legend of konlateus

I'm trying to rethink some stuff bout my space opera setting.

Especially the three major human “groups”; Survivors (got abducted by aliens and are spread all over the galaxy, seen as hardnecked, xenophobic and conservative), Avengers (space spartans, the settlers of mars who formed a space fleet to avenge their abducted brethren and keep humanity safe), and Utopians (those who rebuilt on Earth and slowly expanded outward into a peacefull society).

 So far I’ve been using the same stats for them in the game, aside from different attributes to reflect their cultural differences. But I’m thinking maybe they should be more varied? Like maybe Utopians have fully embraced psionics and are telepaths in majority, they can all telepathically communicate effortlessly or somesuch. But what do I do with the other two?

 Avengers could probably go some transhuman path since I allready have them be the space marines of the setting. But what are their “base” abilities so to speak? Everyone gets a neuro-computer at birth and can access a ton of info at a moments notice? Thats to similar to being a telepath. Just overall more adaptive to cyberware? Then I need to make rules for making cyberware limit player characters somehow so they can have an edge. What else sort of base ability could a space spartan have?

For Survivors I have no fricking idea. Giving them offensive bonuses like extra dammage or to hit against aliens feels to game-ish (not to mention redundant since this is a game wher combat is deadly as fuck as is). But maybe they are better at passive resistance? Living hundreds of years as slaves to an alien species that thrives on radiation maybe they have developed a resistance to radiation-dammage? Not to mention infections, diseases and such. Or maybe its the result of genetic and cybernetic tampering from their alien masters in the past.

 Well, thanks for letting me pour my thoughts out. It helps to just start typing sometimes ^^’

not drawing for a long time is rlly bad cus u get out of shape and it gets harder and harder to pick it up again the longer it goes, and then when you get back to drawing the resistance feels so much greater that you get anxious and give up

I tried to draw today but this is all I mustered. Given I did a lot of cleaning and stuff today as well, so I’ll blame that.

Trying to redesign some old OCs, Hanna who is a superhero I played in a short Mutants and Masterminds campaign and Captain Cardoso from my old project Legend of Konlateus. I think I’m gonna move Hanna into the same setting as Cardoso somehow, and maybe give Cardoso a better first name since they’re just named… hanna as well.


First few steps of Aadarsh done. Unsure if I like how his bulge turned out, but overall he looks allright. I still think I should try to figure out a more practical outfit for him thou, but it can’t be to complicated on the sprite level either. The idea is that he’s wearing short pants and some sort of coat or west here, I want him to look sort of professional but yet a bit… girlish or something…

 And I can’t fit his hairknot into the sprite on the frontview because I’d had to either make him shorter or make game accept larger sprites somehow…

Included faceshots and concept sketches, because it’s just easier to tell what I’m trying to do that way.

Legend of Konlateus (WIP, will come back and update)

Legend of Konlateus is a RPG maker project of mine, set in the paracosm I call Utopia which is a larger project I’ve been working on for a few years. LoK itself takes place on the planet Konlateus on the outskirts of settled space. And follows the adventures and perils of the privateer captain Hanna Cardoso, the crew of the space hauler Huxley, and the people they meet on that troubled little world of Konlateus.

Hanna Cardoso

A young privateer fresh out of the navys officeer school. They come from humble origins on a backwater garden world but inherited their great aunts ship after their retirement. Despite their inexperience, Hanna is no glory hound and does their best to ensure the safety of their crew. If anything they can even be a bit to hard on themselves from time to time.

 A adept gunslinger and a fast thinking leader.

Åsdis Mästardottir

A unschooled but nevertheless brilliant engineer, Åsdis came from a skulk ghetto on the city world Astral Prime. A friend of Ernest, the human, she joined them as some of Hannas new crew. Aboard the Huxley she is a bit of a recluse, not fitting in well with most of the humans besides Ernest, but her hard work and clever solutions have earned her respect as the junior engineer.

A sly inventor, she allways have the right gadget or tool at hand for what needs to be done.

