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A worker, who claimed to have worked with Versus XIII before it was changed to FFXV, has leaked some information. Knowing that Versus XIII’s theme was MISERY (Nomura himself said that) and that the game would be very dark with heavy issues, this does sound legit. The original Versus XIII concept contained such things as yakuza boss Regis, him selling Noctis for a demon so that he’s bound to serve the Goddess of Death in this life and in the next, Noctis being addicted to hallucinations causing drug (manufactured by their family) and which gives him ability to see Stella (who is a real person, but no one else sees her).

The full text in the picture says:

“For example, one of the main characters of the game, Stella, inflected bodily harm on herself so that she could commute with what she believed to be deceased relatives (this behavior was actually the result of a certain medication she was prescripted for sleep disorder earlier in life, an ironically is a major plot point – more on that later). This ultimately culminated at her accidental suicide, which the main protagonist, Noctis, being told he was responsible for her death (he wasn’t, at least not directly). Moreover, many of the cinematic sequences in the game contained depictions of violence against women (it was completely in the context of the story=, with one sequence involving the implied rape of Stella in the hands of the white haired character many have seen in the original Versus trailer (Seifaris, in English). A key scene involving a ceremony of sorts demanded to be pulled altogether, effectively ruining a major plot point. Said scene involved demonic “claiming” of Noctis in his mother’s womb, Cycillia Lorette Caelum, the ruling Queen and the wife of King Regis. Due the pact made by his father (originally a “don” sof sort the Lucii yakuza family, not the good, watered down king written much later) Noctis was bound to the servitude of Etro, Goddess of Death (in this life and the next). This covenant gave the line the Lucii the Ring of Binding, power over life and death, through the Crystal of the Void (all this will be explained in the footage, so don’t get too caught up on it). So that the course had to be cut, citing “potentially sensitive religious content” since the character (Noctis) was more or less written as this world’s antichrist, cursed by his father in a deal with the power behind the Void to bring the coming apocalypse.

 A sequence involving a car chase and shootout, giving the player the option to kill Insomnian citizens. This is only due the fact that the target is running and attempting to hide within the crowd. This was probably one of my favorite early game scenarios, involving Noctis, Varis (bald headed bodyguard character that drives Noctis in a particular trailer, the one that keeps telling him to wake up), GLadio and Ignis. If you takes with delivering a large quantity of a street drug (secretly manufactured by a pharmaceutical company ownded by the Lucii family, of course) called Lunatelristium, marketed ad Lunatel, street name “Luna” (seriously though) that causes its user to have a lucid dreaming effect, where the individual is awake, yet sees things in the real would as through it’s a dream (loved ones long expired, ghosts, demons, locations changing back to how they looked in your earlier memories ect. It works on putting the minf in a state on conscious REM) – originally developed as a military grade sleep substitute for the Insomnian military (this concept was later adopted into the Magitek project), and used in a weaponized forms against a particular nation with disastrous effects. 

Noctis being addicted to this substance was absolutely essential to how the was able to interact with the female protagonist (Stella), as no one else would see her for a certain plot reasons, all of which is revealed about two hours into the game. He is only convinces that she is a hallucination after being held and interrogated by the INPD (yes, the original game had a police department in Insomnia, along with all the other normal things you would see in any regular city) – with the division head showing him camera footage of him covering no one as the bullet are being fired at him (Noctis thought he was covering Stella). Stella is in fact real, but it is a bit too convulsed to type without me spending 30 more minutes that I don’t have. Much of this information I did not release in my initial post months ago anonymously, because quite frankly, I was afraid of losing my job and legal ramifications. Now that much  has changed thanks to fan outcry (yes, they DO listen),a lot has changed… which I can’t discuss at this particular moment.

Now, you have my permission to release these plot details, but I am going to be honest in saying that I don’t know if Square will immediately hit your channel with a cease and desists, citing ownership of the content, but the fact is you won’t be posting any content, only information that is valid. This is where it becomes complicated and I cannot give you the best advice.”

Also a following message from the leak:

“ Hi, I am OP. I will clarify this point. Everything to described is unfortunately accurate, (I did not write it, that is the way they are explained). These events are listed as Chapter 1, with the second chapter beginning with Insomnia’s Crown City have its crystal actually extracted, by a small team of special forces units that literally blow the gates to the thrown room to get to the Crystal Vault (from the email). The key person is the white haired individual who is the adopted brother of Stella, who uses the spell ‘holy’ to nullify the unholy magic sealing the crystal, causing a magical explosion that takes out the top of the Lucii Family’s tower. They then storm the building with these forces in what is described as a “ruthless massacre”, shooting simply people who work there and don’t even have knowledge of the Crime Family’s illegal activities OR the Crystal. Holy is cast and the Vault opens revealing the Crystal. it is then “smuggled out”, collapsing the “Embrace of Etro”, something that causes the city to stay in perpetual night and be covered in a huge blueish shield. Then a coordinated attack with Magitek airships and Walkers start invading during Noctis’ Art of Insomnia Ball where he meets Stella. This is when the attack formally commences. I will post unreleased storyboards to display this with text in Japanese and english below it.

Sorry I could not type more. I am being bombarded. “

ALSO; if this is true, we will get this original game in some extent:

“Hi, I am OP. This is the next FF project that will enter full development when Episode 2 of FFVIIRemake has begun. The source says the development team is simply calling it "Final Fantasy Versus”. No number.Likewise, Nomura did not come to Square to request it, but agreed it will be made in an agreement with him supporting FFVIIR project fully. Via e-mail. Thank you.I’m sorry, I know nothing else development specific.“”

Read the full article here. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, for those of you thinking about law school & looking for legal jobs.

