Tu lugar favorito para reunion de amigos y/o negocios tomandote un buen cocktail, gin tonic y una shisha 💨🍾🍹👌😋Te encantará..

📍Estamos en Avenida ReyJuan Carlos I, 73 (Leganés) MADRID 🚇Metro “El carrascal” Linea 12.

📲📞 Reservas 651929563/633489559

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The Craig Vanity Tribute

Love Me Like You Do (Craig Vanity VS Wrechiski & Jason Ross) - Ellie Goulding
Focus (Craig Vanity VS Marwell) - Ariana Grande
Ghosttown (Craig Vanity VS Darren Porter) - Madonna
Til It Happens To You (Craig Vanity VS NOVA Beat) - Lady Gaga
Sparks (Craig Vanity VS Venom One) - Hilary Duff
Alive (Craig Vanity VS Renegade & Alex Nash) - Sia
Cool For The Summer (Craig Vanity VS Markus Schulz) - Demi Lovato
Wildest Dreams (Craig Vanity VS Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior) - Taylor Swift
When Love Hurts (Craig Vanity VS Martin Garrix & Tiesto) - JoJo
Outside (Craig Vanity VS Marc Benjamin) - Ellie Goulding
Confetti (Craig Vanity VS Matteo Guenzurri & Henrik Legan) - Hilary Duff
Run Run Run (Craig Vanity VS Deniz Koyu & Don Palm) - Kelly Clarkson
No Sleeep (Craig Vanity VS Las Salinas) - Janet Jackson
One Last Time (Craig Vanity VS Silence Groove) - Ariana Grande
I Want You To Know (Craig Vanity VS Ilan Bluestone Extended) - Selena Gomez
I Really Like You (Craig Vanity VS Sick Individuals) - Carly Rae Jepsen
American Oxygen (Craig Vanity VS Paul Miller Extended) - Rihanna
Living For Love (Craig Vanity VS Ummet Ozcan) - Madonna
Love Myself (Craig Vanity VS O.B) - Hailee Steinfeld
Something In The Way You Move (Craig Vanity VS Dextrose) - Ellie Goulding


«The blue hour. 🎧 Hey Now - ODESZA»
Actualmente uno de los volcanes más activos de Guatemala a mostrado bastante actividad, el volcán de Fuego, explosiones y columnas de ceniza qué llegan a alcanzar los 800 mts de altura. Según el INSIVUMEH las columnas se dispersan a 25 km en una dirección nor-noreste (Chimaltenango , Patcizia, Parramos). Los retumbos del volcán legan a escucharse en lugares cercanos al volcán como Antigua Guatemala, San Miguel Dueñas, Jocotenango , Chimaltenango, Parramos, San Bartolomé Milpas Altas entre los más cercanos. La CONRED ha señalado y dado recomendaciones que se deben de tomar en cuenta y evitar accidentes para este tipo de situaciones.

thepriceofoblivion asked:

Ariel/Legan, Stevie/Mona, Legan/Cameron

jesus TROIS aight


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

ariel/legan:  A: I love it

j’aime fucking ce ship help me lord. j’ai pas beaucoup d’otps dans la vie parce que c’est un grand investissement émotionnel tsé. so c’est pour ça que je le mets pas dans la catégorie otp. still love it tho.

stevie/mona:  B: It’s really cute

j’ai mis ça parce que j’aime fucking l’idée mais on en a jamais vraiment parlé?? IDK WHY BUT WE SHOULD. tant de potentiel tbhhhhh. ils seraient adorables lbr. adorable trash children.

legan/cameron:  B: It’s really cute

TU ME PRENDS PAR LES SENTIMENTS HELP…. j’ai des mixed feelings par rapport à ce ship parce qu’ils seraient adorables af mais je les aime tellement en tant que bffs. tk sont cute en tabarnak.

Muslim Matchmaking and Frigidity Rituals

Muslim Wedding or Nikah is commended on a fabulous scale for a look-in of five-days. Muslim melding amplitude occur led at any advantageous time, considering there is no tenor of benign time. The Nikah service can happen single at the lady or husband’s comfortable or at a abiding place that is helpful for both parties.

Prewedding Rituals:

As of now is a short depiction of the prewedding ceremonies followed in a commonplace Muslim Nikah.

o Legan Chir: After settling the syndication modern money put it to is sent to the spouse’s something by the husband to be’s precursor.

o Manjha Ceremony: On the third man-hour, manjha service happens. The prospective spouse is situated on a little square table and anointed with haldi (turmeric) gave by the kid’s gang.

o Mehndi Ceremony: The Mehndi service is possessed at the ingle of the spouse on the eve of the wedding function or a few days beforetime it. Emulating the convention, the female relatives of the lady anoint her in favor of turmeric glue in passage to acquire out the shine her embodiment.

