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A Guide to Lynel Slaying

As most of us know, Lynels have carried their “one of the most dangerous Zelda enemies” legacy into a game where everything’s already rife with danger. Staying two steps ahead of everyone here means having the best of all worlds: nasty attack patterns, crazy damage output, and a level of sturdiness that would make cockroaches weep.

But Lynel materials are necessary to upgrade some of the better armor, their weapon drops are among the strongest you’ll ever obtain, and if you train enough to tackle them, Silver Lynels may drop some otherwise-rare materials like Diamonds and Star Fragments. So here are some pointers I can offer to alleviate your gladiatorial labors.

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What were the Miracles' reactions to encountering small luxuries for the first time after escaping Teiko? Like, we see Kise's first encounter with dessert/ice cream in A Name That Feels Like Mine, but what about other food that isn't nutritional mush? Super fluffy blankets? Stuffed animals? TV (you've mentioned various things they've watched, but what was the first encounter like)? Things made purely for enjoyment, not because they're necessary? Did some of them scorn them, and some embrace them

When the JSDF soldiers bring them back to base, Red can’t help but note the similarities of their old situation with their new. They are surrounded by people with guns and they are kept in close quarters.

“Is this the freedom you so desperately wanted, Black?” he asks the other boy, still angry at the way Black had maneuvered them to this position. “Is this part of your grand plan?”

Black does not reply.


“The beds are softer,” Green notes the next morning. They keep together, because that is what they know how to do.

“What a marvelous improvement over our previous situation,” Red says witheringly, causing Green to falter. “Where are Blue and Purple?”

“Asleep,” Pink replies. Red fixes his gaze on her and she just shrugs. “No one told us we had to get up this morning, so they decided not to.”

“They should not need to be told,” Red says, appalled by this lack of formation. Soldiers got up in the morning and prepared for work; in a new environment where everyone is the enemy, the others should know better than to be so lax with security.

“The food is better here,” Pink says, as if she didn’t hear him at all.

Red sits back, dissatisfied. It is clear that he is going to have to be firm about their new circumstances, otherwise they will forget everything they learned about survival.


“Guys, guys, have you had ice cream?” Yellow bounds in their common area holding a box that he enthusiastically drops in front of them.

“I have,” Purple says, and he’s already reaching for the box to grab a handful of wrapped packages.

“It’s amazing!” Yellow says. “Purple, leave some for everyone else.”

“It’s cold,” Green says, disapprovingly.

“It’s delicious,” Yellow corrects. “Red?”

“No, thank you, I ate already.”

“But this isn’t about eating, it’s dessert! Dessert comes after eating.”

“Calories that are not for nutritious value or sustenance serve no purpose,” Red says.

“More for the rest of us then,” Blue says, who is already taking three.


“What is this?” Red says, and he’s trying not to radiate disapproval, but it is hard to maintain his composure, when faced with… this.

“Television,” Pink says, with a smile.

“Is this an actual program monitoring that weeping woman’s behavior?”

“No, it’s fiction,” Pink says happily. “That means it’s not real.”

He had, in fact, known such things existed, but it bothers him immensely that Pink is so engrossed in this. “You do understand that this is a meaningless waste of your time, 256?” He purposefully reminds her of her designation because she is a Pink Two, and above all Pink Twos valued information and analysis. They did not fill their brains with useless drivel.

“This is not meaningless!” she says hotly. “If I don’t find out who the father of Sumiko’s baby is I’ll die.”

“It better be Hirohito,” Yellow says.

“Shut up! The father better be Sano-san or life has no meaning!”

“You might like it, Red, it’s kind of entertaining,” Yellow offers, when Red continues to just stand there.

“I am not interested in being entertained,” Red replies stiffly.


Strangely, the only one who articulates his discontent is the human, Akashi Masaomi.

“I abhor frivolity. Wasting time is humanity’s worst offense,” Masaomi says. “If you are not actively striving to better yourself, advance your legacy, or conquer your enemies, then there’s really no point in existing.”

“Yes, I quite agree, Masaomi-san,” Red says, gratified that at least someone understands, even if he is just a human.

