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Shitty knows way too much about housing codes and property law.  He initially learned property law to save the Haus from being condemned, but then he realized that reading archaic, flowery law opinions while high was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.  Everyone at his law school is confused by and a little afraid of Mr. B. Knight, because while no one else wants to touch all those old, mostly nonsensical British common law cases, Shitty eats that shit up

So I’m studying Legal Language for my midterm today, and our teacher absolutely freaking loves West’s Business Law, a very handy book that very neatly explains law in an understandable way for us dummies.

So here I am, reading through the Negotiable Instruments part and….

Guys. Guys

One of the authors is absolutely a Dragon Age nerd.



This is what’s happening in my country, Catalonia, right now.

Catalonia has been occupied by Spain for 300 years. Our language has been banned, our traditions too, even our traditional dances. Imagine how it is to be beaten up if you’re heard at school speaking a word of your mother tongue.

Since the ending of the fascist dictatorship of Spain (~1975) our traditions and our language are legal again, Catalan is even co-official in our land. But the feeling of catalanophobia still stands strong in Spain, and Catalonia is economically discriminated (pays more taxes to Spain and receives way less than the other communities, etc).

This and many other reasons are why we want to be independent. We want to be free.

The Catalan government proposed to do a referendum to see if the Catalan people want to be independent (that year, and the 2 years before it, we had done peaceful protests with between 1.5 million and 2 million people asking for independence). But Spanish government, knowing “yes to independence” was going to win, said it was illegal. Then the Catalan government said it wan’t going to be a referendum, just an enquiry (the legal difference is that in a referendum, the winning resut must be followed, and an enquiry is just to have an idea of what people want). Spain still said no.

But we did it. Yes to independence got 81% of votes. So now Spain is forcing our political dirigents, elected democratically by the Catalan people, to go to trials just for letting us vote.

Today was the first trial, and more than 50,000 people showed up to show their support to President Mas, and the other political charges elected, Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau. And this was during laboral hours, imagine if it had happenned when we weren’t at work/school!

Here’s the BBC’s article on it.

So to sum up: Spain is not a real democracy, and Catalonia is still fighting for its freedom.

Visca la terra lliure! / Long live the free land!
U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and U.S. Soccer Ratify New Labor Agreement
The deal, which runs through 2021, guarantees the players improved pay and bonuses, but not the equal pay with the men’s team they had sought.
By Andrew Das

The United States women’s soccer team pressed its fight for equal pay not in one dramatic moment at the negotiating table, but in a thousand small ones away from it. In text messages and phone calls, in hotel rooms and on bus rides, and at home in far-flung cities, the players fine-tuned their needs and their arguments and their solidarity.

Sometimes the suggestions arrived in an overnight email from forward Alex Morgan in France, or a late-night one from midfielder Megan Rapinoe on the West Coast. They sent out anonymous surveys to their teammates, to better gauge what people prioritized but might not want to say aloud, and weighed in on legal language and PowerPoint slides in a cache of shared Google Docs.

As the talks intensified in recent weeks, players like Becky Sauerbrunn and Meghan Klingenberg conferred with teammates like Kelley O’Hara and Christen Press to propose changes as small as a single word in page after page of proposed contract language. Then they would rehearse what they would say at each negotiating session, and even decide who would say it.

Arts Contracts and Language

So I’ve been seeing some talk lately about Simon and his contracts, particularly the part where the people signing can’t speak about him negatively “In perpetuity and throughout the universe.”

I debated whether it was worth pointing out or not, because I’m always game for rolling my eyes at anyone extremely egotistical, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in this situation.  That language is extremely common.  In fact, I occasionally work as a film producer and all of my contracts use that exact same language no matter how low budget the project may be.  

It’s also very common for those contracts to also state that the producer (or I would assume label in this case) reserves the right to use photographic images or video footage however the producer (or label) sees fit, again “in perpetuity and throughout the universe.”  Every time I look at my contracts, it makes me think that someday I’ll end up promoting a film I worked on in Mars.  Maybe the boys will be there too!  Obviously keeping their mouths shut about Simon.  

So while there may or may not be many reasons to dislike the way Simon has handled things, unfortunately this is not one of them.  

