• What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:In Legally Blonde, Elle only gets accepted because she's hot and sent a video, but she had a 4.0 and got a 179 (out of 180) on her LSATS. Sure, her major was in Fashion Merchandising but that's a business major, and the fake school she was at was supposed to be UCLA so she had a business degree from a major college, probably went to a great high school, had a 4.0, and a 179 on the LSATS and at that point she would have been automatically accepted so why did they make it sound like she was such a bad risk? She even had leadership experience as president of a major chapter of what is apparently a huge sorority, since Delta Nus are shown as everything from cheerleaders to senators. Harvard should have been desperate to take her. She should have been able to get in if she turned in a cocktail napkin with her name written on it. So why make up the bullshit excuse of "multiculturalism" to justify letting in an extremely qualified and highly driven candidate just for laughs? Elle Woods deserved to go to Harvard and she earned that place with academic excellence and not by being hot.
okay but elle woods though
  • had a 4.0 as an undergrad
  • got a 179 on her LSATs when a 180 is a perfect score
  • got into HARVARD LAW SCHOOL which is one of the most prestigious law schools in the country
  • after she’s humiliated by several professors and peers alike instead of quitting elle makes up her mind that she is going to kick law school’s ass
  • refused to reveal a secret told to her in confidence even though it would have advanced her career 
  • is an amazing friend who not only helps her friend get her dog back from her deadbeat ex, but she also helps her friend meet a new man 
  • instead of competing with her ex’s new girl friend the two of them eventually become best friends and ditch the jerk together
  • even after following her ex to harvard in an attempt to win him back, elle realizes that he’s a jerk and she’s so much better than him
  • turns down said jerk when he comes crawling back
  • wins her first trial using not only ingenious deductive reasoning and her knowledge of fashion and proves that she is not a helpless “dumb blonde”
  • elle woods though

do you know what i want?

i want an lgbt+ tv show/movie that’s not a drama

i want a how i met your mother to be about a pansexual ted mosby and the running joke is that barney’s offended ted doesn’t find him attractive

i want a legally blonde to be about a lipstick lesbian who goes to law school to get her girlfriend back

i want a that ‘70s show where jackie is bisexual and between dating kelso and hyde she brings her ugly ass girlfriends with her to hang out with the gang (because there’s no way she can have a woman in her life prettier than herself)

i want a 13 going on 30 where jenna rink wakes up to be 30 years old and his name is michael rink and he still falls in love with matty from the house next door

i want a parks & recreation where ann perkins is asexual but still becomes pregnant via artificial insemination because ann is perfect and would be the best mother in the history of ever

being lgbt+ doesn’t have to be the focal point of a movie or show

like i understand it’s still a pretty bold move in media but like i’m just getting sick of all of the representation being the ultra dramatic main premise of it all

there are so many lgbt+ dramas. just give me my sitcom.


ladies in film: elle woods (legally blonde)

“At the very first day at Harvard, a very wise professor quoted Aristotle, "the law is reason free from passion!” Well, no offence to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard. I have come to find: Passion is the key ingredient to the study and practice of law, and of life. It was for passion, courage of conviction, strong sense of self that we take our next step into the world. Remembering the first impressions are not always correct, you must always have faith in people, and most importantly you must always have faith in yourself.“

The Signs as Popular Blondes

Cher Horowitz: 

Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini

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Elle Woods:

Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces

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Regina George:

Leo, Taurus, Aries, Cancer

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Renamed Musicals
  • • Les Miserables:Breadsticks Meme Gone Wrong ft. The Only Cop in France.
  • • Miss Saigon:Americans Fuck Shit Up, the musical!
  • • Legally Blonde:This is Harvard, not a Stripper Bar.
  • • Wicked:Misunderstood Green Girl and Sparkly Witch Hide Lesbian Feelings
  • • Little Women:That Story Where All the Girls Fall in Love
  • • Book of Mormon:Spooky Mormon Hell and Crude Gay Humor Clash w/ Sparkly Tuxedoes.
  • • Shrek:Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover; Another Show About Diversity.
  • • The Last Five Years:How Not to Adult: A Manual
  • • Joseph and the blah, blah, blah:Fifty Shades of Bible Humor
  • • Suessical:Always Trust that Weird Voice you Hear PS Elephants Can’t Fly
  • • Songs for a New World:I’m Sure There’s a Story Here Somewhere…
  • • Thirteen:Puberty Sucks Plus Jewish Jokes and Weird Sexual Tension
  • • Matilda:We’ll Fight Like Twenty Armies and We Won’t Give up ft. Miss Honey’s Self Esteem Issues.
  • • Spring Awakening:Why Sex Ed Matters, the musical!
  • • Next to Normal:The Story of a Sexy Ghost
  • • Avenue Q:Horney Puppets Use the Internet for Porn and Then Build a School For Monsters.
  • • Children of Eden:Bible fanfiction.
  • • The Drowsy Chaperone:Hallucinations of a Man in a Chair
  • • Violet:Sutton Foster and a Sob Story ft. Indecipherable Accents
  • • Anything Goes:Into the Woods, Except on a Ship
  • • How to Succeed:A Dummies Guide to Making an Ass Out of
  • Yourself
  • • Once on this Island:Why Gods Should Not Interfere With Humans
  • • Into the Woods:Fairytale AU on Crack
  • • Fun Home; Gay Tears, the musical!
  • • In the Heights:Everybody has Issues in the Barrio.
  • • Chess:East West Relations Under Different Masks and Various Plots
  • • RENT:Diversity, Death, and Drugs.
  • • Annie:My Life Sucks: By Me.
  • • Sweeny Todd:Revenge Means Killing Everybody
  • • Young Frankenstein:It Runs in the Family.