• them: we legalized weed for medicinal use because we care deeply about disabled people suffering in pain
  • them: that we give no insurance to cover doctors approval of getting them a card in the first place
  • them: but hey us rich people can say we have anxiety or can't sleep and bam weed card.
  • them: rest of yall are ignorant for not getting a card due to this so-called "poverty" and deserve to be in jail
I don't think people understand what a miracle marijuana really is.

I get terrible menstrual migraines and I have stomach issues that make it very hard for me to eat enough.

The ONLY thing that fixes both of these problems is cannabis.

I could be sitting on my couch on any given day, my head pounding, scrolling through my phone on dim mode (which I know I shouldn’t be doing anyway when I have a headache yes), unable to do anything productive except look at beautiful pictures of food which I can’t even do because they all make me feel so nauseous to just look at.

One hit from my pipe, I feel a rumble in my belly and food pictures are easily reblogged! Two hits, my headache is disappearing. This is the only medicine that has ever worked for me. It makes me a productive, healthy member of society.

Pot smokers are not degenerates. I speak nine languages. My partner is a special educator. My best friend is a musician and a poet. My professor is a renowned scholar of Tang Dynasty literature.

And we all use cannabis.



Karl Denke was a serial killer who is thought to have targeted specifically beggars, tramps and transient men, and who kept a detailed ledger about the dates, names, and weight of his victims - who went on to pickle and cannibalise. When the police searched Denke’s rooming house for evidence, they discovered a massive amount of human remains, which they thought could have added up to at least 30 separate victims. The report given by the head of the Institute of Legal Medicine at the time listed the discovery of the following bones:

  • sixteen femurs of which one pair of remarkably strong ones, two pairs of very thin ones, six pairs and two left femurs
  • fifteen medium-sized pieces of long bones
  • four pairs of elbow bones
  • seven heads of radii
  • nine lower parts of radii
  • eight lower parts of the elbow
  • a pair of upper shinbone
  • a pair of lower elbows and radii, of which extremities still remain well connected
  • a pair of upper arms and a pair of upper arm heads
  • a pair of collar bones
  • two shoulder blades
  • eight heels and ankle bones
  • one hundred and twenty toes and phalanx
  • sixty-five feet and metacarpal bones
  • five first ribs and one hundred-fifty pieces of ribs.

plus my super shitty graphics


So, one of the characters I’m currently roleplaying is a doctor and I found while trying to do research for her background that there are almost no guides to playing doctors or medical students. So, this is a guide that focuses on characters that are doctors or are studying to be doctors. It has a lot of information that could be used in a characters background and current situations.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical student (I’m actually a film studies major rn), however, I did put a lot of research into writing this guide. I do have the help of google and two parents in the medical field. Also, I’m not American but this is the American system since 80% of characters are American and it was the system with the most information. However, there is a tiny bit of information about the Canadian system at the end.

If you find it helpful it would be nice if you could give a like or reblog! If you would like to request a guide or anything my ask is here

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Case #2: “ The Seven’s boss murder”

Characters: BTS x reader, Namjoon biaised.

Words: 4782

Type: Mafia!AU; Smut (next chapter, this time I swear!)

WoA: I owe this chapter and renewal motivation to the sweetest person I met around here, I can’t thank her enough, the sweet @lthyl who beta red it like a champion she is… 

I really wanted to introduce smut correctly. I think this chapter gives a great context to the rest of this story. 

And.. This picture… PLEASE! 

“Three days of rain…” Lily groaned, sitting in front of you at your desk, her long hairs were dripping wet, her chocolate skin covered by shadows under her green eyes. Lily, was an astonishing, natural, electric beauty. The only issue was her temper, she had the worst: being a woman in a mannish environment made her this way. At 28 she was the youngest of a legal medicine team and the best doctor you knew; she was the most intelligent and strongest person you’ve ever met. You two arrived on the same year, heard the same crap (minus the racists/homophobics comments, she sometimes had to face).

“Seriously, the first one telling me global warming is a scam is dead,” she sighed.

“Global warming…” you repeated, looking at pictures of the crime scene you had taken to Namjoon.

“Still on that case?” you nodded, her annoying sigh impressed you, she was very calm and patient with you generally, so this came as a surprise. “I disagree with your plan. What could assure you that Namjoon will help you? He’s not the helper type.”

“He didn’t…” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and stretching your back, making your desk’s chair squeal, Lily threw her head behind in a groan. “I knew it.”

