legacy of enemies

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

In my opinion, and hopefully yours too after reading this, Eliza was the true hero of the Alexander Hamilton story/musical. 

Not only did she forgive Alexander for cheating on her with Maria Reynolds (1791) and encouraging Philip to participate in the duel with George Eacker (1801) and fire his pistol in the air, Eliza also:

Assisted Alexander all she could when he was writing The Federalist Papers (1788)

Preserved his legacy after his political enemies attempted to soil his name.

Gathered the hundreds or thousands of pages of Alexander’s writings to get his biography published.

Started the Hamilton Free School, which was the first ever school in Washington Heights. (1818)

Raised seven children alone with only the money and land that Alexander left when he was killed.

Told the stories of Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens by interviewing them (Lafayette and Mulligan) and speaking out against slavery, something Laurens focused one more than his own freedom from the British.

Raised funds in Washington D.C. for the Washington Monument, at the incredible age of 94, effectively telling his story as well (1851) 

Established New York City’s FIRST orphanage, also in honor of Alexander Hamilton (1806)

Although our country prospered thanks to people like Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams, it is quite possible that no one would have known who they were if it wasn’t for Mrs. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton.

mcu young avengers

arden cho ↭ kate bishop
anjli mohindra ↭ kamala khan
madeleine mantock ↭ america chavez
titus makin jr. ↭ david alleyne
eli goree ↭ eli bradley
katelyn turner ↭ cassie lang

I love the Schuyler Sisters and Maria’s characterization through their vocal styles…

like Angelica is set up as the intellectual equal of guys like Hamilton and Lafayette/Jefferson because she can rap as fast as them, which parallels their abilities as strategists both militarily and martially which is SUPER INTERESTING in terms of gender dynamics. She schemes just like the male characters, but she also has integrity and loyalty, unlike many of her male counterparts who are hypocritical in their ideology and repress their sentimentality. 

then Eliza and Burr, who are both equal parts cautious and contrary, sing more ballads and express their lamentations in opposition to Hamilton’s actions as narrators, which challenges the way we think about supposed antagonists by giving them back the perspective that had been erased from history in the same way that Hamilton’s legacy had been by his enemies.

the dynamic of Peggy and Maria subverts the virgin/whore dichotomy with one disappearing half way through the story and the other only appearing for one song so that their characters act more as a continuation, Maria being simultaneously a seductress, an innocent victim, and a women who got taken advantage of. Peggy pops in to remind you that she exists regardless of her lack of story line while Maria has some of the most memorable belts that express her valid desperation.