legacy of slytherins

Second year Mafalda Prewett and fourth year Poonima Shah of Slytherin House c.1994 

“Your last name is Prewett?”

“Yes! Two e’s and two t’s, what is your name?”

“Shah - my name is Poonima Shah-Fenwick.”


“My father was Benjy Fenwick.”

There’s a rebellion brewing down in the dungeons 

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Seven Thirty, Uncharted Territory [Part 1] // BTS’ Suga

In which an awkward Slytherin falls for an all-too suspecting Hufflepuff.

Fluff, humour, Hogwarts AU.  
Word Count: 1.7k.

Part 1 //

Seven-thirty in the morning, and Min Yoongi is already resenting the world.

It must be some sort of curse, he thinks to himself as he slumps down at the dining table, that is desecrating either his luck or ability to pass through a day without feeling the need to snap his wand in half. While he acknowledges that optimistic mornings are not normally his forte, he can’t help but feel as though today in particular is destined to run to the ground: somebody has spiked the coffee pots with pumpkin juice- not even with good juice, too, the bloke just had to use yesterday’s stale leftovers- and the Potions essay he meticulously wrote last night is missing the back page. Couple that with a double period of Arithmancy and a stack of unreasonably difficult assignments, and it’s as though the world is serving him a big steaming platter of LOL and get fucked, mate.

Scowling, he jabs at a grilled sausage. The seventh years further up the table shoot him scathing looks, but he soundly ignores their disapproval. His housemates aren’t very fond of him, he knows, but seeing as the feeling is mutual he really couldn’t give a damn. Sometimes when he’s lying in bed at night he wonders what sort of bastardly demon could have possessed the Sorting Hat to put him in Slytherin, of all places. He’s nothing like his haughty housemates- at least, he hopes to the gods he’s not- but he supposes it has something to do with his lineage being among the oldest and most traditional in the wizarding world. A prime candidate to carry on the legacy of Salazar bleedin’ Slytherin. Really, family could positively ruin your life without even trying, sometimes.

Just as he’s about to begin his breakfast, a hand reaches over his shoulder and plucks the fork from his hold.

“What climbed into your knickers this morning, Yoongs?”

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slytherin!alec is literally the worst and i don't get why people sort him there? are they watching a different show with a different version of alec? do they simply don't understand alec as a character? at all? show me where alec lightwood is cunning? and in what world does alec 'i risk my life for my loved ones every other episode' lightwood value self preservation? he doesn't want power for himself? he isn't traditional (anymore) .. 'traditions change' anyone?? so ?! how is he a slytherin?!?

literallyyyyy, also my biggest problem with this is that most traits that ppl use in order to sort him into slytherin are just so..shallow. like his own motivations are never put into consideration? alec is not someone to do anything for individual gain like,,, but i dont wanna get into this discourse akhsdkjaa he has some slytherin tendencies i can admit but with alec’s character you always have to consider who he could become after living so many years hiding and repressed. and thats not.. a slytherin imo (but hey if it makes u happy,,,,,,,i will begrudgingly accept that if its not being done where i can see it akshdkhsd)

also i have this hc of his sorting actually
in which he asks the hat to be put into slytherin bc he knows that jace and izzy wont be sorted into it and someone needs to make the selfless choice and continue the family Legacy and become another great Slytherin in a long line of slytherins and deep down alec doesnt really want that and he’s sad and angry (and still closeted and in so much silent pain) and he doesnt really want to follow that tradition but he will do so for the Good of his family and so that his siblings can be happy even if he isnt, and the sorting hat hears all of this and goes “my dude…………….youre not a slytherin are u fucking listening to yourself lmaoooo hUFFLEPUFF”
and then he finds loyalty and family in hufflepuff


Susan Bones Allies // 1997-1998 School Year

“I don’t want you to join Dumbledore’s Army, I want you to join me. I want the Original Order’s stronghold back, fight alongside me. I am asking for my friends to help me along the way.”

Tracey Davis  Daughter of Dorcas Meadowes

What is your real name? “If you're still alive after this war, maybe I’ll tell you Bones.” 

Mafalda Prewett   Cousin of Molly, Gideon and Fabian Prewett

“I’m not - my father is - was a Squib - I can’t. You are a Prewett. Not Ronald, not Ginny, not Fred and George, you are. Never doubt that.”  