“There are far too many things in the world that enable mankind’s laziness, and it is disgusting,” Masaomi continues. “If there weren’t so many distractions in this world, just think of what the humanity could have accomplished by now.”

“It is not just humanity,” Red says darkly, thinking about the other Projects.


“I like basketball, Akashi-kun. I think it is fun.”

They all have names now, and they’re practically human, which is just awful. “If you are only interested in fun then you should not play at all,” Akashi says. “Victory is the most important thing in any pursuit.”

“I disagree,” Kuroko says.

“We will just have to keep playing. Eventually we will learn whose philosophy is the better one,” Akashi says.


“I am disappointed in you, Midorima-kun,” Akashi says, frowning. Midorima was usually the one Project Akashi could count on to not be engaged in frivolous pursuits.

Midorima does not look up from the meticulous treatment of his nails. “There is a purpose to this, Akashi. It enhances my performance when shooting a basketball.”

“Right,” Aomine says, rolling his eyes, “That’s why you need a full-on manicure. Satsuki, what’s your excuse?”

“It is super relaxing and my nails look gorgeous,” Momoi says.

Midorima doesn’t add to this, but he does spread out his hands and admire the finished work when he doesn’t think anyone is looking.


Murasakibara, with his ever growing pile of snacks, constant sleeping, binge-watching of TV shows, and hedonistic love of soft things, is a lost cause from the start.


“Wait, what did that liar tell you?” Youji demands.

“Youji, don’t call me a liar in front of my son,” Masaomi says.

“He said he abhors frivolity?” Youji repeats incredulously. “No, and no, this guy loves frivolity. This guy practically invented the word.”

“Lies!” Masaomi yelps.

“This guy,” Youji jerks his thumb at Masaomi, “this guy refuses to sleep in anything that is not silk, and will not use bedsheets unless they have at least 1000 thread count. This guy once said, ‘I will not put anything in my mouth that was not fit for gods.’ Which, by the way, was also a lie. This guy won’t—”

“Those aren’t frivolities, those are luxuries,” Masaomi insists.

“I’m not sure I understand your distinction, Father,” Akashi says.

“Frivolity is anything that wastes time. Luxuries are the divine right of the superior for being best and strongest.”

“Ah. Yes, I see your point,” Akashi says.

“Oh lord,” Youji says, placing a hand over his eyes.


Much later, Akashi understands. He doesn’t bring it up with Kuroko until more time passes.

“It was your plan from the start,” he says one day. “Having the JSDF find us. You did have a grand plan.”

“We wouldn’t have survived without allies,” Kuroko says. “And we needed people to help us through this world.”

Akashi considers this, and thinks they could have survived. If they had been on the run from Teiko, and constantly hiding.

But there would have been a lot less luxuries, and never any frivolity, and in the long run, it wouldn’t have been much different than their life in Teiko.

A/N: Thank you, friend!! I do enjoy writing stories about the JSDF days. I’m sorry it has taken so long! And thank you, anon-friend! Your suggestion to write more about Akashi, combined with @thehomosexualistagenda thought about those who scorned comfort, gave me the final inspiration I needed to write this story =D Hope you both enjoyed!

Bad Blood (1)

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Pairings : Sehun x OC

Plot : Nara and Sehun have been mortal enemies ever since they are in diapers. Its a given fact given by their family’s history but would they actually stay mortal enemies until the end?


That is what my relationship with him is based on.From studies, sports, and legacy, our families are mortal enemies for generations from the days of our ancestors.

“We are here,miss. The driver informs me. Waking me up from my thoughts just now. “ Thank you.”

Right as soon as  I close the door, I hear the sound of engine nearing me. I look behind and great,I can smell the devil. Of course I have to arrive on school the same time as the devil,Oh Sehun.

Our eyes met and don’t even think that this will be the time for a cliche scene in the Korean dramas; where the both of us fall in love because what is about to happen next will be the total opposite of what you expect and will contradicts all of the odds.

