You don’t have to like every single thing an actor is involved in to appreciate and respect an actor.

I did not like Legend. Wasn’t Tom’s fault, but I just didn’t like it.

ITS OK NOT TO LIKE TABOO? I understand its a very personal project for Tom, but this isn’t the only thing he has worked on/has been involved in. I don’t think he’s going to take it personally if you don’t like it. I think he would appreciate conversation and critique. He can’t be a better actor or producer if no one tells him a critique once in a while. He’s not a special snowflake. He can handle it. 

Don’t give people a hard time if they claim to be a fan but don’t like some of his work. OR JUST ANYONE THAT DOESN’T LIKE SOMETHING.

That becomes idolatry and worship. If you can’t see flaws in some of the things he’s involved in, thats blind devotion. Thats a dangerous place to be.

Just sayin.

And the ancients sang hymns of how the moon came into being. How the ocean’s spirit stowed away from the earth and travelled the cold void of space and kissed her every night. How the sun, the creator, cursed them both to be human with no memory of each other. How they roamed the earth searching. Lifetime after lifetime. And how they found each other. How they loved; how we love. Always and forever.
—  legend | letters to the moon | 25.2.17

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