Poonima Shah Daughter of Benjy Fenwick

 “My parents are dead, now my godmother Emmeline as well, and I am stuck in this wretched school with no home left and no one to go home to.”  

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what makes you lean toward hufflepuff more than gryffindor for lena?

honestly just the fact that huff core traits are loyalty, dedication, hard work and kindness which i find extremely suitable for Lena “child of billionaires who worked out of a garage for a startup at seventeen trying to cure cancer” Luthor who pulls all-nighters at her job, learns all her employee’s names and genuinely strives for the betterment of the world? also it’d be fucking funny to imagine a Slytherin-legacy family Luthor kid being sorted into the least distinguished house lmao

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Hux tries to save Ben by sneaking info to Leia and Luke, but is caught last minute. He's a traitor to his family, to his Slytherin legacy, to Voldemort. He's punished accordingly.

He’s dragged and forced to his knees, brought before Voldemort himself who orders Kylo to be the one to inflict his punishment for being a traitor against his own kind.

The Crutiatus Curse.

“Ben, Ben, no, don’t, I’m trying to help you, can’t you see? Your grandfather wouldn’t want you to do this! It’s not too late, you can come back to your family, come back to me.”

And for a brief second, Kylo looks like he’s going to turn his wand around and point it at his Master but the innocence in Kylo’s eyes disappears, replaced by tears as he whispers “crucio” and Hux screams.

I think about Regulus Black a lot.

He is five. knows how to walk and talk properly, but his head is already full of the duties for the son of House Black. He listens to his mother, receives slaps on the hands when he places the teacup on the table wrong. Sees the bruises on Sirius’ hands for worse mistakes. He thinks this is what all families do.

He is seven now, a young man. Almost. His hair is combed back too tight, his clothes too stiff. The adults around him judge his stance, his walk, his language. Sirius wipes away the tears in the dark of his room, shushes the hurt of the words said by their father (no son of mine will ever be this weak, get up and stand straight, boy. you are a Black, not some common mutt that fears something foolish).

He is nine and watches Sirius leave for Hogwarts. He knows that it will be harder now, when his brother is not there to take the blame for him (the broken vase, the torn wallpaper, the muggle candy hidden in his drawers). But he needs to learn, he needs to follow his father’s wishes, as well.

At ten he steps into the halls of Hogwarts and wishes, so dearly, to hear the hat whisper Slytherin in his ears. Orders from mother not to be an ungrateful child, orders from father to continue the family legacy. Slytherin or nothing, bravery over fear. He is ten and he is not as brave as his brother. He may never be (but he will, one day).

He is fifteen and Sirius runs away from home. They hadn’t talked, not anymore, for a long time. Mother is furious, burns his brother’s name from the tapestry. Father pretends he never had a second son. He is afraid but he needs to take Sirius’ place, needs to be perfect, need to be right. Perhaps his brother thinks he is a fool, weakling, brainwashed. But all Regulus wants to do is survive.

He is seventeen and his arm burns, it bleeds. But he has done what his family wished yet again and the mark sits pitch black on his pale skin. He kneels before his Lord like his father kneels, like his mother kneels. All he feels is fear and regret that burns like acid. What would have Sirius done, he asks himself. Died before bowing to someone else, he knows already. But Regulus had never been courageous.

He is eighteen and for the first time Regulus decides to be brave, to be just, to be a hero. He steals the Lord’s treasure and saves his dear friend. But he pays his bravery with his life, taken by the cold hands of the inferi.

Regulus died an unknown hero. And his story with him.

Enter: The Emerald Ladies

Legacy was very important to Slytherins. Doing well in their own lifetime, for themselves, was predominate, of course, but legacy was how they were going to be remembered. Although the term “being remembered” could apply both ways (or, as all ideas were in the universe, infinitely), Slytherins wanted to do it on their own terms. That meant not going down as the batty old aunt who carried a moth-ridden umbrella everywhere, who was once a great beauty and talent in her youth but let it all go to waste; or the grumpy great-great-grandfather, who was once a brilliant business tycoon and now that he had retired, lived exclusively through his grandchildren; or that one relative who got so immersed in some obscure Muggle religion that they gave up magic forever, throwing the family in an outraged frenzy. No, they wanted to be the Salazar Slytherin, the Merlin, grand jewel of their families. They wanted to go down in history books as a name that was revered. Great ambition was just that: great. Nothing less.