1. Do your research on the school you choose.

I know not everyone can afford to go to a good law school. I know not everyone can do as well as they hoped on the LSAT or graduate with a high undergrad GPA. But if a school ranked as lowly (actually, I don’t believe it’s currently ranked, at all) as TJ charges as much as it does? 

Also, can she really blame the school’s representations about employment stats, when she presumably began law school in 2005, when we had, I don’t know, the Internet? Do your research. Look at multiple sources. Did it seriously sound like a school that the employers in your area would think highly of? TJ is in fucking CALIFORNIA, which has more law schools and therefore unemployed law students than basically any other state.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Rankings are not everything - local opinions count, too. TJ had neither.

2. Be realistic about your job expectations.

The article says that shortly after she graduated from law school, she was offered a $60K job with a law firm. Now, I do not want to represent that you should take any legal job you are offered. You shouldn’t take a job you will be very unhappy at. It seems the non-legal jobs she was offered were better.

But here it is: SHE TOOK THE OTHER NON-LEGAL JOBS BECAUSE THEY WERE BETTER. Taking a non-legal job that paid better was her fucking choice. No law school can guarantee you a legal job that YOU will be happy with, and having graduated from TJ? $60K right out of a bottom tier law school? That’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get nowadays, and it’s not even 2009 anymore. 

By the way, even in San Diego, $60K is not such a low salary that you wouldn’t be able to “afford” to accept in lieu of much higher paying non-legal jobs. It certainly isn’t a great salary in light of student loans and potential family obligations, but I wonder just what sort of other non-law jobs she was offered. It kind of sounds like she turned it down because she thought she could do better (having graduated top of her class, etc.), which brings us to…

3. Be proactive and aggressive about your job search.

She graduated in 2008. It is now 2016. It is of course true that she filed in 2011, but I hope working on this lawsuit wasn’t the only thing she did for the past five years.

The more time it passes without you having gained experience, the harder it gets to get a job. Especially if your school doesn’t have the brand name appeal of the top schools, all you can really bank on after the first year out is NOT how you did in law school: it’s your experience. Volunteer at a legal aid organization, even if it’s once a week or for few hours. The short doc review projects and other short projects you might do on your own? Sell them as well as you can. There are also organizations out there that help young lawyers start their own practices at relatively low cost.

And keep networking. It can be completely humiliating to go to networking events while unemployed, I know. But people understand, and it often takes at least 2-3 years for you to start seeing benefits of this. 

4. Realize that becoming a working lawyer costs more than just law school tuition.

Of course, not everyone can afford to volunteer while working other jobs to make ends meet. Costs of going to networking events also can add up.

The law profession is sadly still a very privileged one. 

Despite what some very lucky people will make it seem, becoming a well-paid lawyer involves a LOT of privilege. Think about it. Wealthier people can afford to go to the fancier undergrad schools, take LSAT prep courses, afford the better law schools, take bar prep courses…and do all of this while not having to work at the same time to make ends meet. We are all accepting of this. It’s unfair but it’s how it is.

What we often forget about is that this also extends BEYOND law school and the bar. Some people can afford to live at home and take a low-paying legal job for the resume. Some people can afford to volunteer for the experience instead of having to support others, working non-legal jobs. Some people don’t even think about the costs of attending networking events.

These are, unfortunately, costs that you need to take into account, up there with the law school tuition. Ms. Alaburda, if her mistakes above rose solely out of financial troubles, didn’t adequately calculate the real costs. I can’t really blame her: a lot of people are not able to. I didn’t calculate these costs, and the only reason I’m fine is because I’m privileged in so many ways.

It SEEMS like all it takes is a student loan which they are sure they can pay back with a cushy legal job straight out of law school. No. It often takes a lot more privilege than that, and being aware of this is important before you jump into this crazy train.

Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by minshoot

Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him down. Love your imagines 💕

Word Count: 2127

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Summary: With a comeback coming soon, all the boys of BTS are more stressed than ever. Stress can bring anger with it, but there is always a way to get people to calm down.

A/N: Hi guys! I have a few drafts in the works, so multiple scenarios could possibly be posted this week. I am telling you guys, I may not post on Friday or Saturday because I have a few babysitting jobs lined up this weekend. (Oh the joy of being broke but too young to legally apply for a job in Texas… kms.)

 “Namjoon, what do you think about adding a piano section in right here?” Yoongi gestured to the bars displayed on the screen and pulled one side of his headphones off of his ears. Namjoon looked over the work that Yoongi had done and bopped his head as he tried to think of the lyrics that would be put over the beats and rhythms they were currently preparing. After a few seconds, Namjoon nodded and sent his sleepy eyed best friend a thumbs up.

 “I think it’ll work well with Jin’s solo vocals right here.” Namjoon walked back over to his spot at his desk and popped his earbuds back in as he continued to work.

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I kind of want to sell my art some way because I need to make money for school and I live in the middle of nowhere and cannot drive so a job is a bit hard…

But idk what I should really do? Like does blizzard not have rules against selling ovw merch?? Commissions I imagine are alright but I don’t know how I personally feel about doing commission work….

Overtime at the Office (Democratic Republicans x Reader)

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To celebrate reaching 500 followers I’m starting my new NSFW Democratic Republicans x Reader series! This is my first fic about the Democratic Republicans so I hope I got them right. Please enjoy~
You sat at your desk in Jefferson & Associates, Lawyers, and Solicitors, waiting for your work day to end so you can go home a finish the assignment that laid on your kitchen table.

It was hard to juggle a legal secretary job and studying to become a full-blown lawyer but you had somehow managed to do it. Mostly by spending your nights studying to get your degree and to pass the Bar Exam.