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Do you know of any place where there's links to harry Potter books in a lot of languages? (Sorry if my English isn't great, it's my first language but I haven't had to use it in about a month or two)

I just googled the names of each book in French hahaha and it was literally within the first 5 results

  • I know the entire German series can be found here on @langsandlit‘s dropbox post, as well as the first book in Italian and Swedish. :) 
  • After a bit of digging, I also found the Japanese versions for Books 1-5 (although book 5 is still being typed up). It’s in html format, so it’s super convenient for dictionary lookup! 
  • For Simplified Chinese [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
  • For Traditional Chinese [1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7] (I couldn’t find the fifth book for some reason)
  • Harry Potter in Korean (all 7 books): link (scroll down to the online book section)

I triple checked the Chinese and Japanese versions and they all seem to be very safe sites. Some links will be direct pdf downloads, others will lead you to a Baidu dropbox folder.

I think multilingual copies of Harry Potter are floating all over the Internet, you just really have to try to dig things up on google. Also, there are a ton of sketchy sites out there, so be careful!!

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Steve as Cap, passing over the shield to Sam as Cap. Temporarily or not is up to you. rsf not signed in because my tablet hates me.

Sorry about your tablet woes! D: 

It had taken nearly a year of negotiation, including a lot of punched walls and more of T’Challa’s time than they’d really had the right to ask of him. But when the final draft of the newly renegotiated accords was set on the table, it felt like it was worth it. The entire Avengers were reassembled, even Natasha, who had disappeared in disgust and refused to be found by either Tony or Steve’s side for ages. 

She’d only reappeared, perhaps intentionally, after Tony came to Steve with his peace offering: tech that could wipe out Bucky’s programming permanently, and begin work on helping him find his way through the trauma of the last seventy years. It was a slow process, but it seemed to be working. 

Tony still didn’t look like he liked the idea of being in the same room with Bucky Barnes, but he was, and Steve could accept Tony’s tolerance of Bucky if it meant Tony wasn’t actively trying to kill him. 

It was one of those things that they were going to have to dance around for a while, Steve suspected. Which just made this decision easier. 

“Before anyone signs,” Steve said, drawing the document towards himself, “I need to ask for one more change.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. Clint collapsed backward in his chair, frustrated. “I’m not calling T’Challa again!” he announced. 

“Seriously?” Rhodey asked. “Seriously?

“Steve, you approved this – “ Tony started, but Steve held up a hand.

“It’s not a legal change, just a minor nomenclature issue,” he said, flipping to the roster page. Throughout the Accords – one of the only things Clint had insisted on, weirdly – the legal language only referred to people by their callsigns. Each Avenger was only mentioned by name once, in the roster. 

Steve took out a black ink pen, drew a neat line through his name and Sam’s name, and then wrote Sam’s name next to Captain America.

“I need to not be Cap for a while,” he said quietly, initialing the change. Every head in the room turned to Sam, who grinned. 

“He asked me last night,” Sam said. “Was I gonna say no?”

Black Captain America?” Rhodey asked. Sam nodded, and Rhodey held out his fist for a dap. 

Steve looked at Tony, who was looking thoughtful.

“You could have asked for this months ago,” Tony said. “But there would have been a call for confirmation hearings. Sam would have been background checked. Media field day. So you dumped it in now at the last minute, so that it would be up to me as a representative of the Accord negotiators.” 

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked. 

Tony smiled a little. “No, just admiring how good you’re both getting at politics.” He held out his hand for the pen, then leaned across the table and initialed the change. Then he set the pen down and snapped his fingers. One of the guards at the edge of the conference room came forward with a large object in a thin canvas bag. Tony took it, undid the drawstring, and removed the shield. He looked at Steve, then passed it straight across him to Sam, who took it carefully and slid his arm into the straps, letting it hang by his side. 

“Got any first words as Captain America?” Natasha asked. 

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Are we done here? I got justice to dispense.” 

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Common law is fucking scary. I'm a law student from a civil law country and so many clauses in these contracts wouldnt be accepted here. For one, you can never sign yourself for perpetuaty obligations, so that whole 'in perpetuity throughout the universe' would never even be written. And then we have something that says if the clauses are against good faith, they are null. Many abuse people in power can remain in power because common law allows them to tbh

Well hopefully the Weinstein situation and focus on how NDA’s and contracts allow people to get away with abuse and harassment will cause some changes to be made in legal contract language.

But honestly, things like “using your image in perpetuity” is technically to allow them to use photos taken during the show going forward without having to pay royalties, and the language about them portraying you any way they want to is about creating storylines in reality shows if what’s truly happening isn’t interesting.

