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When you are at work on Doubt your new cbs legal drama premiering in 2017 and get flowers and a hand written card from the Queen Bey herself Beyoncé. Thank you Beyonce for such a thoughtful gesture. You didn’t have to but it means so much that you did. I am so happy you enjoyed the Lip Syn Battle tribute to Destiny’s Child. You know I live for everything you do. EVERYTHING!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you @dreamadew for thinking to take photos to document my utter shock and disbelief moments after opening the card. Thank you @farmercarla and@theladydeja for holding me up so I didn’t fall to the floor as I lost control of my body. Thank you water proof mascara for keeping this makeup in tact cause I have to head back to set soon. Thank you @spikelsb for making this happen Wow, what a day! God is GOOD!!

An update on the lost special and Apple Tree Yard

Seems like someone knows we’re talking about this.

Suddenly there is new information on the Apple Tree Yard page which looks very interesting. Not only have they added similar programmes (which was blank before, because obviously you can’t recommend similar programmes when the first episode of a series has not even been aired yet), Sherlock TFP also mysteriously makes an appearance there.

Even more interesting is the fact that they apparently filed Sherlock under LEGAL&COURTROOM DRAMA, because that is obviously the first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of Sherlock.

Also, this ‘little’ thing:

There will be 4 episodes…of what exactly? Do they really need to reconfirm something that has been publicly known since they announced the mini-series Apple Tree Yard? Who actually cares how many episodes this thing has? Why the sudden need to empasize the number of episodes?

They know we’re talking about this.

There will be 4 episodes.

First meta on this is here.

Also, please have a look at this post by @london2go which sums up the meta on Apple Tree Yard and Sherlock quite nicely.


A reminder that on US broadcast network television tonight you can watch not one, but TWO dramas featuring black transgender woman characters – and this is mightily important – portrayed by black transgender actresses!

First at 9 pm ET/PT (or 8 pm CT/HT) on FOX-TV, it’s Lee Daniels’ STAR, co-starring Amiyah Scott (The Real Housewives Of Atlanta) as Cotton, the daughter of Carlotta (a shoutout to the famous Aussie showgirl?) Brown, who’s played by Queen Latifah. STAR also features “Miss Lawrence” Washington (Fashion Queens, Empire) as receptionist Miss Bruce (reportedly in transface).

Then switch over to CBS-TV at 10 pm ET/PT for the premier episode of the legal drama Doubt, starring Laverne Cox (#Metallica who?) as Harvard-educated lawyer Cameron Wirth. This show was created and is executive-produced by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater (Grey’s Anatomy), parents to trans actor Tom Phelan (@tomphelan9) (The Fosters); one of its writers is novelist Imogen Binnie (@boredangry). And slated as guest stars are Angelica Ross (@missrosscreative), Jen Richards (@smartassjen) and Alexandra Grey. Via ioneglobalgrind on Wordpress

Possible Suits Spin-Off
  • Possible Suits Spin-Off
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Possible Suits Spin-Off

@reneedeborah​ saidAllow me for one moment to fantasize.  Gina Torres gets her Suits spinoff.  Tony Goldwyn’s Fitz gets killed off of Scandal.  Tony immediately gets hired to co-star with Gina in the new series.  Fireworks!  Heaven!  The long arm of the law is reaching back out to Gina Torres.  TVLine has learned exclusively that a Suits spinoff centered on former cast member Torres — whose fan-favorite character Jessica Pearson was written out of the legal drama last September — is quietly being developed.

Finished The Good Fight episodes

oh boy, was it good?

it was fucking great!

I was a fan of the good wife, I like the genre, it went a bit off in the last seasons so i stopped watching but i don’t mind the legal drama, I am happy to see Diane back, she’s such a great character and Christine is amazing!

Rose Leslie as Maia??

hell yeeeah!!

I like how they ‘treat’ the couple right now, let’s hope it last! it could be, as it’s on CBS all access and not THE big channel

there’s lgbt and poc representation, and they seems good ones but it’s early to tell, it’s just two episodes, we’ll see!

