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Candles: Elements & Planets

Candles are good divination aids, spells, or any other magick work.

Planetary Candles

These can be used for rituals, ceremonies, or create planetary vibrations needed for power in your spell work. These can also be used when working with planetary spirits.

What spell work is best suitable for what planets? 

  • Sun: Legal Matters, Healing, Protection.
  • Moon: Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Fertility, Peace, Healing.
  • Mercury: Mental Powers, Divination, Psychic Powers, Wisdom.
  • Venus: Love, Friendship, Fidelity, Beauty, Youth. 
  • Mars: Courage, Strength, Lust, Sexual Potency, Exorcism, Hex Breaking, Protection. 
  • Jupiter: Money, Prosperity, Legal Matters, Luck. 
  • Saturn: Visions, Longevity, Exorcisms, Endings. 

What colours are associated with the planets?
Note** these are my personal associations. 

  • Sun: Yellow/Orange/Gold.
  • Moon: White/Silver/Pale Blues.
  • Mercury: Purple, Grey, (or mixed colours).
  • Venus: Pink/Pale Yellows or Greens.
  • Mars: Red/Scarlet.
  • Jupiter: Violet/Indigo.
  • Saturn: Black.

What scents?

  • Sun: Cedarwood, Frangipani, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Almond, Cinnamon, Bergamot, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Olive, Peony, Pepper, Rosemary, Saffron.
  • Moon: Aloe, Cucumber, Iris, Nutmeg, Melon, Periwrinkle, Poppy, Pumpkin, Seaweed, Tumeric, Water Lily, (White) Rose, Gardenia, Irish Moss, Jasmine, Myrrh, Sandalwood. 
  • Mercury: Garlic, Hazelnut, Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Mushroom, Mint, Mulberry, Parsley, Valerian, Carrot, Orchid.
  • Venus: Lotus, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Birch, Burdock, Pear, Blackberry, Mallow, Lilac, Raspberry, Rose, Thyme, Vanilla, Vervain, Myrtle.
  • Mars: Allspice, Basil, Coriander, Pine, Nettle, Tobacco, Pepper, Tiger Lily.
  • Jupiter: Anise, Blueberry, Chestnut, Clove, Fig, Maple, Oak, Sage, Grapefruit, Magnolia, Coconut, Pecan, Yarrow. 
  • Saturn: Cypress, Patchouli, Tamarind, Holly, Grape, Tomato, Orris Root.

Note** You can dress the candles with planetary oils, or draw/carve planetary symbols onto them. You may also choose to add herbs, glitter, or crystals on top but be wary of not burning them. 

Elemental Candles

What spell work is best for what element?

  • Earth: Money, Prosperity, Fertility, Healing, Employment.
  • Air: Mental Powers, Visions, Psychic Powers, Wisdom. 
  • Fire: Lust, Courage, Strength, Exorcism, Protection, Health. 
  • Water: Sleep, Meditation, Purification, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Love, Friendships, Fidelity. 

What colours are associated with the elements?
Note** these are my personal associations.

  • Earth: Green, Brown, Black.
  • Air: Pale Yellow, Sky Blue, Pastels.
  • Fire: Orange, Scarlet, Crimson.
  • Water: Blue, Pearl, Sea Green.

What scents?

  • Earth: Corn, Oak Moss, Rice, Sage, Vetiver.
  • Air: Lemongrass, Acacia, Dandelion, Leaves, Dill.
  • Fire: Juniper, Basil, Cinnamon, Coffee, Pepper.
  • Water: Lotus, Spearmint, Myrrh, Lemon, Violet.

Note** You can dress the candles with elemental oils, or draw/carve elemental symbols onto them. You may also choose to add herbs, glitter, or crystals on top but be wary of not burning them. 

anonymous asked:

Ummmm...Request for RFA + Minor Trio <or whoever you want reacting to them finding MC in the strip club <like their a stripper and they see MC at a strip club and their reaction

sure! I will mix it up a bit (depending on their personalities)

YOOSUNG: (mc is a stripper) 

  • His friends invited him to this club 
  • of course he was all nervous to see all those girls half naked
  • but it was fine since they were mostly in the stage 
  • the lights went down and the music started playing 
  • holy shit this girl knows how to dance 
  • but wait MC???
  • what is she doing here??? 
  • he’s so embarassed that he can’t even look at her 
  • after the show he goes to her of course 
  • asks her about this job 
  • “they pay well and I promise you that no one is going to touch me” 
  • now he can go to sleep with no worries 

ZEN: (stripper) 

  • acting has been slow this months 
  • he got bills to pay 
  • and this job is well payed
  • of course everything is legal and he’s not sleeping with no one 
  • this night was special, a big party was at the club 
  • he was going arround the club, dancing for some girls and getting money for it 
  • and he saw this girl, alone at the bar 
  • of course his job was to make sure everyone was having a good time 
  • “hey, why are you alone?” 
  • “ZEN?” 
  • holy shit is MC 
  • what is she doing here? 
  • omg I don’t want her to know I am here
  • He panicked 
  • Mc was a bit surprised but actually Zen fits in here, he’s really handsome and can make tons of money out of this 
  • “Zen is alright!” 
  • well now he’s embarassed all the time he sees Mc but she’s pretty chill about it 

JAEHEE: (stripper) 