Agreement Rituals:

Muslims watch an exceptional long-established of excise tax at the time of their wedding. Kindly read in transit to to let daylight in how Muslim Nikah is led.

o Welcoming the Baraat: The husband to be lands at the wedding venue with a wedding esplanade or baraat comprising of relatives and companions.

o Nikaah: It is re day four the unquestionable Muslim Nikaah or wedding function happens. Nikah might be met with led at the home on the lady or the lucky lord-in-waiting, or at whatever available sympathetic venue. In conventional Muslim groups, the gang and ladies are situated independently in Zenana (for lady) and Mardaana (for men). The Maulvi peruses chose verses from the Quran and the Nikaah is expert in search of the Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and acknowledgement).

Retrograde the Nikaah-Nama is incised, the Qazi conveys a sermon called Khutba, comprising of verses less the Quran which were recounted by the prophet and which melodic line specific attention on commitments to ladies. The Qazi demonstrates the nobility referring to these verses in contemplation of the regiment of onlookers with a description of the common rights and obligations relating to the mates.

o Blessing the Equerry: After the wedding services are defunct the lucky caveman accepts endowments from the likewise seasoned ladies and offers them his salaam.

o Dinner, Prayers and Aarsimashaf: Festivity is a sumptuous spread. Typically, the ladies and the men eat independently. Tail supper, the recently marries sits concordantly despite singular precedent to the polar. Their heads are secured by a dupatta while they vet requests to God under the flush of the maulvi (minister). The Quran is set between the couple and they are permitted so that view every substantial through mirrors.

Post-wedding Rituals:

Post-Wedding luxury tax followed in Muslim Nikah are identic what we see in unrelated Indian weddings. On the disjunct hand, here the traditions are taken in conformity with under out names and some social varieties could endure watched.

o Ruksat: The lady’s family offers her a weepy goodbye before she withdraws in place of her spouse’s house.

o Receptive the Bride: At the primates of the hour’s house, the lucky man’s mother holds the Islamic Holy book Quran over the silk gown of her recently marry crumpet in-law as she enters her new home despite anything that might countenance happened historically.

o Chauthi: The Chauthi is the fourth day after the wedding. It is reigning for the trusty to visit the ingleside as to her guardians on this day. The spouse accepts an euphoric welcome eventuating this day.

o Valimah: The Valimah is the luxurious gathering that the helpmeet en route to be’s plant kingdom has after the Nikaah. The article is a good event that unites the bifurcated families, their relatives and companions.

Recuerdos del pasado.

ese momento en el que oyes las anécdotas de los viejos y te cubre ese sentimiento; aquella admiración que conecta mis ojos jóvenes a sus ojos expertos y llenos de vivencias, todo lo que han vivido no es mas que pasado que de alguna manera mantiene muchas de las enseñanzas que tendrán mi futuro.

Ellos ya han vivido todo esto, cada respiro en la mañana, cada sentimiento, saben lo que sentimos al verlos tan viejos y frágiles, conocen la admiración de los ojos jóvenes porque alguna vez los que se han ido fueron observados por ellos con los mismos ojos curiosos, degustan de compartir su pasado ya que saben que es una probada a nuestro futuro, las vidas no se repiten, los tiempos cambian, las vivencias nunca serán las mismas pero las enseñanzas no siempre llegan a cambiar.

Oír esas anécdotas es un gusto, superarlas un reto, vivirlas imposible pero al final son parte de lo que nos legan, no solo son matemáticas o ciencia, es la pequeña historia que volvió a quienes queremos lo que son; es la prueba de que han estado aquí y lo que recordemos lo que quedara, los recuerdos la parte de ellos que se dedica a nosotros y las vivencias… serán pasado pero afectaran siempre al futuro. Por esas personas que no importa que, nunca se irán.


Skechers GOrun 4 -2016 es la próxima generación de zapatillas de deporte de transición. Diseñado para la velocidad con tecnologías de rendimiento innovadores para promover una holgada parte media del pie al tiempo que ofrece una amortiguación y protección contra impactos. Mejora de la transpirabilidad y flexibilidad antepié espacioso Nueva GOknit malla transparente suave con revestimientos ligeros Una pieza de ingeniería superior para ofrecer un ajuste cómodo y de apoyo Translúcidos ojales reforzados para mayor durabilidad impresos sin fisuras GOimpulse ™ sensores ofrecen la flexi en Madrid clickalo en https://madrid.segundamano.click/es-es/deportivos_skechers/MjEzMjI=
Tuzocon 2016 - Humberto Velez, Gabo Ramor, Legan M10 y JADE.

Tuzocon 2016 – Humberto Velez, Gabo Ramor, Legan M10 y JADE.

External image

Humberto Velez

Lista la edición 2016 de Tuzocon el próximo 16 y 17 de abril en la Prepa 1 de Pachuca, Hidalgo, en el evento se presentan Humberto Velez, Gabo Ramor, Leman M10 y JADE. Para saber un poco más de ellos presentamos una breve semblanza,


Voz de Homero Simpson, Vélez es también la voz de El Profesor Hubert Farnsworth de Futurama, la voz oficial de Winnie the…

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