Almost all of those clauses can be explained away with something innocuous (what if a woman makes finals and Dermot hugs her and truly, accidentally touches her somewhere that she finds triggering? Let’s not give her room to sue when it was an honest mistake). But the simple fact is, and we know this from people who have spoken out, those clauses were used in ways that no contract should EVER be used and the contracts themselves are just abusive in their existence.

I’d also like to point out that we don’t know how old these contracts are or what has been added since 2010. What we do know is that the a lot of the language around silence was not in Steve Brookstein’s contract in 2004 (the first XF winner) and that’s why he was able to talk as much as he has.  That’s also why there has been a thirteen years long campaign to undermine and discredit him by people associated with XF. And by the time 1D was there, they had 6 years to add onto that first contract.

ID #47184

Name: Lacey
Age: 21
Country: United States

I’m relatively shy, really into science fiction, still love cartoons, and learning languages. Currently i am learning French, German, and Spanish. I draw and paint. I’m legally blind, so apologies advance for any misunderstandings in communication. If you’re looking to brush up on your english I’d be delighted to help, especially if you’ll grant me the same opportunity to practice and learn as well. I love snail mail, there’s something so endearing about receiving a letter in the mail, and the customization options are limitless! I love listening to music that moves other people, so please feel free to share your favorite artists with me! 

Preferences: I have a slight preference for women, but I’d love someone to practice with/learn from regardless of their gender.
Period tracker secretly gives Iranian women access to vital info
It contains info about contraception, divorce and domestic abuse.

A period tracker’s function is pretty self-explanatory, unless it’s an app called Hamdam that sprung out of IranCubator. According to Buzzfeed News, it was deliberately designed to be a Trojan Horse, an application masquerading as a period tracker meant to secretly provide Iranian women access to information that could prove vital to their health and security. They could use it to look for more info about birth control, women’s health issues, divorce, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment and STDs. The app also notes the legal language they can use in a marriage contract to fortify their rights when it comes to child custody and the ability to work, to go to school or to seek a divorce…

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1L here. I caught mono early in the semester which pretty much wrecked me. I'm starting to get better now, but it's led me to dropping a class. So I now have Property, Civ Pro and my writing class. I'm really struggling to catch up to 7 weeks of info even if it's only 2 classes worth. Any tips for efficiently getting through backlog? I feel like I'm constantly swamped and I only seem to be able to focus on one thing at a time so all of the missed material is unfocusing me more. Any tips please?

Oh hun that is awful. Make sure you take it easy on yourself during recovery because mono has a history of flaring back up on you if you don’t allow yourself to ease back into things. 

Now for the fun part : How to Catch Up When You’re Behind (aka How LawSchoolRuinedMe passed law school): 

  1. Start by setting yourself the goal of reading absolutely nothing from your syllabus prior to today’s date. 
  2. Continue the readings for classes as you normally would. Make notes of words (particularly in civ pro) that you don’t understand, or legal tests you’ve never heard of (particularly in Property) 
  3. Start prepping for your finals now. Like, actually now. 

But, wait,  you ask, how do I learn by writing my outlines? Shouldn’t I know this shit by now and before I start outlining? The answer is no. I always learned more by prepping my outlines then I did sitting in class and typing verbatim. Because doing my outlines, at my learning pace, allowed me to digest all the information

  1. Go back to your syllabus, use the headers in their to map out your outline. Your teacher thinks this is how the work should get broken down to digestible chunks. Trust their judgment. 
  2. Now fill in each of those “header” sections with whatever the teacher included in the slide shows / class outline 
  3. Now add into those sections all the other necessary information from your lecture notes. If you missed some classes because of the mono, ask a friend for their lecture notes. 
  4. Now, after having done all three of the above, if there are still sections where you look at the information and go “what the fuck does that mean” or there are words or tests from Step 2 above that you haven’t got an answer to, I want you to go back to your outline and look at that very specific piece of information you don’t know about it 
  5. Read only that section of the textbook. Fill in your outline with the information accordingly 

When this outline is finished, ask some other 1L friends if they can set aside some time one afternoon so you can all study-sesh the shit out of some practice exams and the course outline. And, to help you get an idea of how to make this time most fruitful, here’s how my friends and I used to approach these study sessions:

  1. Everyone brings their own already-prepared outlines to the session. Have coffee and snacks and get fucking comfortable because your asses are going to be there a while 
  2. Go through your outlines in the order of the course syllabus. 
  3. Talk about the important issues / decisions in cases and make sure everyone has highlighted the same issues and decisions. 
  4. Ask questions when you don’t understand things. This helps not only you, who gets to hear it in language more accessible to you as it comes from a peer, but it helps your study partners because they have to explain legal concepts in accessible language which forces them to digest their understanding of it
  5. Highlight where other people have made note of “professor said X thing was important” or “professor said this three times so it’s probably important” 
  6. After you’ve gone through the entire syllabus (I told you your asses would be there for a while), take a shot take a break and then come back and issue spot practice exams together. Talk about what cases / law you would use to address these issues. 