It was why the idea of the Emerald Ladies was so popular back when it started in the sixties. A select group of young witches forming a secret society within Hogwarts Castle’s silver walls, protected within the green barriers of the Slytherin common room. It was a sisterhood, lead by generations of Slytherin girls intent on greatness for themselves and all their ladies. It was an enigma, as even the other members of Slytherin house could not figure out in which of the many secret chambers and passageways thread through the dorms (as the element of secrecy was so dear to the snakes) they congregated. It was a ghost story because even though there were certain signs pointing to their existence, they didn’t exist, couldn’t exist, and no one was willing to believe in it.

The best kept secrets were in plain sight, someone had once said. They must have been familiar with Slytherin house because on a particularly starry night, we get to pick out the members lounging amongst the students in the common room. There, by the fire, a redheaded fifth year with her hair in pigtails. And there, perched on the window seat, a brunette with an extraordinarily long and slim neck. Swinging on a statue, a blond producing wafts of perfumed air from her wand. In the center, ebony hair streaming down narrow shoulders as the owner flipped through a book. We are allowed the chance to observe them, and work out their secrets, starting with the secret of their meeting place. Spoiler: they don’t. Meet, that is. They communicate solely through the different perfumes that drift out of the blond’s wand, that float towards the girl in the center, who is identifying their symbolistic values by the guide to scents she is holding. The redhead stares at the fire, and now and then, unnoticed by all who weren’t watching for it, a solitary smoky figure rises toward the ceiling. A dragon, a kraken … they might have been hard to distinguish, but then again, these young witches had the benefit of magic. The brunette by the window makes sure the shadow figures pass over to the glass. She makes sure they are stopped, and that the ash smudges against the shiny window at exactly the left corner of the fourth pane down, second pane right. To an unknowing onlooker, the imprints left by the smoke figures would be virtually invisible due to the dark waters of the Black Lake on the other side of the glass. But the Emerald Ladies have their own system.

When the message has been left behind for exactly twelve minutes, the four that we’ve observed will get up and disappear into their dormitories at intervals ranging from two to ten minutes. The book that the black-haired girl had left behind would be bookmarked on a certain page, and on the next night, the cycle will begin again, with different ladies, a different system, and although we can’t be sure, a different message.



sorted by madamxpresident

Alexander Hamilton:  Slytherin.  Hamilton is consistently driven by his ambition—his desire to rise above his station, make a name for himself, help create a nation.  He is undoubtedly brave and undoubtedly values bravery in others, but he is not driven by this. And if the Sorting Hat told Alexander Hamilton “Slytherin could help you on your way to greatness,” he would take it up on that offer in a heartbeat.  Hamilton throws himself into his work, even when it requires sacrifices that hurt him/the people he loves.  His cunning is clear from his ability to make compromises with enemies that end up benefitting him more, and though a move such as the Reynolds Pamphlet seems to be antithetical to typical Slytherin values, it was in fact very calculated— Hamilton judged the risks and consequences acceptable in an effort to “protect his legacy”.  

Aaron Burr:  Slytherin

Lafayette: Gryffindor

John Laurens:  Hufflepuff.  Laurens worked devotedly towards equality literally until he died, which for me pushes him over the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff line

Hercules Mulligan:  Gryffindor.  From what we see of him, Hercules is a Gryffindor, though it’s possible his offscreen actions as spy belay not-immediately-obvious Slytherin qualities

King George:  Hufflepuff.  He’s whiny, aloof, and egotistical, but George doesn’t quite have enough active ambition and cunning to be a Slytherin.  He sees ruling as a hard job, doesn’t get the satisfaction from his power that a Slytherin would, but doesn’t shirk his duty.

Angelica Schuyler:  Ravenclaw.  She obviously has huge Hufflepuff tendencies, as well as a healthy dose of Slytherin cunning, but Angelica has a Ravenclaw spirit.  She gets the most satisfaction just from being able to converse with someone on her level; she doesn’t need power or glory, and her loyalty seems directed fairly narrowly.  She’s also a little judgmental to be a Puff.

Eliza Schuyler:  Hufflepuff.  She doesn’t really agree with Alexander’s pathological need for glory, but she’s pretty unwaveringly loyal to him and their family, and is most hurt when he doesn’t return that.

