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THE LIGHT YOU STOLE: An Abby Griffin AU, Told Through Music.

Abby Griffin has always been a woman of fire - but take away her Northern Stars, and she might just burn you alive.

In a post-ALIE world where Polis and Arkadia exist with all of the glory and tension they would have without the added threat of radiation, Skaikru send their two best diplomats on what should have been a standard peacekeeping mission.

But Marcus Kane and Clarke Griffin never come home.

On top of the deaths of both daughter and husband, Abby Griffin has one more death to mourn: her faith in humanity. She is consumed by the conviction that, in the end, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how just - this world is built for war, and it will take whatever you aren’t willing to kill for. So, in her power as the de facto Chancellor, she kills: villages are burned. clan leaders found dead… and Arkadia thrives in a way it never has before.  

But, of course, those who really know Chancellor Griffin know that this isn’t who she is or what they stand for. So, a secret society is formed to organize an intervention - relegated to the shadows, lest any of their heads be next on the chopping block.

They never give up, and their efforts are finally rewarded - Abby comes back to herself. But she knows all too well that the damage has been done, to both enemy and friend alike; and so she follows in her daughter’s footsteps and quietly slips away into exile. A tentative peace is struck with Arkadia, and stories of the dark Skaikru Queen - who brought fire and fear to Trishanakru, who could keep a man alive and bleeding for weeks before he died - slowly fade to legend. But it isn’t long before another legend arises from the excited whispers of Grounder children: that of a kindly forest spirit, ethereal and beautiful and sad, who tends to the trees in silence, and offers magic potions to those brave enough to seek her out, and pure enough to be worthy.

As the stories go, the spirit can most readily be found tending to “the tree that fell from the sky”. It’s this tale, along with increasing reports of visits to Niylah’s stead, that finally reunites Abby with those who fought to bring her back in the first place. She says she won’t ever return - and there’s some debate on how much she means that - but she’s at peace, and she knows that she has love to lift her up out of any darkness, no matter how deep.

Perhaps that could be enough.


Follow the cut for the track-by-track breakdown of how these songs tell this tale.

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You may experience these symptoms as a direct effect of watching Mockingjay, Part II in theaters: shaking, elevated heart rate, and the urgent desire to keep the epic adventure alive. Fear not, because we’ve rounded up 8 books that will keep the hardcore games, dangerous dystopian worlds, and abundant adrenaline going:

1. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

At least in The Hunger Games you KNOW who you’re supposed to kill, and who’s trying to kill you – imagine the challenges you face when any human you come across might be an extraterrestrial killer.

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

When you live in a society where one step out of line could mean the destruction of your world and everyone you love, do you hesitate to fight for what you want the most?

3. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

As a survivor of a blood fever that wiped out a huge part of the population, Adelina belongs to the disenfranchised and discriminated people of her world – but now it’s time to stand up and seek revenge on those who have hurt her.

4. Zodiac by Romina Russell

Instead of being separated by districts, the dwellers in the Zodiac universe live in houses according to horoscope, and it’s up to 16-year-old House Cancer member Rho to warn the rest of the galaxy when an exiled guardian of Zodiac legend comes back to exact revenge.

5. Legend by Marie Lu

June is a prodigy being groomed for success in her government’s highest military circles, and Day is the country’s most wanted criminal – but when they meet, the truth of what has brought them together will change the course of the world as they know it.

6. Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia doesn’t have to make any choices: the Society makes the right ones for her. But a glitch in their Matchmaking ceremony forces her to question whether the life that they’ve planned out for her is the right one.

7. Half Bad by Sally Green

In modern-day England, good witches and bad witches live alongside humans – and Nathan is both. He’s on the run and being hunted from both sides, but where do you turn when there’s no one safe to trust?

8. Dove Arising by Karen Bao

Moon colony-dweller Phaet Theta undergoes brutal training after joining the faceless Militia in order to save her family, but her plan starts to crumble when she realizes that her logically-ordered world is not what it seems.


Living in complete squalor and disrepair, Ed Gein would snatch bodies from the local cemetery, take them back to his house, and make various pieces of “furniture” from them. Later on, he turned to killing because he believed the flesh might last longer. Despite inheriting such a large home, he only ever lived in one single room (pictured above) where he would lie in bed all day and read gory magazines and books. After his arrest, the house was seen as a symbol of evil and depravity to the residents of Plainfield. None of them would dare set foot on the property, as legend started to arise about it’s cursed walls and bad luck charm. 

Just as things seemed to be settling down, it was announced that the house and the farm were to be sold. However, the locals were angry- they wanted to see it destroyed for good. On the night of March 20th, 1958, the home was set ablaze by a mystery arsonist and it burned to the ground. When Gein, who was locked up at the Central State Hospital, was told about the fate of his house of horrors, he responded indifferently: “Just as well,” he said.

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Imagine Nursery Rhymes featuring Alcor in some way. Not even as a 'terrifying boogeyman' (at least not at first, and never in the nursery rhymes taught to Pines children), but as that 'friend with the top hat', 'man with the kind smile', 'funny uncle Dipper', 'the man who brings good dreams' and any and all 'star' variations you can think of. When Alcor becomes a 'protector of children' those nursery rhymes suddenly SPREAD LIKE THE PLAGUE and legends arise that if you're a child and ever (1)

(2) get lost or need help, you only need to sing one of these nursery rhymes while wishing really really hard for help, and that help will always come (usually in the form of a disguised or not-so-disguised Alcor). Another legend says that singing x song makes Alcor give you protection if you’re scared, so kids also use it that way (in truth, Alcor is just hanging around you and giving off a ‘FUCK OFF’ aura to everything else around you and that makes little kids feel comforted and safe)