The one beautiful thing about law school is it is cumulative. It’s not like taking high school science where you accidentally missed the entire chemistry section and now the class is into biology but at the end of the year you’re going to be tested on both. The stuff your class was taught at the beginning of the year was the principals upon which the stuff that’s being taught now is based upon. With a little sleuthing, active listening, and reading decisions where judges like to set out the entire history of law just for shits and giggles as a precursor to their decision, you can pick up a lot in these last few weeks. 

You got this. 

Just applied for a job that would allow me to escape writing policy and legislation during the day. I hate policy writing so much and writing 8 hours a day makes it so hard to write fiction as well. CROSS YOUR FINGERS I CAN ESCAPE THIS LEGAL LANGUAGE HELL!

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when someone calls Catalan independentists “Catalan nationalists” you know that person has no idea of what they’re talking about // Why is it that wrong? I do not know much about the matter and I'm genuinely curious, I do not intend to offend (if it's a delicate matter)

The Catalan independentist movement is not nationalistic at all, actually it’s quite the opposite.

The Spanish right-wing (anti-independentist and anti-Catalan) media likes to call independentists “nationalists” because they know it will bother them, and now international media is copying this from Spanish media.

They use the word “nationalist” for Catalans, Basques or Galicians (the national minorities of the Spanish state) that want to have some rights for their nationality. For example, nowadays it’s legal to speak our language but for many decades of the last century it was not (the fascist regime in Spain was very very very anti-Catalan, and anti the other national minorities). The people who demanded that our languages stop being persecuted, were called “nationalists”, because they were asking for rights for their nations. The name stayed because of what I explained before.

The Catalan independentist movement nowdays includes people with very different political views (from liberals like PDECat, to socialdemocrats like ERC to communists and anarchists), but it is left-leaning movement. There is a lot of conscience in Catalonia of nationalism and patriotism being wrong, and most people think that nationalism is inherently racist and xenophobic. I know this can be difficult for Americans to understand because they are so used to patriotism being seen as positive, but here it is not at all.
As I said, now there’s many different views within the independentist movement, but years ago it was formed by more leftist people, practically all of them internationalists. Still now, lots of independentists are internationalists, not all, but many.

On the other hand, the most prominent unionists are very strongly Spanish nationalists (not all, of course, but most, like the followers of the right-wing Partido Popular and Ciudadano’s).

An objective way of seeing this is to take a look at the political parties that support each side and their view on immigration and minorities’ rights.
PP and C’s (unionist parties) are very strongly anti-immigration. As an example: Xavier García Albiol, current president of PP party in Catalonia and leader of the unionist movement, used the motto “clean Badalona of immigrants” for his campaign to be mayor of Badalona. Both PP and C’s are against welcoming refugees.
There are also unionists that don’t fall in this two parties and that are more open-minded and less racist. These are the people who defended the referendum even though they don’t support independence, like En Comú Podem.

On the other hand, the independentist parties have different views on it but never so against it, and all of them agree on welcoming refugees. ERC for example, has helped immigrants a lot and even tried to get Amazigh (a language from Rif, in the North of Africa, the most spoken language by immigrants here besides Spanish which is already official) recognised as an official language of Catalonia.
PDECat (centrist, newly-become independentist party) hasn’t had a firm policy on immigration that I know of and just kinda went with the flow.
The other independentist party, the anti-capitalist CUP, has been even more directly involved in the refugees welcome movement and also shows very positive views towards immigration.

All of the independentist parties give a strong support to Val d’Aran, the Occitan national minority in Catalonia.

So you see, it doesn’t make sense to equate independentist with nationalist. That’s why every time you see someone refer to independentists as “nationalists”, you know that thet are either trying to make us look bad or don’t know about the situation.

I’m All Yours - Version 1

Summary: Reposted request from @ amrita31199 that i posted before, but Tumblr deleted. Shoutout to @katykyll for letting me know!

