EUROPE! We’re very excited to be going there this spring with Abigail Williams and our old friends in Rotten Sound!!!

22.04.16 Denmark Copenhagen @ BETA  
23.04.16 Holland Tilburg @ 013  
24.04.16 Germany Köln @ MTC  
25.04.16 UK London @ Boston Music Room  
26.04.16 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka  
27.04.16 France Paris @ Glazart  
28.04.16 Switzerland Lausanne @ Le Romandie  
30.04.16 Italy Brescia @ Circolo Colony  
01.05.16 Germany München @ Backstage  
02.05.16 Austria Wien @ Arena  
03.05.16 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island  
04.05.16 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia  
05.05.16 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang  
06.05.16 Germany Rostock @ Alte Zuckerfabrik  
07.05.16 Sweden  Gothenburg @ Truckstop Alaska

Still travelling

Entering the last week of my travels around New Zealand, have been without internet for a few days so I hope you’re all enjoying my queue still. I have a massive soft spot for Edward Keoa-Messer as he’s the only son of my former wild child Maria Messer. He loves and adores food so I’ve gone down a foodie route with with him as well as getting him betrothed to hid childhood sweetheart Fatima (those of you who have followed me for a while will know she was once one of Enzo’s many girls!)

Will try my best to catch up with my favourites, let me know if I’ve missed anything big and scandalous with your stories - I do love a bit of scandal!

Love Kat (KrazyAngelKat81)


“Thanks for coming out here tonight.”

“Thank you for inviting me,” Cierra responded smiling at Noel. 

Noel smiled back at her, reached into his backpack and drew out a rose, “Cierra will you be my date at prom?”

Cierra blushed took the rose and gave him a tight hug, “Of course I will.”


Music cascades over me, water from the tap over my hands, and my head dips back as I let it fill me up. Churning inside my guts.

With no one watching, I Move.
Hips dance in my chair,
Shoulders follow, unabashed, and I wonder:

Am I graceful?

Looking in the mirror I’ve always felt awkward and bumbling, a clumsy girl
But I am a confident woman now,

Joy Filling Me Up
     Inside out,
My fire reignited with surety

I will move and gyrate and swirl about as fluid as water, and 


One day

My honesty will make me graceful
Beautiful and sure-footed
Walking untrodden paths and leaving footprints on people’s hearts that inspire their FIRE to burn a little brighter,

It’s time for the NFL to invite Janet Jackson back to the Super Bowl
The National Football League tossed Janet Jackson under the bus in 2004 and has been trying to forget her wardrobe malfunction ever since. It's time for them to make amends.
By https://www.facebook.com/alyssa.rosenberg?fref=nf&pnref=story

This article is all truth