legend of bigfoot

tbh one of the funniest things about the legend of bigfoot is everybody making up their personalities and backstories on the fly leading to dub spontaneously forgetting the names of the cardinal directions and cleetus whispering to himself “huh, that makes me cleetus rigger” after coming up with triggers full name and billy-tim going “we grew up in a hick town (maybe)” like they’re all clearly making shit up as they go along and it’s ridiculous and beautiful.

BEST MOMENTS OF Let's play - The Legend of Bigfoot: The Adventure Begins

- The redneck accents

- The names:
- Trigger
- Dub
- Zeebo

- Michael’s comments
- “That squach is coming with us tonight…and I’m gon’ fuck it!”
- (Jack/Dub) “Wait what?”

- Jack
- “Don’t try to confuse me with your science!”

- This comment
- “I’m down of lake and left of river.”

- Geoff
- “oh Trigger, all he wanted to do was make the world a safer place…for white people.”

- Jack and Geoff
- “Are you still east?”
- “Nope I’m right.”
- “Sorry I keep using science words.”

- This exchange
- “How far off the ground?”
- “About 37 inches.”
- “Oh dang, that’s almost 2 feet!”

- Geoff (again)
- “I’m east of the- I’m east of the outpos- I’m sorry I’m right of the outpost.”

- Honestly Geoff in general
- Shoots Dub in the back, “Boom you mothafucker, boom, boom, I’m gettin’ ‘em, I’m gettin’ ‘em, I’m gettin’ 'em. Uh, uh…uhhhohh, uhhh…oh shit…oh shit…BIGFOOT SHOT MY FRIEND.”

Honestly, this whole let’s play was if the Achievement Hunters were in Duck Dynasty and/or Mountain Monsters


Smallfoot (2018) Teaser - In theaters on September 28 next year, Warner Animation Group’s upcoming feature is a film that “turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when a bright young Yeti finds something he thought didn’t exist—a human.”

Bigfoot Films



















This can’t be complete. What’s missing?


Ky. — In January of 2017, western Kentucky resident, Kirk Stokes, released a video of what he thinks could be a Bigfoot creature he took almost two years ago. Stokes explains. “I was hiking and filming when I captured this from a distance of about 120 yards in thick cover. I heard grunting snorting howls,” he added about the footage.The 46-second-video shows a dark primate-like figure that appears to be hiding away from the man.

But, some viewers say, it could very well be a bear. “It’s not a bear,” says Stokes. “Not at all. If you look at it, it just doesn’t have any bear stand.” Besides, he adds, “there are not many bears in those parts… maybe in Eastern Kentucky by Tenneesee. This looked like one of those Squatch with ears on the head a short snout, very much like the Dogman.”

The Dogman is a cryptid reputed to live in the northwestern quadrant of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, although other sightings have been reported in different locations. The beast was first reported to have been seen in 1887 by two lumberjacks, who described it as having a human body and a dog’s head.