This one assignment was giving you a particularly hard time. Then again so was your huge crush on the two guys you worked for. The ‘Associates’ in ‘Jefferson & Associates’: James Madison & Aaron Burr.

They were both incredibly attractive males wrapped in Armani suits that drove expensive cars and lived in luxury apartments.

While you lived in small matchbox sized studio apartment with paper thin walls. That was one of the reasons you needed to get your degree and become a lawyer. (Also to help people with their legal issues.)

You heard the deep voices of Aaron and James coming down the hall to your tiny cubicle that every legal secretary was given when hired. The most of the other secretaries were also attracted to the two men, but for some reason they always seemed to focus in on you.

“Coming to lunch, (Y/N)?” Aaron asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

You looked up at him with a smile. “I’ll be right there, just gotta send this email.”

You quickly clicked send and gathered up your things, walking with Aaron to the elevators.

It was just the two of you alone in the enclosed space, you nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt his fingers on your butt. You brushed it off as an accident but the dirty part of your mind hoped that it was intentional. You distracted yourself with small talk. To your surprise, James was waiting for you.

“Hello (Y/N), looking very nice as always.” James politely said to you as he escorted you to his BMW. You felt your face heat up as beside you, his large hand on the small of your back. You slipped into the backseat, while Aaron took the front with James.

James drove to a ritzy cafe, that you could never hope to afford to go to on a regular basis with your current secretary salary.

You ended up ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, a grilled ham and swiss sandwich. James laughed and told you to order anything you wanted, it was on him. You furrowed your brows at him.

“What’s the catch?”

“You’ll owe me one.” He said with a small smile and a caress across the back of your hand that you couldn’t dismiss easily. You blushed.

“Will you accept sexual favours as payment?” You joked.

“I have no problem with that.” James stated.

“No problem with what?” Aaron said, sitting down at the table with a cup of coffee.

“Sexual favours.” James repeated with a calm smile.

“Oh really~” Aaron gave you a grin.

“Hey I’m not just giving them away…” You said in mock resentment. “It’s an exchange…James was sweet enough to buy me lunch.”

“And I’m paying for your drink.” Aaron commented as he waved the waiter down for another cup of coffee for me. “Do I get repaid in sexual favors as well?” he smirked at you and then James.

“So… What exactly are the terms of these favours in repayment for our kindness?” Aaron asked, leaning back against the back of his chair while James leaned over the table, both seemed in loom over you.

‘Holy…WTF?!’ You thought. There’s no way that they were seriously considering it…could they? With you? How should you respond? Take it seriously or brush it off like a joke?

Aaron smiled, and James raised his eyebrows. “I think a threesome would suffice, what do you say James?”

James nodded, taking a sip of his tea. “Definitely a sufficient choice. I’ve had a few experiences before and I could deal with you, Aaron, as long as (Y/N) is there as well.”

You stared at them both, mentally picturing the three of you together. Your naked bodies squirming, tangled in sheets, arms, and legs, heavy moans and hot carnal whispering ran through your mind, making your panties damp. You crossed your legs feeling a bit awkward having their hot stares on you.

“Uhm…” You spoke, not able to come up with anything else.

“I think we broke her…” Aaron said.

“Not yet, we haven’t.” James said with a smirk.

Thankfully the food finally came and you were able to busy yourself from the debauched thoughts of a threesome that Aaron Burr and James Madison had put in your head. You cheeks flushed, keeping your gaze on the sandwich in your hands as you three talked business, occasionally getting a glance your way or a mention about the threesome.

After you finished your lunches and James and Aaron paid for the meal, you rode back to work in a sexually charged silence. You got into the elevator with them, the two of them next to you, James on one side, Aaron on the other. They got closer as more people from different departments got on the elevator.

Two hands reached and cupped themselves over your ass. Your cheeks went red and your body tingled, nipples hardening inside your thinly padded bra. Apparently too thin, because you could feel the little display you were giving them.

As the elevator emptied and left the three of you alone, the doors closed on the seventh floor, you yelped as James’ hand gripped your left cheek in a strong grip. You felt his hot breath against your ear, making your heart to flutter and your pussy to cry out in need as it begged between your legs.

“So, how about it? We could go back to my place after work, I have a super-king sized bed that can easily fit all of us…” he smiled.

Aaron wasn’t letting up either, feeling his hand caress and rub the cheek he had grabbed, moving down and under the swell of your posterior, getting dangerously closer to the more needy part of your anatomy. You shivered, desperately trying to hold yourself together.

“It is a tempting–VERY tempting-offer, but I have to decline, guys.” You said, trying hard to mask your disappointment. “I’m just too busy, with my classes, and assignments for my course and my work here, I just don’t have the time.”

The elevator doors opened on your floor and you quickly made your escape, turning back just in time to see the sad puppy dog eyes that they were making, you could swear that James even whimpered as the doors closed.

You shook your head, clearing away the desires, and straightened your clothes out before heading back to your cubicle.
Watching the tick-tock of a clock had never been a favorite hobby of yours, but when you had all your work done and was ready to hurry home to work on that stupid assignment there was no helping it.

You were jolted from your thoughts about the assignment you had barely worked on that was due in two days and the naughtier imaginings that took root from the seeds that the two associates had planted in your mind over lunch by the distinctive ring of your desk phone.

Your body was still wound up tighter than a spring toy with the desire for sexual release because of those two. Looks like your trusty vibrator will be getting quite the workout when you got home.

You answered the phone, it was Mr Jefferson.

“Good day, Mr Jefferson.”

“Good day, (Y/N), I was hoping you could do some overtime today, we have a very important client coming in for a meeting after work and I need you to take the minutes of that meeting.” His deep voice made me shiver, it was bad enough working with James and Aaron, two of the hottest men you’d ever come across, but when you put Mr Jefferson into the picture, it was three levels of sexiness that no man or woman would be able to resist.