“What the hell you are looking at,Park?” Sehun smirks at me. “Stunned by my looks?” I roll my eyes and eye him from head to toe. “You wish, my expression is more to shocked I am on how ugly your face is getting day by day.” I answer sarcastically and begin to move away only to be block by him. “Move,Oh Sehun.” I try to control my anger so early in the morning but this morning Oh Sehun decides to just piss me off.” Nope. Over my dead body.” He crouch down to my level just to point out my height. “Oh believe me, killing you is a top one in my bucket list but I don’t want to waste my entire life in the prison because of you,so move.” I push him aside and make my way to my lockers without even giving him another look. I can feel his eyes on my back like holes burning.

Bad blood between our families is an obvious reason why I hate Sehun. It’s a given fact that we have to hate each other’s guts and surpass each other achievements in academics, social and sports. As for the second reason, that will remain a secret until the right time.

A reason that no one else know and no one can know about it.I will carry this secret until the day that I die.

I am in love with Oh Sehun.


According to the history, the Oh family and the Park family has been mortal enemies for a long time and we are the fifth generation.Even our fathers are still enemies until now.The both of them are the candidates for the next congressman for upcoming election.The both of us have always been competing against each other ever since I can remember.We will be always be put against each other in any competition like tennis,ballet and polo racing.

Our next face off?

The president of the school representative council .Ironically, the both of us are running for the position of the president,just like how our fathers are.

“I am one of the most potential candidate and if I win,I’ll treat you exclusively.” I can hear Sehun’s voice from the hallway as I walk down the stairs from my class. I walk pass him,ignoring him as usual but he just wouldn’t let me have my peace. “ Looks like someone will get the punishment.” Sehun says it loudly on purpose. I can even hear his smirk in his voice. How can I even like this guy? Of course, Sehun is attracting a lot of attention which are mostly junior girls who are screaming for him and promising to vote for him. I am totally not jealous as I attract boys attentions as well.

I turn around and smile before attacking him with my own words. “You are the one who will get punished, Oh Sehun. Should I start calling you slave now?“

It has been a known tradition that whoever loses between Oh Sehun and Park Nara in every competition that they compete against,will get punished by the person who wins and the defeated can’t even deny the order that have been given by the person who wins.

“We’ll see,Park.Don’t let you eat up your own words,sweetheart.” Sehun walks to me majestically  handsomely  annoyingly just to show off how tall he is and crouch down to my level just to ruffle my hair. I puff in annoyance meanwhile he smirks that made my heart skip a beat.

Oh Sehun, you brat.


“Nara! There is something wrong with your poster!” Soojung walks in the classroom after lunch. Soojung have been my best friend since we are in diapers and she basically know everything about me (literally everything including my tiny weeny crush on Sehun) (shit I said no one knew) (forgot to include Soojung then)

“ What? What happened to my poster?” I make my way out of the class and make my way to the notice board outside of our class. There are people who are making a commotion in front of my poster and I push them away  they made a way for me. I feel a surge of rage as soon as I see my poster.

“WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO MY POSTER?” My candidate poster that actually came up really well before it was marked barbaric by someone.The poster is full of doodles that make my goddess like figure face into a drawing of a five years old! I tear my poster down and I hear a laugh made by that devil.

“Oh Sehun,I should have known that it is you who is behind all of this misfits!” I come to him with rage clearly on my face.”I swear it is not me.” Yes,maybe he was not behind it personally but I am sure that he ordered his minions to do it. “Yeah right.” I roll my eye and point his chest with my fingers. "Don’t act like you didn’t order your minions to actually do vandalism on my poster. I can’t believe you actually took the effort to do that kind of dirty trick. What are you? 5?” I poke his chest harder and speak my words menacingly. Sehun just raise his eyebrows and his two hands at his sides. “Nara, I didn’t do it and why should I ruin your pretty face?Your face is the only thing that can help you win. Besides,you have no proof. Well,I better get going.Bye Park.”

Wait, did he just say that I’m pretty? He also said that my face is the only that can help me win? Oh Sehun is the only guy who can compliment you at the same time, use those words to attack you. You will never understand my feelings,Oh Sehun and I will never understand you.

