legacy turbo

who's world?

What really saddens me about modern day Eddsworld is that most people neglect to see what’s going on, or the real big picture of the Legacy campaign turbo-punch launched after Edds tragic passing. It’s only really occurred to me after the release of the most recent episode, ‘saloonatics’ which was animated by studio cacti that I feel I had to say something. The episode has received a load of backlash and hate due to it being animated in a style which is very different to the shows norm, or what it had been when Edd pulled the shots. Many people have come to the conclusion that the show “has finally died, it ran its course and went downhill”. Personally I feel this isn’t the case. The episode to me still retained the typical charm Eddsworld has made me feel for the last 3 or 4 years. The style was something most people including myself were uncertain would work initially but being a fan of the lead animators work, I knew it would be good. I was really surprised with the hate of the style upon the episodes release, as the animator had previously worked on a 'Toms tales’ short which generally received good feedback from fans. Now, this situation aside, I feel for the creators, more prominently Tom and Matt. They have been through a lot in the last few years, with episode delays, impatience amongst fans pressuring for releases and a cluster of unhappy older fans yearning for the “classic Eddsworld” that apparently isn’t present in the new episodes. The legacy campaign is their final tribute to Edd and his life’s work. In a way it could be seen as a collection of final episodes done by different animators which are very much tributes in themselves, most of them being done by those who were friends or people who had been influenced by his work. The choice to keep Eddsworld going after Edds passing to me doesn’t feel like an obligation or a way to make money as many haters would believe, it feels like a final goodbye, which should be experienced on a high note, but i feel this has been broken. Tom, Matt and the others are ready to be done and want to move on, however with constant hate on what can be seen as tributes to a late and great friend, they won’t be able to. So whether you are old fans or new fans, let’s just appreciate the effort of these extraordinary people, together.