“Of course, Mr Jefferson.” You answered, “Which conference room will we be using?“

You would have to set up the room, lay out a pitcher of water and some glasses and get everyone coffee before the meeting started, the usual secretary stuff. It might not seem like a big deal, but it was very important in the world of business.

“Fantastic, it’ll be in conference room 2A and thanks for staying late.” Mr Jefferson said, before hanging up.

You looked at the clock, it was close to six, the rest of your co-workers around you were already getting ready the end of the day, finishing their filing and saving documents. You stood up and put the files away, shut down your computer and headed to the office kitchen.

You filled the pitcher with water from the cooler. A pat on your bum made you jump, making the water spill over the floor as I jumped in fright. You looked to see James behind you.

“Crap.” I muttered, turning around to confront James. He smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself, you just have the most tantalizing rear.” He said smiling, leaning in against you, his breath radiating against your skin. “And hopefully one day, I’m going to have the pleasure of eating it.” His voice was thick with lust. You turned away, harshly biting your bottom lip as your overexcited mind sent jolts to your pussy.

You shivered when he left, the cold air of the air-conditioning leaving you cool and desiring for the warmth of a man pressed against you. You quickly went about setting up the small conference room for the meeting with the client.

Just as you were wiping down the table you could feel someone’s eyes on your form that was bent over the flat wooden surface, reaching out to the other side of the table with the cloth. You straightened up and looked over your shoulder.

Aaron was there, ogling at your ass. He smiled and left the doorway, leaving you with a bow and a lick of his lips that had you wondering when you’d ever have enough free time to take them up on their offer.

As the last of the staff left for the day, you finished preparing the room and brought your laptop in, setting it up and placing a couple of extra notepads and pens with ‘Jefferson & Associates’ on the pads, ready for use.

You heard the elevator door open and the voices of Mr Jefferson and another man echoed down the now quiet halls. Then you heard the unmistakable voices of two other men, Aaron and James. This had to be a really case case for all three of the top people in the firm to be involved.

Waiting patiently, and straightening up when the men entered, shaking hands with Senator Franklin, then taking your seat behind your laptop, typing up the minutes of the meeting, setting in the opening time and who was in attendance. All the legal stuff that protects ones ass in a sensitive cases like this one.

Mr Jefferson motioned for everyone to take their seats, then handed everyone some coffee. James and Aaron took the seats right beside you. They were so close you could feel their body heat against yours, even being able to feel the rising and falling of their chests with each breath.

And you definitely felt their hands, on your thighs.

The meeting began with the Senator thanking us for making the time to see him, knowing fully well that this issue could destroy his political career.

Mr Jefferson nodded knowingly and affirmed Senator Franklin that they would do everything that they could to help him, then he nodded to you to begin documenting the conversation.

You began to type and record the Senator’s story, James and Aaron still beside you, Aaron’s fingers gently caressing your thigh through your nylon thigh-highs. Your skirt thought it was a good idea to rise up to mid-thigh when you sat down as if it was in league with James and Aaron .

James’s fingers slipped under the hem of your skirt and bit by bit started to pull it up towards your hips. You did your best to ignore the two men aiming to get into your panties and be the professional you want to be.

You could feel your face begin to burn as their hands inched up higher on your thighs as Senator Franklin recounted the filthy details of how he had a crazy night with five college girls, and how one of them turned out to be a seventeen year old french exchange student that he had gotten pregnant even though she told him she was on birth control.

As the Senator went on, James and Aaron moved their hands higher and higher, fingers brushing, nails running along your skin. Arousing you, you kept yourself straight, your legs caged within the tight bounds of your skirt, James pulled it up a bit more, exposing your lace panties.

You could have sworn you had heard James give a sigh of happiness as his fingers drew around the edge of my panties. Aaron, not one to be left behind, slid his fingers under the edge of your panties, his exploring digits finding the mound of your pussy.

Your breath hitched and you started to cough as the spit you swallowed went down the wrong hole. Luckily your coughing fit was covered the extreme redness of your cheeks.

You reached for the glass of water that Mr Jefferson offered you, his index finger stroked your own. You thought you saw his eyes glimmer with something that made him look like a predator eying his prey.

You quickly downed your drink and then went back to taking the minutes. James and Aaron going back to their exploration of your pussy, being bolder with their moves as they slipped their fingers along your folds.

You lost track of how many spelling errors you made, to distracted with James and Aaron’s teasing of your lower lips. You even had to retype an entire passage after accidentally hitting the delete key. You forced yourself to focus but with two hot guys working your fold made it nearly impossible. You was so horny and wet that you were sure Mr. Jefferson could smell the scent of your heat mixing with the coffee aroma in the room.

All you actually wanted to do was push the laptop off the table, bend your horny self over that table, pull up your skirt, and order them to finish you off with their cocks.

But no… the two bastards had to slip their fingers right into your wet pussy. Just as the Senator was finishing up his story and leaving. You couldn’t hold it anymore, letting out a tiny moan as Aaron’s (or was it James’s?) finger tapped against g-spot.

Thankfully Mr Jefferson had led the Senator out of the room, but he came back into the room and looked at the three of us.

“I want to see you all in my office, we need to have a talk about teamwork.” He said, his voice low and meaningful. His eyes focused on you a little longer than on the two boys.

When he left, Aaron and James slipped their fingers out of your wet heat, getting you to mew softly at the loss of their gifted fingers. They slid their fingers, still glistening with your juices into their mouths and sucked them clean.

