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Check out 100 Years, a new star-studded short animated film that covers Planned Parenthood’s century of care, information, and activism.

The film highlights major moments from Planned Parenthood’s history, including why Margaret Sanger began providing birth control information; the decisions in the Supreme Court cases Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade, which legalized birth control and abortion in America; the emergence of the devastating and discriminatory Hyde Amendment; and the Planned Parenthood of today.

The film is narrated by Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, Gina Rodriguez, Mindy Kaling, America Ferrera, Constance Wu, Amy Schumer, Hari Nef, Andrew Rannells, Sasheer Zamata, and Tessa Thompson, as well as Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. 

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The “rare” part refers to giving folks ready access to the contraception that best suits their needs so they don’t need the procedure in the first place. Abortion should be less common, but not because of restricted access. It’s not meant to imply one should just suck it up and have the kid.

In theory, this is what some people mean when they say they want abortion to be rare. But in reality, when your expressed  goal is “making abortion rare” instead of “increasing education on all forms of birth control” or “increasing access to all forms of birth control,” your motives are not benefiting the people who are getting pregnant. 

The goal should not be to make abortion “less common,” The goal should be to make abortion “as common as necessary.” That goal focuses on access. That goal takes into account that education and access to birth control aren’t perfect.  That goal accounts for changing circumstances, both personal and social. 

When you say you want to make abortion rare, what you’re really talking about is less people having less access to the procedure. Less available abortion does not benefit pregnant people. 

But if you said you wanted to make unintended pregnancies rare, that’s a goal that focuses on education and access to birth control, benefits everyone who could become pregnant., and reduces the chances that someone would need an abortion. 

“Get the government out of the bedroom!!! bodily autonomy!!! Pro-choice!!!”

-Supreme Court federally mandates same sex marriage

-10th Circuit Court of Appeals orders Catholic nuns to comply with the HHS mandate, which would mean providing birth control, which goes against their religion

-Video evidence shows government-funded Planned Parenthood has been illegally harvesting organs of aborted fetuses

Right. Your rhetoric about freedom and choice is deeply convincing.