George Washington: HUFFLEPUFF.  This character is defined by his hard work, even though most of the time he’d much rather be at home than out fighting/governing.

James Madison:  Hufflepuff.  He’s dedicated to his country and the Constitution, and while he has some Slytherin cunning, he seems more concerned with making everything work than personal success.

Thomas Jefferson:  Ravenclaw.  He’s an ass, but he’s a visionary.  Also historically, Jefferson was known for being a “Renaissance Man” (i.e. ridiculously learned just for the hell of it).

Phillip Hamilton:  Gryffindor

John Reynolds:  Slytherin

Unfortunately, I don’t think we see enough from Peggy and Maria Reynolds as individuals to be able to sort them, and everyone else is pretty minor

okay okay okay let’s settle this once and for all: 

gryffindor louis pros: 

  • louis is brave and courageous 
  • louis causes mischief in a way that is very reminiscent to me of fred and George, who were both famous gryffindors 
  • louis is a smol lion, a lion is gryffindor’s mascot
  • good sexual tension between gryffindor louis and syltherin harry. house rivals = good fic. (the fact that harry is a slytherin is NOT up for debate on my blog) 
  • he and liam would be such good gryffindor bro pals they’d literally rule that dormitory 

slytherin louis pros: 

  • Resourcefulness; Cunning; Ambition; Self-Preservation; Cleverness; Fraternity …. okay this is deadass louis tho 
  • louis looks good in green 
  • his cheekbones nicely fit with the slytherin ~aesthetic 
  • lottie is def more slytherin than gryff and i like the idea of the tomlinson slytherin legacy thanks 
  • harry’s a slytherin so they can be that annoying couple that shares bunks since harry’s first year 

…….. idk this didn’t settle anything for me i like them both a lot please send help

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In which Hogwarts house would INTPs be most likely in and why?

Well, stereotypically?


Curious, interested in amassing knowledge, analytical, critical, you know, the whole shalamaboo.

But the only characters I can think of who strike me as INTP are Albus Dumbledore, Arthur Weasley and maybe Neville Longbottom and Remus Lupin (Luna always seemed like an INFP to me), all of whom are Gryffindors. 

I actually subscribe to the theory that Hogwarts Houses are not supposed to represent your character traits, but your values and values depend largely on life experiences, culture and schools of thought.
Take someone who’s “clever”, for example. Stereotypically, they would be placed in Ravenclaw, but what about Hermione? Dumbledore? Minerva McGonagall? Snape? Cedric Diggory? There are plenty of highly intelligent people all over the board - the difference lies in how they want to APPLY this character trait. 

Do they want to use their intelligence (primarily) for generating deeper knowledge and understanding the universe better? Ravenclaw.
Do they want to use their intelligence (primarily) to help other people and create a peaceful society? Hufflepuff. 
Do they want to use their intelligence (primarily) to advance in society, achieve greatness and leave a legacy? Slytherin. 
Do they want to use their intelligence (primarily) to challenge the current system, fight for their rights and survive crazy adventures? Gryffindor. 

Same for being “brave” or “loyal” or “ambitious” - sure, you can be all these things, but where do you want to take them? HOW do you want to be brave? 

So yeah, just like one INTP is not like the next, I’d say they’re probably all over the school, but with a higher concentration in Ravenclaw, because that’s where their inclinations would most likely take them. 

(Personally, I was in between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw and chose Ravenclaw. And I also consider the house system a pretty flawed system, as far as running a school goes xD)

“I have never quite thought about it before.” She mused, letting one of her curls wind fondly around her finger. “Then again, as a child I was focused on two things. School and making sure that Harry and Ron do not get killed or even worse - expelled.” She quirked up a smile for a brief moment. “He was always there. The silver haired snake with the cobalt eyes. I look back and realise that he was a very big part of my childhood no matter if it was the darker parts. I question that if I was not a muggle born and a Gryffindor, if we would have been friends? What if I was attractive as a child as he was? With rich pure blood parents and a legacy to uphold in Slytherin? These are things I wonder about. He challenges me like no other. Mentally. Magically. Though, Ginny had said before that if there is too much competition in a friendship - You will either be bitter enemies or passionate lovers in the end. Dra- Malfoy and I had taken the bitter enemies relationship. I do not know where we stand now. I sometimes wish Slytherin were as easy to read as Hufflepuffs were."