You hastily saved the file on the laptop before shutting it down, James and Aaron and their cocks had gotten up and were waiting for you beside the door to the hall. You put your laptop in your bag and followed them out, their hands on the small of your back, their hard and stiff cocks looking so huge in their Armani pants as they escorted you up to the top floor where Mr Jefferson’s office was.

isabellab222  asked:

I can picture all the Agreste kids having a midlife crisis

Emma’s mid-life crisis: Happens after a serious sports injury forces her to start coaching. She becomes a health nut who’s blood is 65% kale smoothie and is HYPER COMPETITIVE IN EVERYTHING. Lotte and the kid(s?) have to start hiding junk food under their beds.

Hugo’s mid-life crisis: Happens when he finds his first gray hair. I could see him just buying things- new penthouse, expensive cars, rare art- and also dying his hair/ totally revamping his entire wardrobe. Maybe goes on alot of dates??

Louis’ mid-life crisis: Happens seemingly out of the blue. One day he just wakes up, looks at his life, and goes “holy shit I need to fix myself”. Moves to the suburbs, gets a legal job, is on the PTO. Barbecues every day.

Bridgette’s mid-life crisis : Happens when her first kid moves out. She tries to “get her teenage body back” but her diet and exercise plans never last more than a day. Wears alot of “hip young” clothes despite the fact she is a mother of five and her husband(s?) often find her looking up slang online. 


Hello honeys- I’m here to talk to you about things. Well you know I’ve been absent because well, I moved outta home… into a whole new country.  

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pros of legalizing weed:
-job creation, potential boost to the economy
-one less way to bolster the unjust prison system that targets poc
-it has a multitude of positive effects, both psychological and physical
-it doesn’t fuck up your liver the way alcohol does
-it would be regulated, preventing people from mixing shit like meth or acid or woodships or oregano in with it
-it’s fun

cons of legalizing weed:
-one less thing to terrify young children with in DARE
- ???

Not alone//Daryl Dixon

Summary: Merle has been away in prison for the past year, and Daryl was doing better than expected. Cleaned up his attitude, got a job and a solid girlfriend. But when Merle comes back, Daryls’ attitude comes back and he ends up leaving a good thing behind.

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

Daryl had picked up y/n after work, took her out to dinner. While they were out, Merle had returned from prison. He returned home, of course, but Daryl wasn’t informed of his return. 

When Merle first left, it felt like the end of the world, like he had no meaning anymore. But then things looked up, he got a job, doing legal things. He had gotten himself a girlfriend and overall became a better person. Merle was like the devil sitting on his left shoulder, overpowering the angel on his right. But with him gone, the angel could speak.

He walked into his house and saw a figure on the sofa and panicked. He pushed y/n back outside the door.

“Hello?” Daryl called out cautiously.

“Baby brother, about time ya come home! What were ya, out at the strip club, at the bar since 9?” Merle said with a laugh as he turned around.

“Daryl?” Y/n asked hearing it wasn’t an intruder.

“Who’s that? A floosy ya brought home for the night? Don’t be shy, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind two of us”

“Daryl, is it him?” She asked connecting the dots.

His brother was locked up, he was a jerk, and Daryl wasn’t jumping to kill this guy in his house. It was Merle.

“Wanna go to your place tonight?” Daryl asked her.

“Let me see the girl, god dammit” Merle joked.

“She’s my girlfriend, would ya shut up now?”

“Don’t make her leave, let her in. I’ll keep my meth mouth shut”

“Just go straight to my room and I’ll be right behind you” He whispered to her.

“I’m not scared, Dar-”

“I am” He cut her off.

She shook her head and walked past Merle and to Daryl’s room. She looked behind herself to see Daryl was flipping off Merle and continued on his way to her.

She got inside and he followed, closing the door behind him. 

“What the hell are you afraid of?” She asked him.

“That he’s gonna take away all this progress I’ve made. My job, my clean act and you”

“If you’re expecting it, then you can avoid it, Daryl. Try” 

“I can try, for you”

Days went by and he was already changing. Started with the way he would talk, more degrading towards women and became more racist. He got fired from his job after a fight due to a race issue. He started drinking more and everything was just falling apart.

One morning she woke up and could overhear the two talking. She stood by the kitchen, out of sight but close enough to hear everything.

“The hell ya doin having a woman tellin ya how to live?” Merle asked.

“I don’t know man, I guess I’m just pussy whipped”

“Fuck yeah you are! It’s easier without commitment, no one tellin ya what to do. Leave the bitch and move on”

“Merle, I-”

Saying he was pussy whipped was one thing, easy to fake. But leaving her, that wasn’t something he could fake without losing her for real. From her end, it was real. If they were something real, there wouldn’t have been hesitation.

She turned around and packed her bags. Daryl walked into the room and saw her.

“Y/n, what are you doing?” Daryl asked.

“Sorry I’ve got you pussy whipped. I’ll relieve you of your duties and let you go back to the destructive path you were on before me” She snapped back.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it. He just means a lit to me, and he’s my brother-”

“And I’m your girlfriend! Do I not mean anything?”

“That’s not what I meant” He ran a hand through his hair, not realizing what he was saying.

“Then what do you mean?”

She left the room and walked past Merle. She ran down the steps of the apartment complex and outside. When she got out there a woman grabbed onto her, screaming. She panicked and didn’t know what was happening.

“Slow down! W-what’s wrong?” She asked, dropping her bags.

“Get out of here! Save yourself” She screamed.

Suddenly the woman was violently ripped of her by another human, a chunk ripped out of their face. Meth was one thing, but this was something different, worse. The woman fell underneath him and was torn apart herself.

Y/n was pulled back into the complex, she screamed fearing she was next. It was only Daryl. He followed her to bring her back, but now he saved her life. He ran back up the steps with her behind him and locked his door.

