legend of earthsea

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anonymous asked:

Anything to help me in an argument against white washing? I keep bringing up that Tiger Lilly in the new Peter Pan movie isn't white but every keeps on bringing up " WHAT ABOUT ANNIE??! SHE WASNT BLACK" I think I need more evidence than just bringing out Katniss Everdeen and all of that. Smh white people don't even think of white others go through everyday until it happens to them and get angry at POC

Race wasn’t integral to Annie’s character, her position in society was. Annie being black today makes sense as it mirrors the situation surrounding adoption and the adoption of black children today.

If you need other examples of whitewashing today they include Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, Four and his mother in Divergent, Fred in Big Hero 6, pretty much everyone in Exodus, all of the main gods in the upcoming Gods of Egypt movie, Johnny Depps character in the Lone Ranger, the best friend in Warm Bodies, the main cast of 21 and The Last Airbender, Cloud Atlas, and Imma add the Legend of Earthsea in here even though it’s a show cause what was done to the series on Scifi was atrocious.