“I thought we had agreed: we go together.” She put her feet on your desk and arms under chest.

“Yeah, I’m not going to take my roommate to this place. What if they keep you hostage, or worst kill you because of your manners?” you pushed her feet off some files and she rose an eyebrow with a sinful smile. “Who would pay the rent?”

You were her freeloader: when you two met, you took a floor you could barely pay for and put your money in common. Now, that she was officially a doctor and not an assistant, she was earning at least twice the double of your salary and still put all of her money on a common account you two had. Living with her was the best thing that had ever happen to you; most of the time, she was cheerful, or very calm and pretty easy going. She didn’t believe in property that she characterized as a “capitalist illusion”.

Feeling the sensitive topic of money and your guilt coming, she signed you to pass over by shaking her hand.

“I just wanted to see what they looked like, actually,” she said smiling even brighter when you shook your head snorting, “the Hot seven’s, girl! How did you even make it alive?”

“The boss is nice,” you shrugged off. She stared at you before snapping her tongue.

“Yeah, nicest guy I even heard of…” she didn’t even try to hide her irony. “When he was sixteen he was suspect in his stepfather murder case, the guy’s legs had been ripped off when he was alive, he had been enucleated, tongue excision, and you want to know the worst? The eyes, heart, brain and tongue have never been found.” You felt all colors drained from your face and sighed, closing your eyes; those descriptions of her on a monotonous tone, like if it was nothing more than the shopping list, were driving you crazy. Her job made her insensitive to those, but sadly your stomach wasn’t as strong as hers. “Have you eaten yet? I’m in the mood for Greek!”

“SERIOUSLY?!” the few colleagues left in the office looked at you. “Why aren’t you home yet?”

“Oh, yeah, I was here to explain this at first, then you talked about something, and I forgot.” You smiled, she was the talkative, filter-less when she was with you. “I will go back home when my roommate, AKA you, will come back too.”

“Lily…” you complained as she looked at you, determined not to give up. “I will.”

“Look, I need you home, even if you’re the worst roommate ever, baby. I need someone to listen to my story. Girl, I had nine homicides, in three days… The mobs are going crazy!”

You frowned. Nobody told you.

“Your dad forbade us to tell you, since he knows you went to see the Boss of one of the two fighting clans,” she sighed and grabbed some files from her bag that she threw on your desk. “This is hell of a massacre: most of the one I have on my table downstairs are kids… I mean, literally, there are kids. Well, one, but it’s just been two days since they unburied the hatchet. So logically…” She looked at you when you observed at the kid’s picture, in the middle of his forehead laid a deep red hole. He had a sad but calm expression.

Still, enough to make you feel terribly angry. “One shot, right in the brain. He didn’t suffer… BUT, his parents are.”

“Why would he keep me far from those?” you looked at your father office door.

“Because he fears you’ll be the next victim? I mean, somehow I understand, because of the locker incident…”

                A cold sweat ran down your spine. This incident that everyone kept on reminding you. You could have died, but instead, the bomber failed his art and Lily’s assistant opened your locker, losing her eyebrows and pride. Somehow, you knew it was luck you didn’t die, and bad luck for the bomber who died.

“Concerning the mafia war…” Lily started, adopting a maternal tone. “This is a rumor, but the higher ups are talking about suspending you,” she tried to look as detached as possible analyzing your reaction, but you simply smiled shaking your head. “There are pictures of you going in the Seven’s house. My boss told me it sounded bad, like… Really bad, Y/N.”

“I know, some investigators came to interview me today about it,” you sighed, pinching the top of your nose. “It… went pretty bad, in fact. They’re opening a case I think.”

“If you knew why didn’t you call me?!” she asked, getting on her two feet. “Look it can’t be this bad.”

“Oh, it is… And you know it!” you smiled, sadly. “I didn’t play by the rules, and lost. That’s the game.”

“You’re accepting it?” she furrowed her brows, and crossed her arms on her chest. “You, Y/N, who’s life has been police since day one, first breathing, you are accepting this injustice?!”

                Now that she had brought it like this you felt some rebellious and anxious feels bubbling in the pit of your throat. You nodded, and looked at the pictures of dead bodies on your office. Lily frowned as she took your chin in between her cold long fingers, checking your eyes.

“You’re high,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “What did you take, and where have you found it?”

