A Burnaby, B.C. pipeline critic and retiree who was hit with a multi-million-dollar lawsuit by Kinder Morgan last fall is renewing his battle —this time in the B.C. legislature, with the provincial NDP introducing a so-called ‘anti-SLAPP lawsuit’ bill on Tuesday in Victoria.

“I think the NDP took up my cause once again, because they realize, that [corporate] law suits [against protesters] are a fundamental infringement on our democratic rights,“ Dutton told theNational Observer.

"They represent a clear and present danger to all the rights we take for granted,” he added.

The bill, if passed, would give B.C. judges greater powers to evaluate and punish corporations seeking to use the courts to maliciously advance merit-less legal attacks to silence or bankrupt their opponents.

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“I have a 21 year old older brother (Korean age).”

“Is there anything that changed about your brother after he became an adult?”

“He comes home late. That’s all. Because he drinks late into the night. My mom tolerates it and tells him to come home anyway, so he comes..”

“What do you think when you see that? Are you jealous?”

“I think, please grow up…”

“전 21살 된 오빠가 있어요.”

“오빠가 성인이 되고 달라진 게 있어요?”

“늦게 들어와요. 그것 말곤 없어요. 술 마시느라 그래요. 엄마가 그래도 웬만하면 집에 들어오라고 하니까 들어오는데..”

“그거 보면 어떤 생각이 들어요? 부러워요?”

“나이 먹고 참..”