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What mapsets would be good for High Noon Drifter?

I’ve provided a lot of suggestions in the forum OP, anon.

A Fistful of Doom
Ancient Aliens
Brotherhood of Ruin
Brotherhood of Ruin: The Lost Temple
Castle Nevermore
Clockwork 70
crusades.wad, Issue 1
Dark Castle
Epic 2
Eternal Doom
Eternal Doom IV
Hell Ground
Legacy of Heroes
Mayan Mishap
Newgothic Movement 1
Newgothic Movement 2
Plutonia (You should already have this)
Plutonia 2
Plutonia Revisited Community Project
REAL: Doom 2 Conversion
Zaero: Episode 1

Out of those, my personal suggestions are Ancient Aliens, Brotherhood of Ruin/BoR: Lost Temple, Epic, Dissolution, Hell Ground, Mayan Mishap, Newgothic 1, Plutonia, and PRCP.


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369. After arguing with Will, Nico once accidentally ended up on Cato Island, territory of The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, and became friends with the people that worked at the local post office, who were legacies of Iris. Once they made up, Nico took Will there too and Nico bought a bunch of stamps and coins. 

they said for every half hour the delivery was late we’d get two free breadsticks so I went ahead with the the order… do you know how many breadsticks we’ll have in interest after 70 years? I’m an investment genius

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There once was a cat named Volekit. When he became an apprentice, he grew very close to one of the elders. Even though he was unable to pronounce his name correctly (he was missing several teeth), Volepaw enjoyed listening to his stories. Volepaw later became Volebelly. Eventually, that elder died. Volebelly was very sad, so he went to the leader and asked to change his name to how the elder mispronounced it to honor him. The leader agreed. And that is the story of Vorebelly the cat.

i’m very upset


I’m so sorry

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