the signs as movies on netflix

(in the us)

aries: heathers
taurus: the sisterhood of the traveling pants
gemini: legally blonde
cancer: silver linings playbook
leo: bring it on
virgo: amelié
libra: clueless
scorpio: the craft
sagittarius: crossroads
capricorn: pulp fiction
aquarius: E.T.
pisces: moonrise kingdom

you know, i dont think there is anything i love more than that songs that come before the intermission. the song that ends act one. i mean final songs are good too but i just always love the song that ends act one. there’s just something about the melodies and the emotion that just builds to that end note and leaves you so eager for the next act. i mean think about it. non-stop, so much better, man up, one day more, and so many more. 


Legally (Strawberry) Blonde AU: When strawberry blonde sorority queen Lydia Martin is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to Harvard Law School to get him back. Accompanied by her papillon, Prada, she stops downplaying her brilliance, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined, and realizes she might like a young attorney named Allison Argent more than she ever liked Jackson Whittemore.


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