Request: I wish you’d write a fic where the reader is high due to some medication and she shamelessly flirts with Bucky (not knowing he is her bf). 

Characters: Bucky, Y/N (reader), and Natasha 

WC: About 800

TW: Explosion, language, injuries, legal medication

“Y/N!! LOOK OUT!!” A massive explosion rocked the empty lot where the battle was taking place. It was like a nightmare. Everything around me sped up, while my body slowed down. I stood and watched as her body was flung through air, landing hard on the pavement several seconds later.

I felt the heat from the blast, and my own body being wrenched from the ground from the force. I myself landing hard on my back, slamming my head on the ground. If it weren’t for the serum, I would’ve been knocked unconscious, maybe even killed.

But what about Y/N? Where was she? I had to get up. Had to find her. I sit up, looking around wildly only for another smaller explosion to force me back to the ground, knocking me out cold. 

When I wake up, I’m in the tower hospital. My body feels fine. No pain, not even in my head. They must have put me to sleep to heal. I look over and see Natasha sitting in a chair looking over files.

“How long?” I croak quietly. My throat is dry, and my vision is a bit blurry, but it clears soon after waking.

“Just the night. Got you back and in bed. Drugged you out to heal you faster.”

“Thanks. What happened?”

“Didn’t get to the bomb in time. It went off, and set off the smaller backup as well. Lucky for us, we were the only casualties.”

Suddenly I remember Y/N and I sit up in  the bed quickly, making my vision go black and my head hurt from the quick movement and loss of blood flow.

Natasha doesn’t have to look up to know that I’m freaking out. She keeps reading her files and says “Y/N made it. She’s out of surgery and is probably gonna be hopped up on morphine and a bunch of painkillers for a while. Last I heard, she was conscious but not exactly lucid. You can go see her after you shower.”

“Thanks Nat,” I smile over at her from the bed.

She finally glances up and smiles at me for a brief moment. “Get going Buck, before she passes out again.”

I gingerly get up, wobbling over to Nat. I plant a kiss on her head as I walk out.

I walk over to Y/N’s room, anxious to see her condition. She’s laying in bed, her face bruised and slightly swollen. She was the one we sent in to disarm the bomb, so she was closest, and got the most impact. Thank god she has serum too, otherwise she’d have been blown to bits. But even serum and her armor couldn’t protect her from that big of a blast that close.

She stirs a little, and I can hear her heart-rate increase. I can smell the IV dripping morphine into her body to help with the pain. She opens her eyes and I can see her trying to remember who I am and what happened.

“Who… de fak….. are youuu?” Her speech is slow and slurred, from a combination of drugs and a swollen mouth.

“It’s me, Bucky,” I whisper gently, sitting next to her bed.

“Okaaaayyyyyyyyy. Well, Booky…. if you know so mush….. den who de fook ammm Iiiiiiiiiiii?”

I can’t help chuckle slightly. And then glare under her furrowed eyebrows just makes me laugh even more. “Your name is Y/N, but the team calls you Y/N/N. And to me, you’re just my best girl.”

“I ain’t yur best nuthin, big guy,” she mutters. “At least not til yooouuurrr beefy ass buys me a shteak aaass biiiiig as your bicepppp.” She attempts a wink to follow her big pick up line but her eye is too swollen.

I can’t do anything but laugh. Huge guffaws that no one has heard since 1942. This is why I love my girl.

“What’re yooouuu laughin’ at you giant meatbaaallll?”

“Darlin’ we’re already a couple. I mean I’ll still take you out for a steak once you can chew food again, but you already snagged me honey. Ya ain’t got nothin to worry about. I’m all yours.”

She looks at me, still confused, “Waaaiiiiitttt….. so aaallllll this beefcake…. is mine? You’re aaallll mine?”

I laugh again and take her hand, kissing the back of it, “Yes doll face, I’m all yours.”

She eases back into the pillows, all stress gone from her face. I can see she’s dozing off again. Her last words are barely audible, even for me,

“All mine huh? Hah, I did damn good didn’t I?”

Yeah you did darlin. But I did better.

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• Wednesday •

Ruling Planet - Mercury.

Colours - Blue, magenta, silver.

Tarot Card - the Magician.

Herbs and Oils - Peppermint, caraway, fennel, dill, lavender.

Crystals - Agate, aventurine, lapis lazuli.

Powers - Travel, money, academic success.

Chakra - Solar plexus chakra.