“I know we ain’t of good terms, but whatever is goin on out there we can’t face alone”

cis straight people: *literally kill LGBTPN people, make laws allowing us to get legally fired from our jobs, regulate where people can and cannot pee, literally devote millions of dollars to conversion therapy to “fix” LGBTPN people*

LGBTPN people: hey we’re gonna make this one space where there aren’t any cis straight people who literally want us dead

cis straight people: WOW I thought the q*eers were supposed to be accepting of everyone???? you all are gross TERF exclusionists, i cant believe how cisheterophobic this is, you q*eer dirty allos call us cishet (A KNOWN APHOBIC SLUR) and wont literally give us your safe spaces?????? Wow i should have known all you evil allolesbof*gs would be gross and disgusting. Murderers are better than you. I’m so glad trump got elected so he can get rid of all you nasty aphobes!!!! burn in hell q*eers lol

You know just once i would like to swap places with my husband for a week. Yes he does a very stressful job (legal stuff for a power company), but just ONCE i’d like him to experience the utter exhaustion and frustration that comes with being a self employed stay at home parent. The exhaustion of dealing with tantrums and refusals to eat anything other than yogurt for breakfast, even after you make a nice breakfast and have to sit through the tantrum that its not yogurt. That you finally give your child that fucking yogurt because your head is pounding after only getting 4 hours sleep the night before thanks to afore mentioned child.

The frustration that you have ideas for your business, for marketing campaigns or things to make but unable to do any of it because they’re not things you can do with a toddler around. That you can’t use a computer or laptop whilst the toddler is awake because they’ll try and climb onto your lap and play with the keyboard instead of the toys and games they have.

Frustration that if the TV is on it has to be loud and bright cartoons with presenters inbetween who have had far too much caffiene and are probably on LSD to be that cheerful and 100% dont have children.

Frustration that you try and sit and play with your kid but they will then choose that moment to be thoroughly engrossed in a book, but the minute you sit down to look at your phone - your only real adult interaction - thats the moment the child will choose to run off/climb the furniture/pull every single toy out.

Frustration that when your partner gets home and sees the mess and sees the admin and work still to be done and thinks you’ve been doing nothing all day, ignoring the clean laundry, the swept floors (that take twice as long because your child insists on playing with the sweepings), the three well thought out meals you’ve made but all he sees are the empty yogurt pots in the pile of recycling.

pregnant | tommy shelby

tommy is the readers dad, the reader gets pregnant and gets scared to tell him 

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The small bump that was forming confirmed your worst fears. What started out as a drunken one night stand, turned out to be a nightmare. You had only just turned eighteen, had a future ahead of you and it was all going to be ruined because of your stupid antics. Not only was you future practically ruined, you also had to tell your dad about the situation.  

Being Tommy Shelby’s daughter meant that men often kept away from you. They didn’t want your dad to hurt them, possibly kill them, if they upset you in any way. If your dad found the man who got you pregnant then the chances of that man being dead was high.  

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the Bakery AU nobody ever asked for

Or: Xanxus has a separate (legal) job as well as being the leader of the Varia, and Tsuna gets dragged into it when he attempts to prove to his friends that Xanxus is not in fact fixing to revolt again.

12(b)(6) Presents: Studying for the Bar Exam

This is the longest post I have ever written on this blog ever, half-prompted by a question asking my study regimen for studying law. Think of this ridiculously long post as my three year anniversary/Thanksgiving gift to all of you who might benefit from it.

First off, honesty hour: I actually had significantly less than the usual 2-2.5 months to study full time (or even part time) for the bar exam, due to personal reasons I won’t go into. In total I had about 1.3 months. I knew this would be the case going in, so I had to be very efficient about my time. Especially since I don’t know what I got (I could have passed by 0.1 point) and luck has so much to do with the bar exam, this post is not meant to suggest the following is the best way or even if it’s enough to pass. That would be laughable. 

Trust me, I’m pretty full of myself, but not so full of myself to think that. I am posting this for those of you who are: 

1) not taking a prep course* and wanting of a suggested regimen/schedule,

2) taking some sort of a prep course but not finding its schedule fitting, or 

3) retaking the bar and interested in a different method from the method previously used.

* I actually do recommend taking a prep course at least for the materials (outlines, practice essays, and answers ,etc.) if you are a first-time taker. The following is assuming you at least would have those materials.


I focused on at least *seeing* all the information at least once before the exam, so that everything after that is “review.” I skipped most of the “practice” (like doing practice essays and MBE questions) and spent my time going through the videos as quickly as possible without worrying about long-term retention. I was only focused on making sure I wasn’t completely zoning out during the videos. I got through all of my state’s subjects’ videos and handouts very quickly in a little over two weeks, making sure I was paying attention by making online flashcards after each section/chapter.

An aside: I do not recommend making online flashcards for the purpose of actually using them, even if you are a flashcards person. For one, because you can type, you will end up making a LOT more than you will ever really feel like going through. I ended up not really reviewing them. But it did force me to simplify the concepts and spell them out, so I did get something out of *making* them although I didn’t *use* them.

If you’re not taking a prep course and don’t have videos, fear not. This is basically about equal to reading (but not THAT closely) decent outlines for each subject. 

Again, the purpose of this broad overview was so that if I do end up running out of time later, no subject would be completely foreign to me and I can at least write down few relevant sentences about the thing on the exam. If you’re retaking the exam, you can skip this or make it a super brief, quick review. 


I started doing MBE sets of subjects after doing quick reviews of them. I quickly realized how terrible I was at these because shit, it tests on some very specific bits and pieces. This is also when I realized that I probably shouldn’t even shoot for a high MBE score.

You see, the MBE is multiple choice, right? So if I see an MBE question and I don’t know the answer, I can at least guess. I can’t do that with the essays, where if I don’t know the law to answer the question I am completely screwed, can’t even get lucky. So my goal with the MBE became: try to consistently get at least 60% right. 