Ernest Rollings

A jovial psionic and a childhood friend of Hannas, their psionic potential was discovered at an early age and they left home to study at the Mesmer academy to harness their powers. After graduating, Ernest have done a little of everything, from working as a volounteer for PWP (Physicians Whitin Parsecs, a health-aid organisation), mining asteroids, to performing as a musician on space bars around the galaxy. Today, they are the main chief navigations and communications officeer aboard the Huxley, charming the senior crew with their easy going attitude. Despite their relaxed attitude they still respect authority and makes sure to get their work done, but doesn’t shy away from being a smartass while doing it.

 A telepath as well as a telekine, Ernest can be a true nightmare if angered. Physically they aren’t very strong thou.

Albrecht Stålpanna

Albrecht was born on zirs peoples homeworld, Creatania and was raised in the order of the Soulknights; the last wardens of magic. But after failing zirs trials to become a Soulknight of worth, zie left to wander the stars. Early on zie was recruited by an mercenary company working under the Avengers (Transhuman-centricwariro culture, defenders of human space), where zie got trained in boarding/repelling combat and earned the honours of the Star marines. After finishing zirs duties with the Avengers, Albrecht got hired by Hanna to work among the Huxleys anti-boarding personnel. Albrecht is rather small for zirs kin, but still towers over the rest of the crew, but despite their humbling size zie is a gentle and submissive individual. Zie may be a competent fighter, but would rather solve things peacefully.

 Armed with heavy boarding armour and well versed in all forms of space-combat, Albrecht is an excellent fighter and great at defending zies comrades in battle.

Hiamler Vredet

Growing up as a skulk is hard. Humans are scared of your “violent and treacherous nature"  and tries to control and subdue that behavior, other aliens consider you little more than vermin. They have no understanding for the ways of honour, for the ties of blood and tears that bind the pack together. Hiamler had the luck to be born, marked as a leader of his kin and have fought for all of his long life to unify the Skulk packs of Konlateus under his banner while forging lands of their own away from the humans. He is recognized as a paladin from their legends of old and a slayer of foes to the world, but he is growing old and he don’t know if he can carry the battle much longer.

 Hiamler is a paladin, a slayer of giants who knows how to take down foes many times larger than him and turn the shadows into nightmares for his foes.


MARK VII being the name of the body, this is the intelligence of a much older machine than the frame it currently resides whitin. While imprisoned and put to terrible slumber of consciousness by cruel and power hungry hands, MARK VII have committed atrocities it can’t bear and wishes for redemption.

 MARK VII is an mobile support android built for a multipurpose battlefield role, it is both equiped with hard wired weaponry and is able to pick up and wield any artillery or weaponry it comes across.

Aadarsh Harischandra Surpli

Aadarsh is a child of the noble house Surpli of the Shan Matriachy, the Harischandra family being an offshot with its loyalties to Utopia rather than the God Mothers of the Matriarchy. Aadarsh himself is currently working as a field medic for PWP on Konlateus, travelling between villages and giving help setting up hospitals and teaching his medical expertise. He is a bit of a spoiled brat and his self image as a benevolent angel descending to help the poor masses shines trough at times. He does care thou, and he is not cruel when people needs him. He is not very fond skulks thou… That aside, he IS an excellent healer with both mundane knowledge and skill as well as some minor psychic healing techniques thought by the Shan.

 As an doctor, Aadarsh have sworn to never take a life and to minimize suffering. He does carry a nonlethal holdout weapon for self defense thou, but if found in an combat situation he would more likely go for helping the injured before charging into the fray.

been busy with school work and stuff as of lately so I haven’t been able to work on my game as much. Also realized it is going to take MUCH longer than I thought when I first picked it up. But I’m looking forward to it, it’s gonna be awesome if I can just get on with it.

 There was some excersize on fuckyeahcharacterdevelpment (I think) where they said “one part of your otp is bedridden, what does the other do?” so I drew captain Hanna and their bodyguard Albrecht, because I think they could be a nice couple, and had Hanna take care of Albrecht with chicken soup and stuff. This is FAR from finished, but it still looks kinda nice as is I think.