legal problems for animals


Okay so I know that a lot of people freaked when they saw the leaked photos for the upcoming seasons of Voltron, some of them even including the design for Prince Lotor and everyone was happy and excited…

However, those pictures were mistakenly uploaded and the one who uploaded them took them down as soon as he realised but the fandom base worked quickly and spread them out in record time and that’s where the problem lays

They need to be taken down immediately! Cause now the studio in charge of animating Voltron is facing legal problems with Dreamworks and that’s not good

And some people just don’t understand how big the issue is!! Instead they are still going on about the god damn ship war that has been going on for so long in this fandom

So guys please don’t be Linda and blackmail people that may even have their jobs on the line for a small mistake instead take down all the photos you have in your blogs or other social accounts and if you come across one of them in another person’s Tumblr (or Twitter or Facebook or anything) kindly request them to take them down…

That’s all I had to say, thank you for your time

Credits for the contents of the photos to @knock-knock-its-religion (they posted that on the Voltron Animo app)