legend of korra

‘What a terrible Avatar you are..’ Lotor chuckled, tilting Lance’s chin up, causing Lance to let out a pained groan.

‘Y-You can’t do this..’

‘What?’ He sneered. ’I can do what I want. What you can do is choke in the element that birthed you, Watertribe prince.’

So, those atla au’s where everyone’s talking about.

Loosely based on this design by @yaxxm because how can’t I

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Regular blog

  • Korra: Asami
  • Asami: Hmm
  • Korra: What are you doing
  • Asami: Astral projecting myself into a different show
  • Korra:
  • Asami: It's working great so far
  • Korra:
  • -meanwhile on The CW-
  • Lena Luthor: Thank you for saving me, Supergirl, my superpowered best friend whom I have barely-concealed attraction towards. I hope my connection to my criminal family doesn't strain our relationship.
  • Korra Danvers: No prob. Hey watch me bend this steel beam with my bare hands
“People won’t watch the show if the cast is mostly POC.”