But from what I saw ‘til now, it’s a good show, it’s worth a look, if you like the genre tho

Tiptoeing through the “Payback” guest cast

Erik Palladino a CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino

Our possible traitor Vostanik returns from “Under Siege” on January 29th (good grief, we’ve gone a long time between episodes).  

John M. Jackson as A.J. Chegwidden

Oh, the Admiral is back.   Before there was NCIS: Los Angeles there was NCIS.  Before there was NCIS, there was JAG – a legal drama about the Judge Advocate General’s office in Washington.  The office from mid-season one until season nine was run by Rear Admiral A.J. (Albert Jethro) Chegwidden (and you probably thought CBS had no Jethros between The Beverly Hillbillies and NCIS).

Chegwidden was a former SEAL (probably too old, however, to be a SEAL with Sam), retired Rear Admiral and when last seen was a high-priced attorney in private practice when he appeared in the season ten finale of NCIS as Gibbs’s attorney when Colin Hanks was trying to put him in jail.

Chegwidden was the typical JAG/NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles/NCIS: New Orleans-style person in charge – tough but fair, smart, funny and unfailingly loyal.  Chegwidden (and the actor) is also on the tall side so I’m totally rooting for quality scenes with Linda Hunt’s Hetty.  Both have powerful presences but not quite the same size.  It would make sense that a former SEAL turned head of JAG turned high powered DC attorney would know Hetty.

The actor John M. Jackson played FBI Director Sam Cullen in the first season of Bones.  He had guest roles in episodes of Rizzoli & Isles, Criminal Minds, Perception, Castle, Private Practice, CSI, Knight Rider (2009), Grey’s Anatomy, Jericho, Without A Trace, Stand Off, Lie to Me, John from Cincinnati, Ghost Whisperer, Homefront, Party of Five, Dark Skies, Sisters, The Watcher, Northern Exposure, Shannon’s Deal, Wiseguy, Probe, Beauty & The Beast, MacGyver (1987) and The Hitcher.

Kurt Yaeger as Sullivan / CIA Officer Ferris

Also back from “Under Siege” last month and that’s not good.

Elizabeth Bogush as Joelle Taylor

Joelle was last seen kissing Callen under the mistletoe in “Cancel Christmas” in season seven.

Teddy Lane Jr. as LAPD Officer

Usually plays either uniformed law enforcement officers, security guards or bouncers.

Appeared in episodes of Shooter, Castle, Angie Tribeca, Mystery Girls, Hit the Floor, Silicon Valley, The Crazy Ones, Franklin & Bash, American Horror Story, Californication, Gigantic, Glee, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Rizzoli & Isles, Secret Girlfriend, Raising the Bar, Ghost Whisperer, iCarly, Cory in the House, Cold Case, CSI: Miami, Big Shots, Drake & Josh, Dexter, Daybreak Bones, The Shield, House, Nip/Tuck, Arrested Development, George Lopez Show, Still Standing, Threat Matrix, Boston Public, Miracles, Push Nevada, So Little Time, The West Wing, The Tick, CSI, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Practice, Any Day Now, Freaks & Geeks, Suddenly Susan, Bold & Beautiful, Charmed, VIP, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Players, Born Free, The Visitor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dangerous Minds.

Anzu Lawson as Nurse

Lawson’s management company had her in “Under Siege” but she did not appear.  It looks like Miguel Ferrer’s scenes were all shot before the holidays and she worked with him.  

Written by: Jordana Lewis Jaffe, who wrote or co-wrote “Honor”, “Patriot Acts”, “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Big Brother”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Exposure”, “Savior Faire”, “Beacon”, “Defectors”, “Exchange Rate” and season eight’s “Black Market”.

Directed by:  Terrance O’Hara, who directed “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “The Bank Job”, “Borderline”, “Tin Soldiers”, “The Job”, “Backstopped”, “Crimeleon”, “Blye, K.” Part Two, “San Voir” Part Two, “End Game”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Descent”, “Ascension”, “Fish Out of Water”, “Blaze of Glory”, “Command and Control” (episode 150), “Matryoshka” Part Two and season eight’s “Belly of the Beast”. 

anonymous asked:

The robron wedding reminds me a lot of Greys Anatomy where Meredith and Derek get married by writing their vows on a post-it note, it was so true and to them they were married and there were no more questions asked, they made promises and commitments and it was real. They married later in a quick registry office thing but that wasn't their 'real' wedding as such.

