exhibit a: me deciding if i wanna puke or suck it up. exhibit b: looking pissed, feeling accomplished, and about to puke but holding it in. today was “leg day” at home.. Last time i did this i couldnt walk for a week and i didnt even do the cardio. June 2012, this took me roughly 45 min not including cardio and stretching at the end. MARCH 2013 I PRESENT TO TOU A PERSONAL DEFEAT. 28 minutes INCLUDING CARDIO nigga!!!! do the math and thats 18 minutes 15 seconds!! its about comparing yourself to YOURSELF and no one else. if youre up for a challenege, go ahead and do this but the KEY is good form and endurance. no rest in between any sets, just keep going and keep that heart rate up. theres really no point in doing it if you dont go ASS TO GRASS!! #squat #legday #glutes #gluteusmaximum #circuit #legdaycircuit #quads #PR #myprogress #myday #fitness #girlswithmuscle #fitnation #fitspo #eatcleantrainmean