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“フィギュアスケートをやっています 羽生結弦です” ( I’m doing figure skating, this is Yuzuru Hanyu)

What a humble introduction from a reigning Olympic Champion and World Champion! (^0^) Yuzuru joined the Japan Olympic Comittee’s gathering event of the athletes who are pursuing into Pyeongchang Olympic 2018. They played some game and team building session. Video credit to x

ok so the only way i could upload this was to re-encode it into a lower quality (720p), so here you go

Segment of Yuzuru Hanyu on THE★LEGEND, translated by me (using Chinese subs), original source here.

Often people said you shouldn’t set your limit, but i think it’s ok to have it. I mean if you are the one setting the limit, don’t set it where it is achievable, you just need to set it further ahead. That’s the reason why i wrote [ beyond my ideal ] , setting my limit further and try to go beyond the ideal.
—  Yuzuru Hanyu