“I AM ACTUALLY THIS ONE STEP AWAY INTO DROWNING YOU INTO THE HAN RIVER.” I shout after him before following him into the hall but he seems to just keep on ignoring me and walk ahead. This is the time to actually bust his actions. I follow him into the another part of the school which is his block that I don’t usually hang around since his block belongs to the chaebol sons who are following their father’s footsteps ie; business studies, business management etc etc. As for me, my block is the art block where we learn ballet and paintings and even opera music.Classic.

“We will be voting you,Sehun!” Some junior girls giggle loudly at Sehun. “Thank you girls.” Sehun gives them love arrow. You make me sick,Oh Sehun. Suddenly he stops. Wait! He stops by my poster! I knew it! You are dead,Sehun.

He leans in to my poster slowly




and  kiss my poster! Right on the lips!

What the hell just happened?

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In Fishman Arc the seakings say that besides Shirahoshi Luffy and Roger were apparently the only others that could hear their voice... There is a headcanon/fanart going around om tumblr that Luffy's mom is Roger's sister (Gol D. Rosa, on tumblr) so what do you think of this?

Gol D. Rosa fanart is from fwips tumblr by the way…

ahhh personally, i prefer Luffy’s mom to be someone of little relation to Roger. in fact, i’d kind of rather she be someone of little renown.

i’m glad Luffy isn’t related to Roger in any way. Oda could’ve easily gone the usual shonen route of him being the Legendary Figure’s son (ala Naruto, DBZ, YYH, etc), but he didn’t, which i think makes for a more interesting story and for a more relateable main character.

Luffy admires Roger and wants to match up to his legacy, but he isn’t Roger’s son. sure, Luffy is still an Important Character’s kid (Dragon’s, aka the Most Wanted Man in the World), but we got to know Luffy long before we knew Dragon, and in the end, Dragon’s life choices and title hardly matter or influence Luffy in any way, and they do little to influence the public’s opinion since Luffy already made a name for himself by the time that information got out.

i’m sort of on Ace’s side here; he didn’t want Roger to be a part of his life since Roger had nothing to do with him in the long run. yes, Roger asked Garp to save Rouge and Ace, but he died long before Ace was born. and yet, Roger’s legacy and enemies continued to haunt and taint Ace long after, to the point where he even questioned if he had a right to be born.

Roger’s life followed Ace right up until his death. He wasn’t even considered his own person, simply ‘the child of the devil that had to die,’ by the entire world.

I don’t want Roger to be a part of  Luffy’s personal life. i don’t want Roger to be related to Luffy in any way. i feel like that taints Luffy’s journey; it gives the impression that Luffy’s journey is about destiny and familial inheritance instead of a man going out and living his dream. and while yes, we know there is some destiny at play with Luffy, but adding Luffy as Roger’s son or nephew would bring it to the forefront of the story, instead of something that’s happening vaguely behind the scenes. 

the series isn’t about destiny, it’s about making your own choices and living your life as you see fit. i don’t want Luffy to be related to Roger and to be tied down by that weight, to go go after the One Piece because he’s destined to; i want him to admire Roger and chase after his dream because he wants to.

Luffy is his own person apart from Roger. Luffy’s choices are his own, not influenced by Roger, or Dragon, or anyone else; he may be chasing after Roger’s legacy, but it’s not because he’s destined to due to familial ties, but because he wants to. he loves the idea of adventure, and the journey, and the romance of it all. 

Luffy doesn’t want a boring journey. Luffy doesn’t want to be tied down by destiny. in fact, he probably doesn’t even give a damn about it. all he wants is to be free. free to make his own choices, free to do what he wants, and free to chase his dream for his own reasons, and that’s exactly what he’s gonna do.

by making Luffy someone not related to Roger, it makes us, the readers, believe that anyone, as long as they try hard enough, could go after this amazing treasure. just look at how far Luffy himself has come since the start of the series.

i don’t want Luffy to be tied to Roger in any way. i want him to be free of those expectations, and i’m glad Oda went in that direction instead, rather than forcing that path onto Luffy.

mcu young avengers

arden cho ↭ kate bishop
anjli mohindra ↭ kamala khan
madeleine mantock ↭ america chavez
titus makin jr. ↭ david alleyne
eli goree ↭ eli bradley
katelyn turner ↭ cassie lang

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