cinniharpy  asked:

Hi! I have a question again. My newly adopted Bazooka budgie has a leg band. I've never had a bird that had one before, besides my finches, but theirs doesn't seem to bother them. Bazooka's is pretty loose and kinda oddly bent, so I sorta think it should be removed. Are vets usually ok doing that? Anyone had a leg band removed? It doesn't contain any info for finding her if she got lost, as she originally came from Petco, and their bands are useless.

I would think a vet would be okay removing it, because in that condition it poses a risk to Bazooka’s safety. When I was a kid, our budgie Chelsea got his band stuck in a toy and his foot was stuck.  Luckily my dad got him free, but we removed the band because it posed a danger to him.  Now, we removed the band, and not the vet, but I would think a vet would feel the same way.

The only information that would be valuable would be her hatch year - my Ziggy’s hatch year is on his band and that’s how we know exactly how old he is.  But even if it has that info, it’s still better to be safe.  Just get the info into her vet file and take off the band!

- Christie (tieltavern)