Awwww I never made it that far into Grey’s but that sounds very sweet and very them. <3 They were such an otp tbh i used to live and breathe for them

Warren Frost, Character Actor Known for #TwinPeaks and #Seinfeld, Dies at 91 

Warren Frost, the character actor best known for his role as Dr. Will Hayward on “Twin Peaks,” died Friday after a long illness at his home in Middlebury, Vt. He was 91.

Frost had recently come out of retirement to reprise his “Twin Peaks” role for the sequel to the ABC series that is set to debut on Showtime in May. Frost was the father of Mark Frost, the co-creator with filmmaker David Lynch of the revered mystery-fantasy franchise.

Warren Frost had a long career before and after the original “Twin Peaks.” He logged a memorable guest role on “Seinfeld,” playing the father of George Costanza’s finacee in five episodes. He also limned a recurring character on the Andy Griffith legal drama “Matlock” and had guest shots on series including “The Larry Sanders Show,” “L.A. Law” and “Murphy Brown.”

“We’re saddened today to announce the passing of our dear old dad, Warren Frost,” Mark Frost said. “From the Normandy shores on D-Day to his 50-year career on stage and screen, he remained the same humble guy from Vermont who taught us that a life devoted to telling the right kind of truths can make a real difference in the lives of others. We’re grateful to have shared him with the world for as long as we did.”

Born in Massachusetts in 1925, Frost spent his early years in the Bronx before moving to Vermont. He joined the Navy at the age of 17 after graduating from high school in 1942. He spent three years as a First Class Petty Officer and was part of the D-Day invasion at Normandy, with his ship serving a minesweeper in advance of the Allied armada to come.

Frost discovered his love of acting and the love of his life — Virginia Calhoun, his wife of 68 years — while attending Middlebury College in Vermont on the G.I. Bill after the war. He and Calhoun did summer stock around New England before moving to New York City. Frost got a job working behind the scenes at CBS, which led to a three-year stint as floor director and stage manager for “Philco Playhouse,” where Frost worked with such luminaries as Sidney Lumet, John Frankenheimer and George Roy Hill.

Frost moved to the West Coast in 1958 and resumed his acting career, appearing in “Perry Mason” and “Dragnet,” among other shows. After earning a master’s degree in theater arts at Occidental College, Frost moved to Minneapolis to pursue his doctorate. He joined the faculty at the University of Minnesota and became a regular in the city theater’s scene, directing and appearing in plays including several that he wrote.

By 1988 Frost was back in New York City where he appeared for a year on the CBS daytime soap “As the World Turns.” The following year, he was drafted for his signature role on “Twin Peaks” as the doctor in the titular small town where strange things happen. After “Twin Peaks,” Frost had his most prominent roles in primetime series.

Frost retired in 2000 in Vermont, although he continued to appear on stage in his own one-man shows.

In addition to his wife and son Mark, Frost is survived by son Scott, a novelist and photographer; daughter Lindsay Frost, an actress and artist; and three grandsons.
'The Good Fight' Team Reveals How "Fake News" and Politics Factor Into 'Good Wife' Spinoff
Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Sarah Steele and Carrie Preston open up about what Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn, Marissa Gold and Elsbeth Tascioni have been up to in the past year.

Like its predecessor The Good Wife, spinoff The Good Fight will and has been heavily affected by the current political climate, with its characters tackling some of the same issues the government’s addressing. But beyond the Trump administration, the phenomenon behind one of the president’s favorite phrases, « fake news, » will also factor into the legal drama, star Rose Leslie teased at The Good Fight premiere in New York earlier this week.