  • She wasn’t proud of it, not that is was a bad thing but she didn’t like it at all 
  • she was waitress of a strippers club in the nights 
  • of course no one knew about this, not that anyone asked before
  • it was a quiet night, not much people went to the bar and she was talking to he barwoman 
  • but then she saw MC at the door 
  • wait this can’t be happening!! 
  • hides inmediatly
  • but she needs to do her job 
  • MC recognice her at the moment 
  • actually really glad to see her 
  • “Jaehee I didn’t know you were working here!”
  • She’s not going to ot acting weird at all 
  • “I will come here more often now that I know you’re here” 
  • Jaehee is really happy that she doesn’t have to hide the secret anymore 

JUMIN: (mc is stripper) 

  • It was only because of work 
  • some guys were going to this club and it was an opportunitie to talk about bussines
  • it wasn’t what he expected but that doesn’t matter 
  • bussines are bussines no matter where
  • but the conversation was getting out of topic 
  • “exusme please, I will go to the bar” 
  • “what can i get you boy?” 
  • MC??? what is she doing here?
  • he can’t believe what hi eyes see
  • she’s even wearing a really short skirt
  • instantly he asks why 
  • “the money” 
  • but he knows MC can get a better job 
  • he just doesn’t want MC to be seen like a piece of meat by all those men 
  • gets her a better job, where her skirt is just above the knee

SAEYOUNG: (stripper) 

  • why not? 
  • is actually funny and he gets a lot of compliments
  • but MC is in there now 
  • well… lets surprise her 
  • MC is actually surpirsed to see him 
  • now she gets tons of dances all the time she sees him 

SAERAN: (mc is stripper) 

  • Saeyoung took him there 
  • he’s not having much fun 
  • until he sees this girl with a mask 
  • of hell she’s beautiful 
  • so he follows her to ask her name 
  • can’t believe it 
  • now he’s angry at those guys who where looking at her that much 
  • covers her with his jacket 
  • “can’t you change your job?” 
  • “no, I actually like this” 
  • now he’s there everyday to make sure no one gets near her

V: (mc is a stripper) 

  • Of course he’s surprised to see mc there 
  • tries to hide so she won’t feel embarassed
  • slowly gets to the subject one day 
  • “I actually work as a dancer in a strip club” 
  • he knows but acts as he doesn’t 
  • ask a lot about what is her job in there 
  • just want to make sure that mc is happy with this 
  • she seems happy so is okay with him


I’m not going to make vanderwood bc I don’t really know that much about him

i hope you like it :) 

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Ummmm but a 21 year old dating a 17 year old is wrong lmaoooo yikes !

Umm… says who? At the end of the day, if both are consenting, legally of age people (the age of consent in Europe is 16 so legally Lea can sleep with whoever the hell she wants) then it’s fine imo?

Hell my dad was 21 when he met my mum, who was 16 at the time. It’s not “wrong” or “perverted”. They’re both consenting, informed individuals who can do what they want and be with who they want.

Henrik and Lea are the exact same and if Lea is comfortable being with Henrik despite a (really small) 4 year age difference then that’s her prerogative and you need to grow up and move on.

At the end of the day, if they were in their 30s and only 4 years apart, people wouldn’t say anything because the age difference is so ridiculously insignificant… fall in love with who you want to fall in love with.


Someone explain to me why when waking up for school or something at 6am on 10 hours asleep I’m exhausted and have no brain power but when I wake up at 6am on 5 hours of sleep and have nothing to do I’m wide awake and can have full conversations. And I mean full, not joking my dad just explained this book he was reading on Quantum mechanics to me and I somewhat understood what he was talking about?

Lady Legals: Law never looked so good (Fake TV show)

Brilliant, boastful, and beautiful, Alex Cabot, Jessica Pearson, Olivia Pope, Casey Novak, and Alicia Florrick are quick witted, sharp tongued, and head strong. They’re determined, resourceful, and more importantly, a team - a super firm of all female lawyers, lead by Wonderwoman Claire Huxtable and fiesty Diane Lockhart; they take shit from no one. Whether they’re fighting for the little guy, taking down corrupt corporations, or simply writing legal language; they do not lose. And they always have cards left to play.

Updated with Claire Huxtable & Diane Lockhart off of a suggestion by piccolina-mina. ^^ 

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I'm 14 y/o boy (just graduated 8th grade) and I've been dating this guy who is 25. He has a good job and always takes me to dinner and movies. And when he goes shopping he takes me and asks if I want anything so I occasionally get something. We met at the movie theatre lobby. He caught me staring and talked to me. We make out all the time and dry hump in just our underwear but haven't had actual sex yet. He thinks I'm 16 and said he would wait a year for me. Do I tell him the truth?

What you’re doing is illegal. And by lying him you could be setting him up for not only jail time but a lifetime on a list of sexual offenders. This would determine what jobs he can get and where he can live.

Absolutely tell him the truth. I understand that now it will be hard and feelings are involved but you need to do the responsible thing and friend-zone him until you are legally able to sleep with him.

You’re very young and very pubescent. You’re hormones are raging and people in their twenties and thirties were certainly the subject of my fantasies at your age. But, I’m also guessing you have maturity beyond your years. Now is the time to listen to that mature brain AND your love for him and protect him by removing any sexual contact from your relationship.

I can’t imagine how hard that’s gonna be. I genuinely feel for you and wish you the best.

anonymous asked:

In the (US) state I'm from, the aoc is 14 if you're both under 21, and at 17 you can do whatever. "Aging up" being a *requirement* is very odd to me for this reason. Plus, I caught on finally that aoc is being conflated with "age of majority," and these are two different concepts. Legal minors (14-17) can and do date and sleep with legal adults (18-20) in my home state. It's strange to see people claiming the US aoc is 18, because it is not. can't just make up a law, guys.