I got a notebook and started writing down bits of specific law that I learned from doing the MBE questions and getting them wrong/getting them right by guessing. It was a bullet-point, handwritten list of short sentences that grew as I did more MBE questions. Because there was no way I was going to learn ALL the nitty gritty, I wanted to make sure that I at least would remember the nitty gritty that I actually came across while preparing for the bar. I reviewed this notebook whenever I didn’t have the means to actually sit and do new questions or essays but had downtime. 

I don’t know how many MBE questions I did, but I know I did a lot fewer than what my prep course suggested. I wish I had time to do more, but once I was confident(?) I was hitting at least 60% consistently, I felt I had to focus my energy on the essays. I did make sure that I did all of the the subject-specific sets to learn the law and the two or so 100/200-question timed sets so I get a realistic % to know I’m actually hitting 60%+. In mixed MBE practice I don’t think I ever really got higher than 75% at best (I think I was in the high 60s mostly). I wasn’t getting significantly better at it, and I knew that the time required to, say, hit 80% consistently would not be worth the increase if it means I won’t be as prepared for the essays. I did the questions I could, but I was focused on the essays and making sure I don’t get an MBE question I’ve seen before wrong on the real thing. 

Note: My state put more emphasis on the essays than most, both time and percentage wise. If your state weighs MBE highly you should spend more time than I did on the MBE. 


This is a skills test and not something you can really study for, but I recommend doing two or three at least under timed conditions. I was luckily(?) used to having to pump out memos and motions under time pressure for my legal summer jobs and clinics, so this was the least of my worries, but I knew I had to practice them and see some types. I didn’t even want to do the practice I did do (perpetually felt like I didn’t have enough time) but had to accept that I did have to do few.


I was so pressed for time that I had to create a schedule of doing three practice essays a day in order to at least see the questions for all the essays my prep course gave me. I rarely actually wrote out all three essays because I simply just didn’t know the law or because I didn’t quite know how to phrase them. Sometimes I would read the question, jot down a few thoughts, and skip over to the model answer. 

1. Long Outlines

I created a word document for each subject in which I copied the bare-bones short outline that my prep course gave me. Then, whenever I “did” practice essays and saw model answers, I typed in the law section of the model answer into my outline so that I know, 100%, a fail-proof way of actually writing out what the law is in the context of an essay. 

This was actually pivotal. You see, we KNOW the law, we UNDERSTAND those concepts in terms of bullet points, but often we’re not so great at actually writing them out in sentences that are straightforward. I did not have time to fuck around with creative, clever ways of doing that and decided to take them straight from model answers.

This was very crudely done at first, and eventually I would designate one or two subjects to each day for the purpose of “completing” the long outline. I would clean up the wording of the law so I know exactly how to say it regardless of the details of the prompt. For parts of the bare-bones outline for which I did not have model answers, I turned to the longer outlines my prep company gave me (which I did not waste my time trying to read, as they were ridiculously long) to see how they wrote out the law in complete sentences.

As I did this and continued to do practice essays, I would force myself to write out those law section sentences in my practice essay answer. The goal was to see something and immediately be able to write down what was in the long outline for that particular topic. This comes with practice and is SO important. You don’t have time during the actual bar exam to fuck around with how to explain what the law is. You have to be able to rattle it off. Eventually I was able to do this without crying.

2. Short Outlines

Once my long outlines were finished for each subject, I duplicated those word files and started condensing them into short outlines. These are the bullet-point style outlines you are used to from law school. If there are large portions that make you nervous about never seeing again before the bar, those are the parts you should be reviewing right now to make sure you can, from memory, write full, complete sentences about it. Doing the condensation yourself forces you to review and focus on what you are weak on.

Because there are so many subjects, the condensation itself was the review for me. 

3. Recordings

I’m not sure if this should even be a section because I only did this for like three subjects…it was for the shorter but memorization-heavy subjects like trusts or professional responsibility. I recorded myself reading/explaining the short outlines and played them to myself in my car rides. I did find this helpful and wish I had time to do it for all the subjects, except then I doubt I would have had time to listen to them as many time as I did. Turning your bullet points into actual sentences again as you speak forces you to reconsider whether you actually do understand everything, and hearing yourself helps a lot with memorization. If you do this especially for things with elements/factors, you can listen as you try to guess what you’re going to name next as an element/factor, etc. I just used the audio notes app on my phone.

I would recommend doing this only for some of the tougher and shorter subjects so that you listen to the same recording many times rather than overwhelming yourself with a bunch of recordings you will never be intimately familiar with. 

4. Handwritten Outlines 

This is how I studied in my last 1.5 weeks or so in addition to practicing writing out essays without looking and doing what MBE questions I could. I got blank sheets of paper, pulled up my short outlines, and hand-wrote parts of those outlines that I did not already know by heart (well enough to, again, write full sentences on). Go all out. Use highlighters and colors. Use big letters for titles. Charts. Drawings. Anything to help with retention. Just make damn sure that what’s not on this outline, you 100% know and don’t need review. Make sure that once you can memorize these handwritten outlines, there will be nothing you feel you need to (realistically) memorize. I used plain letter-sized paper that I folded down the middle into two columns. The longer handwritten outlines turned out to be about four pages, while some subjects I was able to squeeze into one or two. I was doing one or two subjects a day, depending on the length. 

Handwriting forces you to actually pay attention to every word you write. It’s painstaking but you’re also trying to be as efficient as possible, and that helps with memorization. I kept these pages in a binder for me to look at whenever I had the time in addition to the MBE errors notebook.

