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Honestly like #1 tip about adult life is if you don’t understand something just keep asking

Like I had to buy renters insurance and the insurance lady was like “blah blah blah adult words for legal words stuff money vocabulary blah blah” so I just asked her the meaning of all those words and I was like “I’m 22”

And she goes “Ohh! This means that and that means…”

Like honestly nobody knows this crap except people who do it for a living so yah just be like “wtf an annuity” and people will tell u


Okay, I just want to make a post about a few things, since I get this ask a lot, and I just want to clarify and / or remind people about it. (:

A cast recording, I’m 99% sure, is not going to happen. A lot of the cast have tweeted about it numeral times, saying it’s not happening (like when Alex and Alex were in the studio for an outside reading with some other bway actors, people assumed it was a cast recording, and they were like NO, it’s not). It also just wouldn’t show what this particular production / revival is about. It’s not just a revival of SA, but it’s a Deaf West Theatre production, with d/Deaf and HoH actors, who wouldn’t be featured on a cast recording.

Can they release a DVD? No. Legal issues, blah blah blah, basically the same reason why they don’t do that for every bway show (besides recording it for Lincoln Center archives. they do do it sometimes, but it’s rare.). They can’t, so it’s not going to happen.

Why don’t they release a cast recording with “music videos” of the songs to feature the d/Deaf and HoH actors? I just don’t see that happening at this point. It’s a cool idea, but I don’t think they ever really planned going into that much effort for this production, especially given that it was a limited run to begin with. By now, I think it’s also not worth it since the show is closing in 15 performances.

I can say, I believe a documentary IS happening. I remember in the very beginning, before even previews started, I think, Alice Rix or the SpringBway twitter replied to someone asking about a possible DVD, saying that while that can’t happen, they are planning something special for us to have sometime after closing, and I’m pretty sure I remember them mentioning or hinting at a documentary. I’m assuming something like what Broadway Idiot was for American Idiot. I don’t know if many of you have noticed, but a videographer has been following the cast around since bway rehearsals started. He was at the 54 Below show in August, he’s been backstage at the show, outside the stage door (mainly back when previews and opening night were happening), at the gypsy robe ceremony, opening day / night, opening night party, at the performance with Our Lady J, Marlee and Camryn’s final performance, etc.(and I’m assuming he’ll be at the Guilty Ones party Saturday the 23rd, and closing on the 24th). So I’m pretty sure we’re going to be getting a really special documentary about their whole bway experience, which is going to be really amazing.

Anyways, I hope this clears some things up, and hopefully we’ll be hearing about a documentary (or something!) soon after closing to keep our SpringBway memories alive!!

artwhim  asked:

One time I was at Ikea as a customer, and in line for food. This lady ahead of me got a ripped bill back as change, and wasn't having it. The cashier was trying to explain that it was still legal tender, but she asked for a manager, blah blah blah. I was hangry, so I was FIGHTING the urge to yell "LADY SOME OF US HAVE /REAL/ PROBLEMS!!" but I just ducked my chin waaaayyy down into my chest. My husband said my face just went red. Yeah, I was pissed. Stupid lady. I want my food!!