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Best Cartoon Dad

The best cartoon dad and one of my favorite is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb 

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Unlike most Dads where they’re, of course caring and loving to their child, give good advise, dorky jokes, cool and protective like 

Greg Universe from Steven Universe

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Hunson Abadeer from Adventure Time 

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Ice King/Simon Petrikov from Adventure Time 

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Rafael Diaz from Star vs The Forces of Evil

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  Tonraq from The Legend of Korra 

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What makes him stand out more to me is his backstories. Unlike the other dad’s I’ve mention, his is probably one of the most tragic stories I’ve ever heard.

His parents didn’t show up to his birth 

His father force him to be the gnome when his gnome were all gone 

Also been force to wear girls clothing for the his childhood so his younger brother could wear them

He was raised by Ocelot 

Bested by his younger brother 

His father name his dog “Only Son”… harsh 

Also he hated Heinz for shaming the family when he couldn’t dive in the pool 

He made his own surprise birthday party 

You probably think that his tragic story should make a true villain? Nope, instead he becomes a real dork and fun villain to watch. 

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And instead of ignoring his family and take them for granted like any other villain would do, he actually tries to be a good dad to his daughter, Vanessa. Although he’s an ex-husband, doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying to support her daughter. 

Like he set surprise birthday parties, even though she didn’t ask for them like a dorky father will do 

He cheered her on first swimming team 

Clapped the loudest on her school play 

He taught her how to drive 


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Caught a fowl ball 

And the best father moment is he didn’t stop to find a Mary McGuffen doll for the past 10 years for her 

Heinz Doofenshmirtz is without a doubt, the best cartoon dad ever in all of cartoon shows. Although he considered himself a evil scientist, he’s a good man in my book

Happy Father’s Day!

  • Mako: You know that time when we went out after seeing your friend's terrible band and you ordered french fries, and I ate all of them because I was wasted? When I think of myself doing that I am… That was so selfish of me. And I'm sorry.
  • Asami: Wow, I'm really glad you reached out about that.
  • Mako: You are?
  • Asami: No, I don't remember that at all, but I will take your french fry apology and apply it to other stuff.

At the back of the ship was a dun obelisk, a vertical structure that detected my approach and opened by sliding two doors out from its centre. In front of me was a hulking suit of armour - old and imposing. Its helmet appeared to wear a stern countenance, and the chestplate and pauldrons had been pocked with damage from a hundred bitter wars. All of this was distant to me, but it was still my past. It wasn’t a myth. It wasn’t a legend.

…I looked at the top of the obelisk where a cuneiform pattern was etched. It had the bearing of the armour’s owner. My old name: 


We left our armour here in the ship - armour that could have kept us alive for millennia. We forsook it and everything from our past, and started anew. Me, my wife, our son. We would return to the roots of my people, millions of years before. Simple farmers who lived and loved and died. I would fail my namesake, that was for certain - nothing about me would be eternal or lasting - but I would not fail the soul my people.

That would be eternal.

What we once were before our pride, before the wars, and before Halo. We were noble, kind creatures who served one another and recognised our small place in the greater story. That is how we would be on this world. That is how the last chapter would be told.

Our new life here would be the end of our great journey. [Halo: Fractures - Epilogue]

WW Writer Impressions

So remember how I said I was reading a lot of Wonder Woman because I was psyching myself up for the movie? Yeah.

Renae De Liz (The Legend of Wonder Woman): GOLD STANDARD. Amazons are isolationist, but otherwise living in a sort of utopia. Diana is a strong, precious starshine that wishes to save the world. Epic romances and friendships ensue.

Greg Rucka (Rebirth Year 1): GOLD STANDARD. For same reasons as above.

George Perez: Did u knoW tHat WW is aaaalll aBouT the gr33k GODZ???? GR33K GODZ!!!!!! (Jk, he’s great, just side-tracks into the mythos, a loooot.)

Grant Morrison (Earth 1): bondagebondagebondagebondage Diana stickin’ it to her mom who is motivated by daaarrrk vengeeaanncee! bondagebondagebondage.

Alan Heinberg : Wonder-fam feels. Like, the ONLY person who gives Diana screentime with Donna and/or Cassie that I’ve seen. Thank you, Alan.

Jodie Picoult: Who is Donna Troy Diana of Themyscira? Soul searching! Identity crisis! Sassy flirting and secret agents.

Gail Simone: Deep Amazon intrigue one moment, space dorks the next. And now for some weird-fun mating rituals! Whoo!

Geoff Johns (nu52 JLA): I came out to attack ppl, and I’m honestly having such a good time right now.

Charles Soule (Superman/Wonder Woman): Epic romance involves meeting your girlfriend’s parents patron deities and sometimes fighting over whether alien plant life makes for a good Valentines-day gift or not. Surprisingly fun. 

Mark Andreyko (WW ‘77): DISCO FEVER! Also, Batman wishes he was this cool. Literally.

Marguerite Bennet (Bombshells): A little bit of Mera in my life, A little bit of Zatanna by my siiiiide! A little bit of Kate is all I need, A little bit of Steve is what I seeee…

Jill Thompson (True Amazon): The actual worst.


The Ur-Didact approaches his duplicate.

They stand barely separated by the reach of their great arms, surrounded by the swirling mist, the sough of the light breeze, the rhythmic lap of wavlets.

“There is no hope, continuing with your strategy, not in our time, not in this galaxy,” the Ur-Didact says. “That is a cold, simple fact.”

“I hold another opinion.”

“Your privilege… Manipular.” The Ur-Didact’s expression is disdainful. “The Halos? Violating the Mantle all over again, with even greater destruction! Wiping out all intelligent life across this galaxy! By itself that proves you are a poor version. You’ve altered your strategic vision.”

“According to circumstance, as every commander must.”

“Don’t you feel the truth of it? We gave the Precursors reason to retreat into madness. A passion for vengeance. And the Gravemind gave it all right back to me. I am filled with that passion, that madness, that poison! If we fire Halo, we lose everything.”

The two Didacts stand opposite each other, barely moving, barely breathing, as if sizing each other up. Their armour is evenly matched. Their weapons are identical, their defences, identical.

But the Didacts themselves - no longer identical.

Black Lightning

People are saying Black Lightning is a turn off because it’s stereotypical and about gangs. That’s one of his origin stories though.. no villains are the same every single season so if it makes it past the first season, they will more than likely choose another villain. A stereotype is thinking something is common among a certain group of people so it’ll only make you uncomfortable if you think that way. Truth be told, gangs exist in urban cities and I think it’s okay to explore that. It’s different, you don’t see a lot of dc superheroes dealing with realistic situations like that. Marvel usually tackles things of that nature. People are coming up with so many excuses of why not to watch it.. “the cgi” literally it’s the CW, the budget has never been that big. The Flash’s cgi is trash too sometimes. “He’s not well known” well that’s the point of watching the show… getting to know the story. “It targets a black audience” lmao just because it has black characters? Yes, I would hope more black people would want to see themselves being represented on tv as superheroes just like the white ones but that doesn’t mean they’re specifically targeting that audience. Any time something new and diverse comes out, people always think that there’s an “agenda” because that’s how rare it is which is sad. Give the show a chance at least like y’all did every Greg Berlanti show.