legend in her own mind

Sara Lance: literally never hesitates to flirt with anyone even when she really shouldn’t

Sara Lance: never hesitates to kiss the people she wants to kiss

Sara Lance: is open and forward with her feelings

Sara Lance: behaves quite differently with Nyssa a person she is in love with in canon then with people she randomly flirts with

Sara Lance: is show to be midly attracted to Snart but overall just treats him as a friend

Sara Lance: turns Snart down and kisses him only when he is about to die

Snart stans: Ughh what the hell? Sara Lance is madly in love with Snart! What is this b.s? Why isn’t she grieving her one rue love? How the dare she sleep with other people after the love of her life died? What a fucking bitch? Why are they making her a slut? So ooc.


             First you need to know something about them. The beautiful ones. The flawless four. Everyone wanted to be them. You know ‘em they went to your school too. They totally ruled. The one in the green that’s Courtney she was the leader she was like Satan in heels. The blonde Marcie Fox a legend in her own little mind, known to herself as 'foxy’. Oh, the leggy one with the pig tails in Julie, doomed to be popular because of that face and because she was best friends with the one in the pink. That’s Liz Purr. She was special. 


part-time mechanic, part-time engineering student, rey’s been a legend since the day she found out she was pilot luke skywalker’s daughter; though, technically, she’s always been a legend in her own mind.

A Legend In Her Own Mind

…or the worst PR move in the history of ever?


So the clear suggestion here is that Purv_Eyor is being fed info not just by concerned citizens, but also by Starz and Sam and Cait. Her presence is not just known and tolerated, it is actively encouraged and supported. In other words, this even-tempered well-spoken individual:


is who Starz has hired to do the dirty work of making sure that every single paying customer who disagrees with their own hand-picked disseminator is publicly insulted and driven off, because…

Starz doesn’t want their support or need their money?

Sam and Cait enjoy being involved in the drama and ill-will she foments?

Starz AND Sam AND Cait actually loathe the fans, and enjoy shitting on them from an anonymous Twitter account?

The best way to get people to accept that Sam and Cait aren’t together IRL is to have the person the shippers are literally least likely to believe break the news?

If Starz and Sam and Cait really want the “info” out there to the point that they feel they need to control the reveal, why wouldn’t they just hire a professional nice person with first-class credibility? You know, so people actually believe it? ESPECIALLY if it’s stuff they think might upset some people in the fandom? A spoonful of sugar, and all that. People don’t believe Purv mostly because she’s an anonymous Twitter nobody, but the fact that she’s not remotely likeable doesn’t help at all.

Unless we’re to believe that Starz and Sam and Cait don’t care whether people believe the info, and that they just want people to fight over Outlander and its actors, publicly, in the ugliest terms imaginable.

Yeah, no. I’m going to go with no.