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The l00 only had 998k viewers! The series started with 2.7mil, now it’s at an all time low LMAO

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other cheat sheets

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Here’s something that annoys me about the DB Fandom

They pirate the show even though there are other ways of watching it for free and legally online. 

I prefer to buy the Blu-Rays personally. But since Dragon Ball Super doesn’t have a Blu-Ray release I support the show by watching it on Crunchyroll and since I have cable, I watch the dub on TV. 

But you can seriously go on and watch the English dub there.

You can go on Crunchyroll and watch the Japanese version there. 

 - - - 

For the original series: 

Dragon Ball, FUNimation streaming service has it. Just have to go through ads. 

Dragon Ball Z, same thing. 

Dragon Ball GT. No way legally that I know of for free. But you can seriously buy the full series on DVD for $20 at Wal-Mart. 

Placement call

3 year old boy. Legally free. We said yes.

And now. We wait. Again.

I’m too burned from the last call to get excited. Although his file said “likes nature walks.” How cute is that?

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Revolutionary Girl Utena (sub) on YouTube

Nozomi Entertainment has posted the show to watch for free, 100% legally.

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) is a visually stunning, symbolically dense anime with an amazing and unique soundtrack. The action centers around Tenjou Utena, a girl who has decided she’s going to be a prince (not princess) when she grows up, getting caught up in a series of sword duels which she ends up fighting to protect Himemiya Anthy, a mysterious girl in her year.

It’s an anime about fairy tales, the confusion that comes with growing up, how patriarchy hurts everyone but the patriarchs, and escaping cycles of abuse.

It’s also an anime where one of the characters has a boxing fight with a kangaroo, another character spends a whole episode thinking people lay eggs, and a yaoi-lookin’ dude repeatedly rides shirtless on the hood of his corvette.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is probably the best anime I’ve ever watched.

I’m not sure how long Nozomi Entertainment is going to leave it up - normally they only have a few episodes available at a time - so my recommendation is that, if you haven’t seen this show already, you should jump on this opportunity ASAP.

Edit: I should note (thanks to rebloggers for reminding me) that the show does have some potentially triggery stuff in it. You should… probably look up a TW list if that might be a problem for you.

welcome to my new studyblr :) i am Kat, a year twelve student from Australia, currently doing my HSC year, which i believe is the equivalent to GCSE’s or the SATs. I do biology, general maths, advanced English, senior science, legal studies and visual arts (and doing Spanish on the side). I hope my blog helps you in some way! Feel free to message me, my personal blog is @housephant :D

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Hi! I'm so glad to follow your blog. It's really helpful! Could you recommend some popular novels in russian about love, youth, idol, or sorts of things which can download free from cites? I think those would be more interesting for foreign language learners 'cause classic ones a little bit too boring and difficult for us.😊

Hi! I totally agree with you! The Russian classic literature is from different time and different culture, and is not resonating with us any more, though it could be beautifully written (the language changed dramatically, too, so…) On the other hand, contemporary writers are more concerned about their copyright, so it is much harder to find recent novels for free. 

Here is the link to the article where you can find a lot of links to free and legal Russian online libraries.

Litres offers ebooks for a very reasonable price, so maybe this could be a good option …

I personally like Oleg Divov (a nice mix of sci-fi and fantasy), some works by Dina Rubina (Белая Голубка Кордовы, for example - a wonderful thriller about love, art and fraud), some novels by Victor Pelevin (post-modern stuff), Евгений Лукин (Russian post-modern folk-charged fantasy, and here you can download some of his books for free)… 

Dear readers, what would you suggest? Thank you for your help! 

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Do you know if there are any online streaming sites for the Worlds?

1. The ISU Channel ( has a livestream for all events. Problem is it is blocked in almost every country, maybe you find a VPN that works.
The reason for the blocking is that the local TV broadcaster buy the rights for the broadcast. It is up to them what they show and if it is available in your country.

I just recommend once again to buy Eurosportplayer, there you can watch the ISU Livestreams! (Only thing, it is not for free, but legal! I watched Euros an 4CC this way and it works perfectly)

2. This German Blog (also available in English) ( posts livestreams a few hours before each event starts. Just go to the page when competition starts. I use this page a lot.

3. This blog posts livestreams (
I never used it myself but it looks like the links work.

So this is all I can think of, you just need to click to see what works for you.

(Just a little sidenote, beside the ISU Channel the livestreams posted are not really legal, be careful)

Criminals of the FAHC’s caliber hardly need tangible christmas presents - when you spend all year taking whatever you want whenever you want it the idea of requesting something then patiently waiting around to see if someone else steals it for you seems utterly laughable. That said, the Fake’s have their own take on Kris Kringle; they all draw a name out of a box, and on Christmas they deliver that person a head.

Not always a literal head mind, they aren’t actually all bloodthirsty enough to want to deal with decapitated parts, and Geoff swears he’s going to kill the next person who leaves corpses around the penthouse, but vengeance on a platter is the name of the game.

It might come in the form of the bank details of a sworn enemy, or the keys to their shiny prize car. It might be the disappearance of a problem or the unwilling reapperace of someone who owed a debt, might be the news that that one annoying gang has been run out of the city or a video presentation of CCTV footage displaying the moment a particularly aggravating detective got his comeuppance. It all depends on who is doing the giving; the more technically inclined go for digital displays, the smooth-talkers cheat and swindle, the bruisers break, maim and murder and Geoff overcompensates.

There are many strengths in the greater FAHC but they are all, to a fault, showboaters of the highest order and the Christmas bonanza is their biggest chance to show off. The Kris Kringle was born as a way to give gifts their crewmates would actually enjoy but over the years it has devolved, like most anything the Fake’s are involved with, into a glorified pissing contest. A talent show as much as an exchange of gifts, everyone competing to come up with the best present of the year, the most impressive undertaking, the most appreciative recipient.

For citizens of Los Santos the period running up to Christmas is basically a hellscape, members of the FAHC running around on a a dozen different completely bizarre missions, serious and driven in a way that comes only with fierce competition. For any enemies of the crew the period running up to Christmas is more or less open season, the possibility of attack as high as it is unpredictable, standard revenge tactics abandoned in favour of elaborate plans and ingenious traps. For the FAHC the period running up to Christmas is the most high stress, hectic, entertaining internal arms race of the year, rife with secrets, subterfuge, red herrings and, invariably, at least one headless corpse.