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Netflix’s ‘Legend Quest’ is enjoyable for adults and reminds Latino kids that they matter

  • The first animated Netflix original series produced in Latin America is coming to the streaming service Feb. 24.  It’s called Legend Quest (Las Leyendas in Spanish) and it’s not just for kids. 
  • The show deftly weaves Mexican history and folklore with humor and a distinctly spooky touch à la Scooby Doo.
  • Legend Quest revolves around Leo San Juan, a teenage boy who lives in 19th-century Mexico. But Leo isn’t just any teen boy. He has the power to communicate with the supernatural. That ability means Leo gets drawn into all sorts of adventures, whether he likes it or not.
  • The adventures pick up when Leo’s hometown disappears into another dimension. 
  • On that day, Leo teams up with the loopy conquistador Don Andrés, the tech-savvy Teodora, the fantastical creature Alebrije and Finado and Moribunda, two calaveras, or Mexican sugar candy skulls.
  • Together, the troop must put an end to the evil antics of Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent god of Mesoamerican lore. Read more

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-SPOILER WARNING- A lot of fellow Latinx wondered why I prefered the L.A. Spanish version of Breath of the Wild. 

My intent is not to offend but to present an honest critique and comparison. And honestly… it’s the first game in my 22 years of gaming where I conciously decide to play a game entirely in my native language.

Se merecen un aplauso, actores de voz latinos, la verdad.

To all the kids in AP classes with C's

You worked hard for that C. Sure you would like your normal A but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself down because of a C. AP classes are supposed to be hard so if you think about it, a C is really an A. Heck some schools have a weighted GPA. A C in an AP class is an A in those kind of school systems, but what I’m trying to say is don’t put yourself down for something you worked hard for, your effort was seen and recognized or else it would be an F instead of a C. 


4-year-old Russian polyglot!

4-year-old Angelina Bella Devyatkina from Moscow, speaks seven languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. After auditioning for the talent show “Amazing people”, the girl became famous.

The performance was fascinating. Bella Devyatkina demonstrated the fluency in six foreign languages. She was asked different questions in different languages and the girl responded effortlessly. While most of the viewers were captivated by the little girls ability, others remained skeptical.


My school did this thing called Languages and Cultures in Action today (their second annual one) where people from our language departments all got together to talk about the history and culture of various countries where those languages are spoken! There were tables set up with food and poster boards and there were performances and it was super cool.

What’s going on in these pictures:

1. reciting a poem in German

2. performing a scene from Antigone in Greek

3. a poster about Central American folktales and a poster about the history of bullfighting

4. a table serving Canadian pudding (wikipedia tells me it’s called pudding chômeur) with the recipe available in English and French

5. a poster about legends in Spanish-speaking countries

6. a table serving quiche to anyone who ordered in French