“I’m not high, I’m just… Tired of fighting, that’s it, Lil’.” You stretched your back and winced when it cracked. “Look, it’s been two weeks that they are after me, even before I went to the Seven’s, the locker incident brought them here. They asked me if I did it, Lily, so why should I fight?”

“For Justice! You are always fighting for justice! If you give up…”

“What’s justice anyway?” you asked, getting up, anger finally bubbling out. Your violent reaction made her take a step back.

“Is it justice, when the killer of a three years old isn’t going to jail because he’s rich and can pay good lawyer? Is it justice when the parents who loses their kids see the killer being freed because he behaved? Is it justice when… When we’re here, beating up people to have answers?” you took a deep breath, Lily’s face was blank and her eyes round. “Why should I fight for something I don’t even believe in any more, Lil’?”

“You’re doubting, it happens, but you will find out one day that…” she silenced when you got a box out from under your desk, you already had stuffed some old files and the remaining of your locker things. “What are you doing?”

“I’ve quit.” Your voice was shaking a bit when you pronounced those words.

“What the heck are you going to do?” she asked taking the snowball you tried to put in the box off your hands. “I mean you suck at everything else.”

“Stargazing? Studies? I don’t know, I need to stop this madness, that’s all I feel, okay? I need to get away from this hectic, stupid, nonsensical world! ”

“You need vacations, not a leave!” she cut you, looking at your Magic 8 Ball. “Did you decide thanks to this?”

                You smiled. It was fairly known that you took lot of your decisions with the help of this ball; you grabbed it and closed your eyes, shaking it as you asked for the hundredth time “Will I be okay?” and for the hundredth time the ball answered; “Ask your question later.” You looked at Lily when she put the snowball in the box, as her way to accept it.

“Well… I’m not against the comeback of the telescope!” she said smiling brightly, lightening your heart a bit, you silently thanked her. “What did your father say, though?”

“You know him, I dishonored my family just by being born, so he said the usual: ‘you disappoint me and what will I say to your mother this Friday?’ he’ll survive, I guess. I will!”

She snorted, and grabbed your notebook. “So, Greek and stargazing with beers?”

“Let’s skip the Greek and beers and go straight to whisky paradise, okay?” She nodded, smiling.

                You thought, going on the rooftops and pulling out your telescope from its closet, that whisky and Lily would have made you feel better. But it didn’t, and you weren’t sure anything would make you feel lighter ever again. You felt dead inside, and all the stars in the universes would never make you forget about it.

“We should get out.” Lily finally stated, checking at the emptiness of her glass. “I need to dance my life away. We should do that when we’re young!”

“Not in the mood. Never have been, never will be…” you commented, looking through the lens. “Why are you still trying this?”

“Hope, I guess…” She shrugged and looked at you with a pout. “Let’s be serious a minute, Y/N.”

                A loud ringing stopped her. You both looked at each other silently, until three new hurried rings reverberated through the floor. You obviously expected absolutely no one, and those ringing made you both nervous. You stood up and Lily signed you to remain here as a loud banging chocked the front door. Nervously, your hand fell to your hip, desperately looking for your absent gun. Lily signed you to stay here once more and she went back inside running as the ringing became continuous. You clenched your moisty hands in fists and listened quietly when you heard Lily roar her usual “I’m coming”. The typical tingling of the keys turned in the lock, and a loud thud soon followed by Lily screaming your name.

                Blood ran to your ears, your heart beating faster as you rushed down the spiral stairs; tripping at the last step, you fell on the ground. Your cheek was burning and your head hurting, it took you a while to understand that you fell, but it took you even more to understand the scene that was happening in the entry corridor: the door was wide open, covered with red handprints, Lily was on the ground holding a man in a suit’s head. You frowned and shook your head as your ears ringed, the fall had been hard on you. Lily was looking at you, shouting.

“Get my bag for God’s sake! Y/N! Now is not the best of all timing for concussions!!! GET MY BAG!” her eyes were shooting you daggers, and you ran in the living-room, grabbing her medical leather bag. “Come on, come on, come on!” she urged you as you fell in a stain of blood, your body was having a hard time. Yet not as hard as your mind now that you saw all this blood running out of… “Chess wound, the bullet is still in, I can see it it’s at least 7 cm from the heart, I need you to put pressure on it now! YN! You hear me?!”

“S-shouldn’t we call an ambulance?!” You shouted, staring at the flooding blood.