Best for - Communication, also good for spells involving information-granting. Astrology, computers, correspondence, editing, education, healing, hiring, journalism, learning, languages, legal appointments, messages, music, phone calls, siblings, students, visiting friends, visual arts, wisdom and writing.

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Jared and Richard, D?

A nice anonymous person also asked for my take on this one! Thank you. This was a comfort to think about. Set right after a little moment between them that I’ve always enjoyed, in The Lady.

d - subtle kindnesses

“I know what you’re doing,” says Jared, sat close next to Richard at the kitchen table, so their knees knock together just so. Folders and documents laid out across the surface in front of them. The complicated legal language of the workplace harassment policy they’ve reviewed again and again already, together, for probably the tenth time this week.

“And what’s that,” asks Richard, feigning cluelessness.

“Just now,” Jared says. “Suggesting we go back to the kitchen.”

Richard furrows his brow, presses his lips bone-white together. He knows, he thinks, exactly what Jared is talking about. How he’d pretended there was something they needed to go over out here, just to get Jared away from the situation in the work room. Away from the relentless, uncomfortable teasing of Carla, Dinesh, and Gilfoyle, and away, too, from the nauseating secondhand embarrassment Richard felt at having witnessed it.

But Richard doesn’t know what to say about that, so he pretends he has no idea. Pretends he hadn’t felt it, and doesn’t feel it now: the searing hot streak of proprietorial protectiveness still alight within him like a flare.

“Richard,” Jared continues, oddly assured and almost - is that? - a little flirtatious. A smile emerges, like a secret, on his face. “You’re protecting me.”

“I’m not, ah - I - ”

“It’s very kind,” says Jared. He lays his hand on Richard’s arm, deliberately.

“Those guys are really mean to you,” says Richard. “I just - I don’t - just so you know, I don’t think it’s, like” - marking air-quotes with his fingers - “’cool’ of them or whatever. Y’know. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Jared doesn’t know what to say to that either. How to explain that he appreciates Richard’s protectiveness but doesn’t need it, all the same. That the cruelty, at least, is familiar. That he feels at home with it. What he longs to say is something like, oh Richard, it’s nothing. Richard, Richard, you have no idea how much worse it’s been. 

Jared asks, instead, something he’s been meaning to ask for ages. A question that’s stalked him like a shadow all his life.

“Richard,” he says, “do I embarrass you?”

Richard stalls for a moment, his mouth fallen open, speechless, lost in memories of all the times he’s wondered the same thing.

“It’s alright,” Jared continues. He bobs his head encouragingly. “I know I can be a tad, well - ” A sound somewhere between a sigh and laugh escapes him.

“Jared,” says Richard, “you know you’re asking me this, right?”

I’m All Yours - Version 2

Summary: Reposted request from @ amrita31199 that I posted before, but Tumblr deleted. Shoutout to @katykyll for letting me know!

Request: I wish you’d write a fic where the reader is high due to some medication and she shamelessly flirts with Bucky (not knowing he is her bf).

Characters: Bucky, Y/N (reader), Dr. Cho, and Steve (mentioned)

WC: About 800

TW: Dental surgery, language, legal medication

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Nick’s Point-of-View was actually interesting and carried an episode...

Okay, yes, unlike the last Luke episode (which wasn’t bad, just felt like a strange supplement even if you hadn’t read the book), it was still balanced off with June’s story.

But Nick’s flashbacks were a fascinating window into a passive guy who inadvertently got rigged into a toxic, abusive system out of (privileged) practicalness, as he only wanted a job and played along with Gilead’s beliefs. He ends up as the driver. 

He’s not in the backseat of the action, he’s still driving the Commanders, the murders, the conspirators, corrupted Christians, to their next bureaucracy meeting. He hears what they say, their brainstorming, their twisting of legal language, their distortion of culture to try to frame their practice as sanctioned, but can’t opt out. He’s in the room where it happens.

I like the subtle change at the end of the episode. He still doesn’t quite know how to process his role in his complicity and can’t really fully communicate to June, though in some ways, he realizes his privilege position in being able to sleep with her, risking less punishment, and June mockingly calls him out on it and he absorbs it.

While Nick was a clear valued figure in June’s life, both series and book, and she feels Nick is the closest person who could remember her, the last shot of this episode ultimately puts the weight on June trying to be remembered by the next Handmaid, the succeeding Offred, rather than Nick. To some extent, she’s lost faith in the fact that Nick could be the ideal person to remember her.

“There’s always someone.“