365 Day Challenge-Day 2

Ok, Day 2 - something that is illegal but you think it should be legal.

Marijuana. No, I’m not a pot head and I don’t smoke pot. I honestly don’t like people who smoke weed and I don’t like being around it. BUT, it should be FULLY legalized because people are going to smoke it regardless if it’s legal or not. But if it’s legalized American government can tax the hell out of it, make the price sky high (no pun intended), and profit from it and reduce taxes a bit. Which initially would benefit us non marijuana smokers b/c we’ll have a sort of tax reduction. If people want to hurt themselves smoking weed that’s their decision, why not legalize it, we do that with cigarettes. But, weed it healthier than cigarettes it doesn’t have all the chemicals of cigarettes. Initially, it would be a good idea as long as they don’t do it while driving like alcohol, and set an age limit (18) like cigarettes.