Leslie, who plays Maia Rindell, a young lawyer and goddaughter of Christine Baranski’s power attorney Diane Lockhart, told The Hollywood Reporter that she’d just finished filming an episode in which « fake news is very relevant. »

« There are some falsehoods being spread on the Internet about Maia that are jeopardizing her profession and her reputation, » Leslie said. « That is scary to see how something can just grow, spread like wildfire, in terms of reliable sources that begin to believe something that isn’t true. We see the danger in entering a world whereby truth is no longer relevant. »


To understand Maia and Diane’s backstory, Leslie told THR that she and Baranski spent an evening together talking about the relationship between their characters and « built it backwards. »

« It was more breaking down the character and how long she’d been in my life. If she’s a godmother than that’s presumably from the beginning. And we realize that she was a mentor for Maia and someone who was that strong foundation, a rock, in terms of a moral compass, » Leslie said. « So, yeah, Diane is integral to Maia’s happiness and realization that you need to stay true to what you believe in. »

The Good Fight Premiere Vogue Interview

The new legal drama The Good Fight may have spun off of CBS blockbuster The Good Wife, but star Rose Leslie, a newcomer to the franchise who plays a young lawyer mired by a Madoff-like Ponzi scandal, has an impressive TV backstory of her own: In addition to playing key roles on two rabidly watched dramas, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, Leslie is also Jon Snow’s real-life better half.

Not going to lie—FaceTime is brilliant,” she said of her relationship with GoT comeback kid Kit Harington. “I think it will always be tricky if you happen to fall in love with somebody who’s in the same profession, whether you’re actors, doctors, or lawyers,” Leslie added, wearing a frock by Lafayette 148. “Heléne Yorke [Masters of Sex] plays my girlfriend on the show. We hit it off, so it was easy to slot into her body language. Their relationship starts out so solid, but it becomes, like any relationship, a bit tumultuous as the season progresses.” (source)

You know, I’ve never really understood some people’s tendency to act as if romantic fiction, and only romantic fiction, needs to be 100% indicative of real life, or the assumption that people who like the romance genre take it as some kind of guide to real life.

Like… Do you also assume that people who read murder mysteries are going to go kill someone in real life? Or that people who watch legal dramas think that they’re qualified to be lawyers? Or that people who like detective series think that they can go solve real crimes?

If the answer to any of the above was “no,” then why do you think that people who read romance novels are going to look at their stories and go, “Oh, yes, this is exactly how a relationship should go IRL! All of my problems will be solved if I get a significant other, because (romantic) love solves for everything! This is entirely healthy, and I will now start acting just like a romcom protagonist!”?

If someone tries to use fiction as a guide to reality, then that’s a sign that they have a personal problem, not as a sign that they’re something wrong with their preferred genre.

Like, I know it’s a thing on tumblr dot com to assume that romance is the Worst Thing Ever™, but can we please stop shitting on people who genuinely like it because they actually want to? That would be great.

Katherine Heigl Starrer 'Doubt' Canceled at CBS After 2 Episodes

It’s February and the Big Four finally have made their first cancellation of the 2016-17 broadcast season.

CBS has canceled legal drama Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox, after only two low-rated episodes, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The series, which was redeveloped and largely recast from last pilot season, will be replaced by a repeat of Bull in Doubt’s Wednesday at 10 p.m. slot on March 1. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will take over the Wednesday at 10 p.m. slot starting March 8.

Read more: The Deeply Personal Story Behind CBS’ History-Making Drama ‘Doubt’

Production on all 13 episodes of the drama from former Grey’s Anatomy executive producers Tony and Joan Phelan wrapped before the holidays. It’s unclear when - or if - the 11 remaining episodes will air. Insiders stress it could return, but it remains unscheduled for the time being.

The series opened to poor reviews - THR’s Daniel Fienberg wrote, “No doubt the cast deserves better” in the “weak” legal drama - and lackluster ratings despite heavy promotion. Doubt bowed to a tepid 0.8 rating among adults 18-49, coming in last place among shows on the Big Four that night. In week two, the drama fell again, dipping to a 0.6 rating - below the series low of its time slot predecessor, Code Black (0.7 adults). Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, on the other hand, ended its first-season run with a 1.0 rating back in May. The spinoff averaged a 2.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 10 million viewers with seven days of DVR in its first season on the network.

