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it seems like you don't know what a feminist is. a feminist just wants to be seen as an equal, whether that is socially, economically or in any other aspect. it doesnt have anything to do with masculinity or femininity. if you're going to be a whole blog about being anti something, then at least know what you're talking about ❤️

Ugh the typical “you don’t know what a feminist is” line. How many times do I have to repeat it, feminists actions will always speak louder than a nice, innocent sounding definition to hide behind. 

You’re right, feminists will never be equal because no matter what rights, privileges, free-rides and handouts they constantly get granted, nothing will ever be good enough. Women already have the upper hand in education, employment, legal rights, support, scholarships and grants, healthcare, government assistance, protection and social justice immunity. But still, feminists will always find something new for them to complain about because they know the moment they stop playing the victim then these free-rides and handouts will end. That’s why we see them turn their focus on mythical, make-believe things like the patriarchy, rape culture, the wage gap and microaggressions, manspreading and mansplaining, they now have to invent injustices just so they can keep their victim card.  

As for women on the other hand, we know we are already seen and treated as equals, often even better than equals. We know there’s no secret society of evil white men holding us down, controlling our brains and bodies and oppressing us. We don’t make excuses and we take accountability for ourselves, while feminists are hysterically pretending the patriarchy and their oppression exists in their gender studies classrooms and safe spaces, real women are out there studying real subjects, striving for real careers, running businesses and happily being free and successful, socially and economically. Women know they get paid equally for doing the same work and working the same hours. And the housewives and mothers who choose to stay at home? Who are the ones looking down on them? Feminists. It’s feminists who believe that being a stay-at-home mom or a housewife is being a slave to the patriarchy. So is it any surprise that the large majority of women refuse to call themselves feminists? Well, it’s for this exact reason. Most women don’t want to pretend to be special little helpless victims who need a cult membership to live their own lives. Most women know feminism is bullshit, they know they’re already equal and they want to think for themselves without feminism telling her that she’s a hopeless victim and it’s only feminism that can give her strength and courage and free her from these imaginary shackles. 

Feminism has nothing to do with masculinity and femininity? Lmao who are you honestly trying to kid here? It’s some of the greatest talking points of feminism. Let’s look at the first few pages of searching feminism+femininity+masculinity and majority of these are from feminist websites!  

Masculinity is imprisoning usA New Masculinity: Why I Need Feminism as a ManMocking masculinity isn’t mean, it’s purposefulTalking feminism and masculinitiesMasculinity: A feminist’s perspectiveUnlearning Toxic MasculinityToxic masculinity is killing menHow Toxic Masculinity Is Destroying MenFeminism 101: Toxic MasculinityToxic masculinity was just as much to blame for the Orlando shootingsToxic Masculinity: Why Aren’t We Talking About This EpidemicUS university offers course for men to ‘deconstruct toxic masculinities’Dear Fathers: Let’s Talk to Our Sons About Toxic MasculinityReclaiming femininity, crippling feminism10 Struggles Of Being A Feminine Feminist Feminism, Femininity, and the “Beauty” DilemmaFeminist or Feminine? Oh Wait, They Aren’t Mutually ExclusiveWe Need To Stop Devaluing FemininityEmpowering FemininityWhat’s So Feminine About Being a FeministDefining Femininity and Masculinity. The Feminine WomanWoman persuades dictionary to change definition of femininityFlower essence femininity, Support for female wellbeing

But yes, I’m the one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Fuck off ♥

i’ve seen the question “even if cishet aces aren’t oppressed, why can’t they be included in the community anyway since they’re not heterosexual?” a lot of times and i think it illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the reason for our community’s existence

people don’t understand that the LGBT community is a coalition that fights systemic homophobia and transphobia and provides resources for LGBT youth and adults. things such as shelter, education (including sex ed), support groups, scholarships, legal and financial aid, suicide hotlines, lobbying, etc. are all forms of resources that this community’s time and energy go into providing for LGBT individuals. cishet aces and aroaces aren’t denied any of the aforementioned resources and thus don’t require accommodation in the community. we don’t have bountiful money and resources. this isn’t a fun club at your local rec center, this is a community with organizations specifically tailored to aiding and raising awareness for LGBT individuals. excluding people, or hatekeeping as you call it, is just as necessary as not giving white people scholarship funds that are allocated to people of color. “LGBT” and “outcast” are not interchangeable. not experiencing sexual attraction does not entitle you to resources and spaces designated to SGA and trans people