“Really?! Because you think they would save him?!” she answered, grabbing your hands, putting them on the wound, her sentence dragged your eyes to the man’s face, and your heart skipped a beat. “Hands on the fucking hole!” she replaced your hands as you tried to take them off.

“H-hello” scoffed the man, making more blood rush out.

“Namjoon…” You looked at Lily for a while as she was getting some injection ready. “I… What… How?”

“L-long sto-story…” he groaned looking at you with a frail smile. “I-I think I’m pass-passing..”

“No, that’s just a little something to numb your body,” Lily corrected taking the syringe off his arm. “Y/N, we have to carry him in the kitchen… I can’t stop anything from here, you hear me?”

                From here, you simply nodded and obeyed at every order Lily gave you. Transport him to the kitchen, clean the blood on the door, closing the door, put pressure on the wound, hold the light, clean the tools, light the wound. Lily was awesome, she wasn’t afraid, her moves were fast and mechanicals, she knew what to do, when all you could do was asking yourself if it was a good thing to save him and how you’ll explain it.

You hated yourself for that, since, he never stopped looking at you even when he hissed from some pain before she gave him more morphine. His black orbs were dilated by fear and panic, so you grabbed his hand and held it as strong and gentle as you could, caressing his forehead. You heard Lily snort, and barely saw her shake her head from the corner of your eyes. The intensity of the moment seemed to slow down, when you gave him a smile. He was calming down, you felt it.

“You two seem pretty close!” Lily muttered, after a while, she was closing the chest wound. You ignored her comment, you weren’t close to him, you just didn’t want him to die on you, not now that you could see his emotions running wild in his eyes. 

“Will he survive?” you asked, your voice being weaker than you thought.

“Sadly, in a week he’ll be out in the streets killing kids again,” she said through closed teeth, and here, you understood, Lily didn’t really want to save him but she knew how, she had to and doubts were all over her. But you, your doubts had completely vanished, he needed to be saved, he was only a human beast, as ugly as the two of you who thought of not saving him for a few seconds.

“It’s okay…” you whispered, getting closer to his ear, you saw him smile from the corner of your eyes and nodded when he tighten his hold around your frail hand. 

“Who are you, and what have you done with my roommate?” she asked amused, looking at you, surprised as you caressed his cheek while he closed his eyes gently. “Don’t pass out now, you!” she slapped him, making him hiss as you rolled your eyes,

“That will be it for morphine, thank you, Dr. Ash.” he ordained, looking at her for a while, until his eyes went back to you, your hands were still linked, glued to each other by the sticky blood.

She snorted “Who would have guessed the boss of the Seven’ was an addict to heroine, huh?” you frowned, opening your mouth to ask when she answered your question “I gave him enough morphine to make a horse sleep. He’s so used to it he’s barely high…”

“Not barely,” his thumbs caressed the back of your hand. “Just really high…”

“Cool. Cool, cool, cool.” Lily repeated washing her hands in the sink a few meters away, you chose this moment to question him.

“How are you feeling?”

He nodded and smiled, his lips forming a silent thank you.

“Okay, can you move? We should…” You were helping him to rise when Lily pointed a gun at him and you both froze.

“I got questions, first, Seven.” She whispered, her hand was shaking, and she looked awfully angry. “One: What the fuck happened?”

“I’m going to answer all of your questions, if you let me sit on a couch and bring me whisky…”

              You shook your head, those two were as stubborn as each other. Namjoon slipped from the counter and groaned, his legs almost giving up under his weight, you helped him as he growled in pain. “Why would you shoot on a man you just saved?”

“Because he’s a dangerous killer?” she replied curtly, smirking as much as him.

                As they used all sarcasm and irony to answer each other, you helped Namjoon reach the living room. The two of them would be a perfect match, you thought painfully as you served Namjoon a whisky in the kitchen after cleaning the mess of Lily’s operation. When you came back, they were silently watching the TV, you found yourself sitting in front of the news as well, your father was interviewed in front of a pub one block away from here; where the shooting took place.

“The shooting killed four persons, including the bartender and one innocent customer. Seven persons were injured, including one who’s condition isn’t sure. We understood that Kim Namjoon from the clan of the Seven’s and Hyunshik from the Dragon’s were involved, none of them were here when we arrived. We know from anonymous sources that Mr. Kim is badly wounded and have been seen in the South of the city, he’s actually researched for murder. If anyone knows anything, please call the police and don’t try to act on your own. This man is dangerous and won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“See? Dangerous killer!” Lily snapped, looking at Namjoon who took a sip shaking his head, cringing. “Are you going to pretend you never killed anyone?”

