find Republic City in disarray. The new spirit portal has caused no end of chaos, as a pompous developer plans to turn it into an amusement park and the triads reunite just in time to cause trouble for the city’s many evacuees.

The Legend of Korra: Game Release Date and New Mode, Plus What to Expect in Book 4 - IGN

Activision reveals The Legend of Korra game release date & new mode, plus the cast & creators delve into Book 4 & the big Book 3 finale.

Four cool videos over at IGN:

1) Interview with Robert Conkey, the producer from Activision on the upcoming Korra video game, which is to be released on October 21st!

2) A bunch of gameplay footage of the Pro-bending mode in the game, with Rob explaining everything in voice over. Dude… I can’t tell you how cool it is to see this sport we created in all of its chaos and fury––without us having to draw it. They even have the tiebreaker face-offs!

3) Interview with Mike and me about the ending of Book 3, the video game, and some tiny tidbits about where Book 4 is headed (TINY ones). I was really sleepy.

4) David Faustino (Mako) and Janet Varney (Korra) talk about love.

Thanks to the fantastic folks at IGN for having us!


The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Book 4

Go behind the scenes and uncover the phenomenal never-before-seen artwork that went into creating this beloved series’ final season! Captions from series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will give you an exclusive look at every aspect of the show; it’s like having your own backstage pass to The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance! 

(Release date: 2nd September 2015)

The whole of The Legend of Korra, Book 4 will be released January 2015. IGN have confirmed that a Nickelodeon representative have given them this exclusive information. Book 4 will be released in January (This date is for Australia. The release date could be even sooner for other countries — Nickelodeon confirmed via this tweet that they currently know nothing about the release in other countries), meaning that end of the Korra series will take place in, approximately, January 2015.

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  • Nickelodeon: hmmm
  • Nickelodeon: we should give people a release date for Legend of Korra Book 3
  • Nickelodeon: we should also give them a teaser trailer probably
  • Nickelodeon: maybe some merchandise too
  • Nickelodeon: or even just MENTION the show in general so casual viewers don't forget about it...
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