5. Handwritten Flashcards

This was kind of like handwritten outlines, part two. I took from the handwritten outlines things I was still struggling with (mostly the more obscure topics) and made flashcards. 

I only made handwritten flashcards for these last topics because there’s simply way too much information to learn for the bar to plausibly make them earlier in the studying process. I learn from flashcards by looking at them over and over again, and come on, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we’ll actually sit and look at few thousand flashcards more than once or twice at most. 

Also, your hands can’t take it (and I already discussed online flashcards above). Handwriting is a great way to condense and memorize, but because there’s so much for the bar, I would save all this for the last two weeks so you’re only handwriting what you still don’t know then. 

6. Final Review

I opened up all the practice essays I didn’t get a chance to look at before and went through them and their model answers. 

I had my MBE errors notebook, my handwritten outlines, and my handwritten flashcards. I reviewed them whenever I could, and as I was going through my handwritten outlines for the last day of exams in my hotel room I realized I did know all the material on those, too. That gave me a lot of comfort, which I think played a big role in my actual performance. 

And…that is how I prepared for the bar.


1) Of course there were things on the bar that I was not as prepared on, mostly because it was not in these outlines at all. This will happen. Remember, I started from the shorter outlines that my prep course gave me, not the long ones I didn’t read. But most likely those things will be not the “main” issues that will make or break the question…

2) …unless you skipped it. I didn’t even know how “lucky” I’d been with one of the essay questions until after the exam when other test takers told me how they hadn’t really studied a topic because it had not been tested for nearly a decade. I didn’t know because I hadn’t had time to do that sort of research. Don’t skip something in the short outline because you think it won’t be tested for whatever reason: if it made it into the short outline from a prep course, it most likely is still fair game. 

3) With that said, luck does have a LOT to do with it. So good luck! 

At some point all seven members of the inner crew get stuck in an elevator.

There’s a moment where it screams trap, ambush, a clever attack from some phantom rival, but no. Its a stock-standard mechanical failure. The rulers of Los Santos, arguably the most dangerous crew this side of the country, trapped like rats in a little metal box.

It’s fucking undignified.

With no reception to contact their own people they use the inbuilt emergency button to call it in, expecting a technician to be rushed to their aid, only to be told they are in a queue. That there will be some delays. The conversation starts professionally polite but quickly devolves into everything from outrageous bribes to thinly veiled threats but Mark, who’s clearly in some call centre far away from Los Santos, is utterly unmoved.  

Unused to such blatant disregard Geoff abuses the call button, determined to make Mark as miserable as they are in an effort to annoy him into submission. By the time he considers allowing the crew’s main negotiator a turn on the phone the ‘self-important assholes’ impression has already been irrevocably ingrained.

Michael lifted Jeremy up to pick the lock on the emergency hatch only to complain about lax safety standards when the hinges jam and refuse to open more than halfway. Gavin snarks about their heavy hitters not being so strong after all, Michael snaps back about useless twigs keeping their mouths shut, and Jeremy is quickly forgotten in favour of a grade-school-level slap fight.

As time goes by the heat rises and tempers flare; Geoff railing against Mark, Jack snapping at Geoff for antagonising the people controlling their placement in the queue, Gavin and Michael prodding each other into more and more aggressive arguments and Ryan beginning to twitch alarmingly every time the background music loops.

Ray hasn’t moved from where he leaned 5 minutes into their stay, hood up, earphones plugged into his DS, absently swaying out of range whenever the rolling ball of furious MichaelGavin bounces towards him. Following his lead Jeremy quickly boosted himself up to sit on the handrail in a corner, as out of the way as he can be in a contained metal box, morbidly fascinated as he settles back to watch the fireworks.

At loop 17 Ryan takes a knife to the speakers, prying out the screws before calmly tearing the whole thing out of the wall. This prompts a moment of absolute silence, blessedly free from repetitive piano, before the lights flicker out, Gavin screeches, and it all kicks off again.

In the chaos no one notices Ray slipping through the jammed hatch and clambering on to the roof until its too late to catch him. His exit sets off an explosion of yelling, threats and promises and downright pleading, but realistically none of them are operating under the illusion that Ray plans to do anything more than clamber back up to the penthouse and have a nap. Gavin is the only other one who’s shoulders are slim enough to slip through but no one lets him go - they say they don’t trust him not to trip and kill himself but lets be real: if Michael and Geoff don’t get to leave this hellhole there’s no chance on earth Gavin gets to.

When they are finally set free, listening in strained silence as the lift lowers and the doors are wrenched open, the technician cracks a lewd joke about the awkward tension and no one has it in them to stop Ryan from punching him in the throat.

Geoff stalks away muttering about having unfinished business with Mark while Michael makes a beeline for the fire-stairs, intent on getting to the penthouse before Ray realises they are free and goes into hiding. Jeremy is lumped with the duty to go check in with the support crew, who have probably already tracked down the source of their absence and are bound to be smug little shits about it. The others go their separate ways in silence, normal jobs abandoned in favour of refusing to be in the same room as one another for the rest of the week.

anonymous asked:

Urgent- I'm 16 and I'm applying for a job. My legal name is not my prefered name but when I'm writing a CV (or a resume) what name am I supposed to use? Keeping in mind that my parents will probably tell me I can't put my prefered name on it because it's not my legal name, and they probably won't let me put both on it either. So what do I do? Am I allowed to put my prefered name even if it's not my legal name? And how do I tell my parents this?

First of all, take a deep breathe. Half the time the people hiring you are HR or won’t be interacting with you.

Put your legal name. This is how you will get a check you can cash. You have to be paid in your legal name so when taxes come around it doesn’t get messed up.

When you get the job, tell your manager you prefer to go by a different name, pronoun etc.

This is what I do.