Namjoon looked at you as you straighten your back in the seat a bit further from the couch where they were sitting. “I…” he closed his eyes, and you bit your lips, of course he did.

“I’m not a cop, I can’t arrest you anymore,” you whispered, looking at your whisky, making it turn slightly; he smiled and nodded, he knew, obviously, because no surprise was seen on his face, and you felt some sort of anger bubble in your stomach. “How do you know so much about me?”

              Your tone was far from nice, aggressive and your whole body language was giving out your frustration. Both Lily and Namjoon were surprised, because even if you weren’t the one holding the gun at the moment, you felt like the most powerful in the room. Charisma had stroke you for a second, but so much attention made you lose your composure in a second.

“Because your father wants me to,” he finally said, your heart stopped beating “When you looked into the embezzled cops case, Hyunshik has sent a direct threat to your father. And Hyunshik doesn’t fear anyone, except me and the guys. So, your father asked me to keep an eye on you. It was mostly Hoseok, or Jungkook. We collected all kind of information about you, and Lily, of course… Everyone you talked to, everyone getting close from your stuff.” you closed your eyes, feeling ashamed; you didn’t even noticed you were under constant surveillance “If Jimin’s girl didn’t found the bomb, you would have been dead. Do you really think it was luck that it didn’t exploded?” Lily was staring at you, slightly worried.

“How much did he give you?” you asked, voice shaking, as you got up to check the street from the window.

“He didn’t pay with money, Y/N…” Lily whispered, drinking slowly. “I heard rumors about him blocking some investigations against the Seven’s. Nobody believed it, but…”

“He closed his eyes on our businesses, in exchange for your life,” Namjoon confirmed, making your eyes grow hot and tears come. “Guess your old man really loves you…”

“You have no idea what love is, huh?” you asked, briskly, making him silent and surprised. “When you love someone, you consider his point of view, his values, his ideas and you give up on your own when the choice you have to make will affect this someone. What my father did is called selfishness. He doesn’t respect me, he acts like he owes me, that’s different! I would rather die than let you sell guns and drugs to kids!” The living room was quiet and the atmosphere heavy as Lily stared at you in disbelief, you were correcting and screaming at the most dangerous man in Seoul, even her and her strong temper wouldn’t dare to try, at least not without a gun in her hand, she rose it as Namjoon moved a bit.

“And you’re acting like a princess.” Namjoon answered laughing, he was now sitting on the couch, his eyes closing longer and longer. “You have e-everything…”

“Okay, enough!” Lily put two fingers to Namjoon’s neck and sighed. “You have to calm down, you’re in chock, finally. Took you some time…”

“What does that even mean?” you asked, irritably.

“That he got shot and lost a lot of blood, he needs a blood transfusion. Plus, he’s obviously realizing what is happening right now, even a bad boy is scared when touched by a bullet.”

“I’m n-not…” Namjoon hands violently started shaking and his breathing accelerating.

“You have to calm down.” Lily warned “We’re going to need something relaxing, antibiotics and of course your blood Y/N, you’re a universal donor, no?”

“I’m O+” she nodded satisfied “What if we do nothing?” you asked, looking at the wounded man coldly, making him smile with irony.

“He’ll die. And when the Y/N I know will realize what she just suggested, she will die in shame.” Lily snapped “I’m going to install a drip from your arm to his, you better sit comfortably because it’s going to take a while.”

“But we didn’t ask him…”

                She rose her hand and left for the bathroom, leaving you alone with Namjoon. He was really having a hard time, and seeing this, you had to admit that Lily was right, you were ashamed of the question you had asked. Whoever he was, he didn’t deserve this kind of pain. You gave your ego up and went to sit next to him. Lily came back from her room with syringes and some other things you ignored the name of, as much as their existence and purpose. After a few minutes you found yourself sitting on the couch, a needle in your arm, linked to Namjoon’s arm by a short tube, he was laying on a mattress she brought from the guest room. It took a few minutes for Namjoon to calm down and find a more regular – still hieratic – breathing.

“I-I know you hate me” he whispered, trying to grab his whisky with his valid arm, you took it and put it away. “Tha-That’ll cal-m-me…”

“I don’t hate you,” you answered, gulping his glass and leaving it on the side, given the fact you drank it, he smiled, knowing he’ll receive alcohol from your blood “it’s just that I don’t understand, why losing so much time to end up… here.”

