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No, La La Land was not racist.

No, it was not about a white man trying to save jazz.

No, John Legend is not a hack. He is not out to ruin jazz. He’s actually trying something new which could be working.

La La Land is not about jazz or saving jazz it is about these two people trying to obtain their dreams and the relationship they form. Ryan Gosling’s dream is to share what he considers classic jazz with the people he can. That is not saving jazz. That is not in contrast with John Legend’s desire to make jazz popular again. John Legend is not the bad guy. He’s not a sell out. He’s not a hack. He’s just got different goals than Ryan Gosling.

Just because you don’t understand something don’t bullshit that you do.

PS: I probably wouldn’t care as much about this but it’s just been a long day.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udvQQENdnp0)

- You think you can stop me?

- Well, you’re no Avatar

- The avatar is my girlfriend. Who do you think wins all the fights at home?