Feliz cumpleaños a la mejor amiga que desde hace mucho tiempo se convirtió en una hermana 👭💕 ¡felices 18! 🙆💅🏼 pásala súper bien, espero cumplas muchísimos años más y podamos seguir disfrutándolos juntas 💞 te mando un abrazo, ya pronto festejaremos 🍸✨ TE AMO💘 #LegalBitch

No long story needed because if I start I won’t be able to finish, that’s how much of a weirdo you are 😂😂😂 happy birthday love🎉🎉🎉😍💋 have a wonderful day and don’t party too much 😌😋 #18 #legalbitch 1⃣8⃣

I’m about 15 minutes early but you can all suck my dick. This chick right here is my main bitch. She has been everything to me for the past four years, and I don’t know where the fuck I’d be without her! She’s been my best friend and my companion, a shoulder to cry on through anything and everything. She’s such an amazing girl, WOMAN, and I am SO thankful to have her in my life!!! I love you Kaitlyn Ann Carney. Fuck bitches get money. Happy 18th @__katastrophe !!! #legalbitch #getouttheway

Happy Birthday Knappy Nickky! 😘🎉🎊🎁 Love you and miss you! Hope you’re having a good day. Ropo just ain’t the same with out chu! #18 #legalbitch

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im a grown bitch manje #legalbitch