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I saw a tweet on twitter about how Yuuri might regret having Victor back in competition because there’s no way he’s going to win now. It used Yuuri’s GPF score this year and compared it to Victor’s last year, and it had… a lot of retweets. 

I’m here to say that is nonsense.

We have contextual, in series evidence that Yuuri absolutely can beat Victor. This isn’t a pipe dream or even “oh Yuuri could beat Victor on a bad day”. He could beat a very good Victor, if not possibly yet, an at his very best Victor. We SEE him breaking Victor’s free program world record. 

Let’s look at Yuuri’s two highest scores of the season for his programs:

Short program; Rostelecom Cup: 109.97

Free Program; Grand Prix Final: 221.58

This means that if he had performed both of those skates at one competition, that would have given him a score of 331.58

At the previous GPF Victor’s score was 335.76. This is implied to be a record breaking score within the universe. To get this score, Victor had to be at his best at the GPF. It wasn’t mediocre Victor that night. It wasn’t good Victor. It was great Victor. He was miles above the rest of the competition (I think the next ranked was like 300??). 

I don’t even really need to get detailed wrt to scoring to explain how Yuuri can beat that. Yuuri’s score had he skated those two programs at one competition would have been only 4.18 behind Victor’s. This is certainly a margin that Yuuri can close with tweaking of his programs/perhaps a couple changes in his elements. 

And more so, Yuuri’s short program score of 109.97 is from BEFORE he added the quad flip, a jump that has a base value of about two points higher than the toe loop he previously had in its place. 

If Yuuri, at the skill level he’s achieved, were to skate his absolute best, he’d have a decent chance of beating Victor. Its not a far off, ridiculous goal. It’s real and plausible and completely within his reach. 

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There’ll be sweets and cake (*‘▽’*)♪
I just have one thing to say: *aherm*…Backgrounds? What are those *laughs nervously*

Decided to draw my sans and frisk from my first AU, YureiTale, for Valentines day. I missed them so much ≥﹏≤

I know i’m speeding up the years for these two(frisk here is 20 and sans is around 29) but i really wanted to draw this pic ;^; And no, Yurei!Frisk doesn’t get old, they can only change their appearance due to the fact that they’re a spirit.

Yuu, Suzu, yureitale© moi
Undertale, sans, frisk© toby fox


After watching the “Rurouni Kenshin” trilogy again, recently, I’m convinced that this fight has the best sword work ever committed to film.
It’s choreographed perfectly, in my opinion. From the up close blade-to-blade stuff to the tracking Parkour-ish stuff. And it’s all made better by Kenshin having a blunt sword. The fact he has to put in effort to put down an opponent while fighting off Sojiro’s regular blade makes the fight seemingly uneven. But it lends a real sense of urgency to the fighting style.
This shit is fucking beautiful. Again, I don’t know why the trilogy hasn’t been hyped through the roof. The last film alone has three OUTSTANDING fights.