“Same rea-reason you’re a cop?” he laughed, and you grabbed his hand as he had a hard time focusing. “It was easy…”


“L-look… I’m n-not… In sh-shape, let’s…”

                Lily observed the two of you while checking on his pulse and smile calmly. Obviously she was satisfied with the result. You could only find frustration in you as she explained you you’d have to sit here for at least another hour. She went to clean the mess in the kitchen, giving up on you and Namjoon. Your eyes wandered to the window, staring at the pink and blue sky, reminding you that two days ago you’d wake up around this time to go to work. The idea made you smile a bit, sadly: you had nowhere to go to, and anyway you couldn’t go anywhere without dragging Namjoon with you. Maybe because of the loss of blood or the situation, your mind wandered far away, asking yourself only one question: how did you end up here? Why did you believe in justice in the first place? Why couldn’t you just call the police for them to take Namjoon? Was it a rebellion? And if it was… Why saving the man you should hate the most? Now that you thought of it, staring at his soft and calm features, you realized you carried no hatred, not for him, not for your father, not for those trying to kill you. Some way, you knew, you will die and accepted every single thing that will lead you to it. A soft smile and some tears of appeasement appeared on your face.

“You’re high,” Lily said taking the needle off your arm, checking on your pulse. “I have to go to work,” she frowned when you simply nodded. “Y/N? You hear me?”

“I’m just questioning myself…” you started, staring at a sleeping Namjoon.

“You really have the worst timing ever, you realize it?” she asked making the two of you laugh. “I’ll come back in two hours, with more blood and antibiotics for him. But I can’t give him painkillers anymore, you’ll have to handle what will come. And it will be dirty trust me, because if he really was an addict, just what I gave him will drive him to want even more.”

“I know…” you struggled to get up and Lily pushed you back to the couch, bringing a plate of omelet and rice next to you. “When did you do that?”

“You should eat, and get better, because when he’ll get up, you two will fight again, and you have to win this fight, Y/N. We didn’t save him, we just gave him a chance to survive longer. Only he can save himself…”

“Since when are you like this?” you took a full spoon of rice and looked as she smiled amused, shrugging while taking your blood pressure.

“Before you came down, the first thing he asked was ‘Is Y/N safe?’ I’m pretty sure he’s the one looking after you personally. And correct me if I’m wrong but, is a gang boss supposed to take care of this kind of job?” you shook your head slightly as she got up. “When you’ll be better and he’ll be awake, drag him to the bathroom, he stinks. You should take a shower too actually. And keep his gun, don’t forget to lock the door from the inside: I can’t guarantee his survival if he runs out, the whole town is out for him.”

“Maybe we should leave here…” you whispered, looking at Namjoon for a while.

“No leaving, he’s still not stable, I have to take care of him!” she scolded, frowning. “Anyway, I’ll be back in a few hours with everything needed… Take care.”

                It took you a whole hour to feel better, and be able to go in the bathroom. You got out just when Namjoon came back from the sleepy dead country. You two barely talked until Lily came back with enough stuff for two wounded persons. For a man who was at his worst state a few hours ago, he seemed perfectly fine after a meal and shower. Lily looked a little less nice with him: you understood later that thanks to the shooting Namjoon had been involved in, she had to work double shifts and would not be able to come back until a good couple of days. When she left for the second time, Namjoon was laying on the couch while looking at the news.

“I’ve left my cellphone back there,” he growled, given the frown he offered, you understood it was not the best of the news he ever received. “I’ve left everything back there…”

“You’re not stupid enough not to cypher it, it will take them days until they crack it open,” you muttered, staring at the Glock in your hand.

“I sent a text to Hoseok, telling him I was coming here,” Namjoon threw you a dark look, and all colors left your face. “They’ll be here soon, and you don’t want to be caught with me.”

                You didn’t, but what you didn’t want was to be here, with evidencesq of him being here, and being questioned by your colleagues for days about him. You found yourself running around your room, packing all kind of clothes and books, and your telescope; it was the only solution. You couldn’t let him be caught, Hyunshik would send someone to kill him in the station, and if he was protecting you, you’ll be dead as soon as he would be. Leaving was the only reasonable thing to do, at least that’s what you tried to convince yourself of.

                Twenty minutes and an apology letter to Lily left on the coffee table later, you were stuffing your bags in the trunk of a car Namjoon stole in a deserted parking lot. You had given up on your phone, and comfort throwing yourself in the new adventure. A part of you was scared of being found, when another was only bubbling with excitement.

Chapter 3?

anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it be Mr. Ludwig since Medic lost is medical license? Also your headcanons are awesome holy hell.

Well, that’s not my understanding. They can take away your medical license, but that’s what gives you the right to legally practice medicine as a profession. It doesn’t take away your degree, which is what you earn in school and gets you the legal title of “doctor.”

So he has a doctorate but no license, making him an unlicensed doctor. Some sticklers might refuse to address him by his proper title because of it, which I’m sure has happened at some point.

What is Rapéh?

The Rapé (Hape’) snuff (Tobacco Snuff) is sacred and legal medicine from the indigenous people of the Forest…. It is said to heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind and instinct, intuition and help promote cleansing of the body and soul.

Drives away the dark thoughts and bad vibrations and in general, makes you a better person. Used only with moderation, in a sacred place, preferably outdoors.

Hapé is usually made of a sacred variety of tobacco leaf powder and other herbs and ash trees are ground into a fine, aromatic powder that is blown through the nostrils.

Its use is ancient and has been very present in different places and times. But its most interesting feature is the use by indigenous tribes and the caboclos of the forest, who use it for various purposes, including medicinal and ceremonial.

I got to know rape’ while with the Santo Daime church, as it is very popular among many ayahuasqueiros and daimistas. I understand it as a worthy ally like many other vegetal, mineral or animal substances of the forest, that are here to assist and teach those who can understand that where there is life, there is a science, a divine teaching that can help us in many ways, including physical, mental and spiritual.

We recommend always using the rapé outdoors as much as possible. Always make it a special moment even if you use it more than once in your day. Make it a moment where you are coming back to that, the present moment. If you can, make a special request to the medicine, make it a special relationship with it. It has many magical powers and if you use it with respect it can help you to release any kind of bad fluids of bad juju from your life, as well as to awaken you ever more to being in the present moment, being in the heart and being one with nature and the cosmic and divine.

I believe in the importance of the appreciation of the culture and traditional natural medicines and existing ancestors and the importance of the historical rescue and preservation of this knowledge at risk of disappearing amid the current trivialization of values and everything that is simple and natural in the ways that society lives today .

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Who in the Batfamily do you think has smoked weed/how do you think they all feel about it?

  • Dick - is a supporter of making weed legal and smokes it after a long and/or hard day. probably like once or twice a week
  • Jason - only does it in social situations like if everyone else is doing it he is like “’kay guess i’ll get high too”
  • Babs - doesn’t smoke it and is against it because her dad is the commissioner and scared the hell out of her 
  • Tim - doesn’t like it because every time he smokes he gets really paranoid. that being said he doesn’t care if other people do it or if it is legal.
  • Duke - used to smoke a lot but ever since he actual got a stable home he doesn’t do it unless he wants to relax by himself
  • Damian - doesn’t smoke and isn’t for it because Alfred scared him as a kid saying that if he did pot even once his brain would melt and he would become a vegetable. he lies and says he doesn’t believe it but he also doesn’t want to take any chances
  • Luke - smoked in college but now that he is graduated and become more adult not as much
  • Tiffany - she doesn’t agree with smoking but thinks it should be legal so it can be regulated and won’t be laced with something 
  • Stephanie - is super against it is ever form. has even gone as far as flushing Dick’s stash down the toilet
  • Cassandra - smokes when her anxiety is really bad or she can’t turn her brain off. she sees it more as a medicine then a drug
  • Harper - smokes a few times a week and doesn’t understand why it is not legal
  • Carrie - smokes if someone offers them some but really doesn’t care if they smoke or not
  • Kate - gets high with her girlfriends if they all have a night off together
  • Bruce - claims he is anti-pot but when he was younger he smoked sometimes. he was never a big fan though because it always made him paranoid. believes it should be legal for its medicinal qualities but only for that not for recreational use
  • Alfred - never had any interest in it until he accidentally ate one of harper’s brownies. was convinced if he didn’t hold something he wold fly away. while he still doesn’t do anything with pot, he isn’t against it like he used to be

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has it ever happened to you that you’re studying for a test on Friday and casually remembered that you have an important test for the next day?!

Well, you wouldn’t be the only irresponsible individual ever to exist😉