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things to scream from an empty stage ~ a playlist

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1. What You Own - RENT
2. Good for You - Dear Evan Hansen
3. Twisted - Twisted: the Untold Story of a Royal Vizier
4. Michael in the Bathroom - Be More Chill
5. No Good Deed - Wicked
6. Brand New Day - Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
7. Dead Girl Walking - Heathers
8. Burn - Hamilton
9. Good Kid - The Lightning Thief
10. Whipped Into Shape - Legally Blonde
The Department of Justice is "evaluating" Obama-era policies providing dignity & safety to transgender prisoners
Federal lawyers dodged the key question in a federal court case brought by four evangelical Christian prisoners who oppose being housed with transgender women.
By Dominic Holden

This week in Trump’s America: A lawsuit brought against the government is causing the Justice Department to “reevaluate” policies implemented by President Obama that required transgender prisoners to be treated as the gender with which they identify, including housing and bathroom facilities. 

Four cis women at a prison in Texas are suing to remove transgender women from women’s prison facilities. They refer to the inclusive policy as “a politically-driven agenda to affirm that gender identity theory, rather than biological sex, is the normative basis to determine whether an inmate is male or female.”

Lawyers for the government seem to say the cis women don’t have much of a case – they haven’t proven they are in danger by sharing space with trans women, and the cis women in question are not even in the same housing unit as any transgender inmates. But that doesn’t mean the policies are safe:

Lawyers under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who are defending the government, argued against the women — saying the inmates have not exhausted their administrative options, and haven’t yet proven they are threatened by sharing common areas with transgender inmates. But the government did not defend the transgender-friendly policy itself — indicating the administration is examining what it means. […]

The case is before District Judge Reed O’Connor, who has suspended Obama-era rules for transgender protections before. He issued preliminary injunctions in a case concerning guidance for transgender workers and students, and in a case on transgender health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act. 

In those two lawsuits, Sessions withdrew the federal government’s appeals to defend the Obama administration’s policies. Sessions also reversed guidance from his predecessor that said transgender students must be allowed to use facilities that match their gender identity.

This could have some serious implications for how we treat trans inmates in the future. To be continued. 

Oi gente, olha eu aqui novamente, rs. Casualmente conversando com a @voguerps, achamos que seria bem legal fazer um plot de modern au da Stark family, com Jonzinho incluído. O plot seria basicamente o dia-a-dia dessa grande família podem imaginar a música tocando no fundo mas, podemos acrescentar várias coisas, principalmente angst. Então esse plot é pra você, que gostaria de ver essa família maravilhosa, toda feliz. Ou nem totalmente feliz, mas todo mundo vivo. Caso tenha se interessado, é só nos chamar no chat. <3

  • Rich: And your first name again is?
  • Jeremy: Jeremy.
  • Rich: And your boyfriend’s name is?
  • Jeremy: Michael-
  • Everyone: [gasps]
  • Jeremy: I’m sorry! I misunderstood! You said boyfriend, and- I thought you said best friend. Michael is my best friend!
  • Michael, gasping and standing up angrily: You bastard!

Elle Woods is just like “I don’t need a back up, I’m going to Harvard” and she fucking works her ass off and does it?? Like people tell her she can’t do it or not to and she just smiles and says “I’m going to Harvard” like she is never deterred and tbh I am now taking that stance in life whenever I get discouraged or something I’m just going to smile and say “I’m doing this”

  • Hercules: And your first name again is?
  • Alexander: Alexander.
  • Hercules: And your boyfriend’s name is?
  • Alexander: John-
  • Everyone: (gasps)
  • Alexander: I’m sorry! I misunderstood! You said boyfriend, and- I thought you said best friend. John is my best friend!
  • John, gasping and standing up angrily: You bastard!