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In celebration of Stitch Day and the legalization of Gay Marriage, I drew a set of LGBT inspired Stitch’s. Yes, I know I’m a bit late but I started this late yesterday and didn’t finish until a few minutes ago. This is the first of two more that I’ll post a little later. I’m so proud of this especially since I haven’t drawn Stitch in over 4 years and Lilo and Stitch was a vital part of my childhood.


the sweetest thing I have ever seen; the first time I played thru MGS4 and heard this codec I was left clutching my chest dramatically
Hal 👏 and 👏 Dave 👏 are 👏 legally 👏 married 👏 y'all

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Tyler and Josh On Gay Marriage

Recently a few online friends and I got into an argument over twenty one pilots. He kept on saying that they were homophobic and didn’t support gay marriage, and I got a bit sad. Because, on the surface, they might seem that way. They haven’t made a statement on twitter about the legalization of gay marriage, they haven’t taken a part in many large scenes that relate to lgbtq communities, and overall haven’t said much.

But, here’s something you need to understand.

When I was younger, my grandmother convinced me that I was christian and to believe in god, gay is bad, etc etc. However, when I got into middle school I began to think for myself, and realized that being gay wasn’t wrong. This was about the time I came out as pansexual. Luckily for me, my mother, brother, and sister, are not christian and all supported me through my acceptance.

Now, look at Tyler and Josh.

They were both raised by extremely conservative christian families, and they grew up with the whole anti-gay perspective. I mean, Josh wasn’t even allowed to listen to Green Day as a teenager. That’s how conservative his house is.

Now, look at this post that tyler uploaded to his instagram:

I showed this to my friend and he interpreted it as Tyler calling gay rights, and thus, the lgbtq+ community, a burden.

This is not true.

Tyler was going through some hard times when this post came about, and was struggling with his own mental battles. The burden that he was referring to wasn’t gay people, but the backlash of his family that would follow him coming out about his support of gay marriage. Because, like my grand mother, being gay is just as bad as supporting gay rights in their eyes. We all know that Tyler is a mama’s boy and loves his family, and if he were to make a formal statement supporting the community on twitter then his family would see it. Right now I think that it is clear that when gay marriage was legalized, Tyler and Josh were torn between their conservative family views and their own progressive views. This is common in some christian households, and I went through it myself, but on a much lesser scale.

Basically, Tyler and Josh do support and love the community, but they cannot come out about it because it would make a rift between themselves and their families.

Also, here’s this: