legend logsdon


OCTOBER 11TH, 2015

As Walking Dead Season 6 kicks offs today I am brought into the mindset of zombie movies.

28 DAYS LATER (2002)
No real harm could come from a couple of activists saving some chimps from a testing facility, right?  Well not if you release a deadly Rage virus by doing it.  Not your typical zombie movie where they see humans as food.  These ones go into fits of anger, running around wanting to just kill anything living around them.  Only active in dark places and at night, this class of zombie is a deadly force of paranormal nature.  



In this H.P. Lovecraft classic, Herbert West invented a serum to reanimate dead tissue. It works, but not fully in the way he hoped. Although a very brutal movie for the 80’s, it actually has quite a funny side to it.
People always seem to pass over it when they talk about 80’s horror, but to be honest it’s definitely one of the best.