Read more: Broadcast TV Scorecard 2017: Complete Guide to What’s New, Renewed and Canceled

From CBS Television Studios, where married showrunners the Phelans are under an overall deal, Doubt centered on Sadie (Heigl, who replaced KaDee Strickland in the role), a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm who shockingly gets romantically involved with one of her clients, who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime. The series marked Heigl’s return to broadcast television, following her short-lived NBC political drama State of Affairs. Orange Is the New Black Emmy nominee Cox co-starred in a history-making role as broadcast television’s first openly trans character played by a trans actress. Dule Hill and Steven Pasquale also co-starred.

Doubt becomes the first series to be canceled outright this broadcast season. As the ratings bar becomes lower and the definition of a hit becomes blurry, broadcast networks have taken to “trimming” episode orders or letting shows run their course without offering a back-nine order. ABC’s Conviction and Notorious did not score back-nine orders, nor did The CW’s Frequency and No Tomorrow, among others.

Doubt is a rare miss this season for CBS, which had given full-season orders to nearly its entire fall freshman class including Bull, The Great Indoors, Kevin Can Wait, MacGyver and Man With a Plan. Only drama Pure Genius did not receive an extended order.

Read more: TV Trend Alert: The Word “Canceled” Has Been Canceled

Here’s CBS’ revised schedule:  

March 1

8 p.m.: Hunted season finale

9 p.m.: Criminal Minds10 p.m.: Bull (repeat)

March 8

8 p.m.: Survivor season premiere

10 p.m.: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

March 158 p.m.: Survivor

9 p.m.: Criminal Minds10 p.m.: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Kate Stanhope contributed to this report.

anyone who views survivors talking about their experiences and asking for support as attention-seeking or trying to stir up ~drama is legally required to donate $10 to a women’s shelter
JOAN RATER:  'Doubt' Showrunners: How Having a Transgender Son Inspired the CBS Series
‘Maybe our show can be part of helping people become less afraid’


(Tony Phelan and Joan Rater are the husband-and-wife showrunner duo behind CBS’ legal drama Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox. Here, Rater shares how their transgender son Tommy influenced the series. Doubt premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. on CBS.)

In our family, we have this fantasy. Remember the show Wife Swap? A country wife and a city wife switch houses for a week and in the end, everyone learns something? Well, our fantasy is about having a show called Trans Swap. And it’s not really a swap. We invite people who think being transgender is scary or weird or wrong over to our house to meet our family that includes our transgender son, and in the end, they see that he’s really sweet and not scary. How would we convince them? First of all, we’d make pasta. And garlic bread. Because who doesn’t love that? And although we’d have cleaned the house for them (because, I mean, you clean for company), we’d show them our junk drawer in an effort to be real. It’s disgusting. Batteries, old hair brushes, random keys, a sock, our dead dog’s ashes. I know! Disgusting and not organized and so normal. We’re normal —transgender people and their families! We have messy drawers and bedtimes and bad hair days and we love carbs. And pie. I forgot about the pie that our son will bake for dessert because he loves to bake! See our vision? A cozy night in our house where people see that we’re all a lot more the same than different. And our differences are okay; we can talk about them over pasta. We can learn something new about one another. Tony and I think that if people met our trans son, they’d be so busy loving his baked goods that they’d forget to be scared. We want to be ambassadors to normalize trans stuff. But because we can’t have all those people over to our house (the logistics, the travel, the amount of garlic bread), we wrote a TV show instead. Okay, that’s not why we wrote the show. At all. We wrote it because we love law shows. And we came up with Doubt when we wondered what would happen if a defense attorney developed romantic feelings for her client. We thought about who this woman was and what about her life made the idea of crossing this line with a client possible. And as the character of Sadie Ellis came into focus (played by the incredibly funny, smart, gifted Katherine Heigl), we started to imagine the law firm she worked in, who else worked there, and that one of the other attorneys was transgender. Our son had recently told us he was transgender, so it was on our mind…

Moot points now, it turns out. Young Phelan hasn’t updated his Tumblr (@tomphelan9) lately and his IMDb also hasn’t changed lately. But I did see that he was in some genderqueer stage production of “Romeo and Juliet,” where it appeared that sometimes he portrayed Romeo…and sometimes he portrayed Juliet. He still does stuff that are generally coded female, like baking (remember the “Homocin” sketch on SNL?), but eating chips and salsa in bed –– definitely a guy thing.