legacy control

*What have you thought about all the signs at the protest rallies that quote song lyrics from “Hamilton”?*

It’s just really humbling is the best way of putting it. I saw some first-hand when I participated in the women’s march here in London on my day off. I saw a couple of “Love is love is love” signs and that was very amazing.

It’s so funny because “Hamilton” is about not being able to control your legacy, and I believe that’s true. You can only control the thing you make. And then the way that lands on the world and the way that continues from generation to generation is completely out of your control. And so you’re grateful when you find that thing you wrote resonates with other people.

*You probably didn’t imagine the lyric “Immigrants — we get the job done” would resonate in the context it’s being used now.*

No. I had Lafayette and Hamilton on the eve of a battle just finding some common ground. That was my job as a dramatist. I could never have imagined it being picked up as a callback like this.

Fuck Castlevania
  • Castlevania: Fuck medusa heads
  • Vampire Killer: Fuck keys
  • Castlevania II: Fuck the night
  • Haunted Castle: Fuck blocks
  • The Adventure: Fuck Christopher's arthritis
  • Castlevania III: Fuck knockback damage
  • Kid Dracula: Fuck Japan-exclusivity
  • Belmont's Revenge: Fuck Soleiyu and his cheap-ass knives
  • Super Castlevania IV: Fuck this shitty soundfont
  • Rondo of Blood: Fuck Dracula
  • Bloodlines: Fuck whip-swinging
  • Dracula X: Fuck you
  • Symphony of the Night: Fuck paying good voice actors
  • Legends: Fuck Alucard, without protection
  • Castlevania 64: Fuck these controls
  • Legacy of Darkness: Fuck these controls 2: Electric awooo
  • Circle of the Moon: Fuck cards
  • Castlevania Chronicles: I can't even come up with something bad to say about this game it's a masterpiece so lemme insert a general fuck konami here
  • Harmony of Dissonance: Fuck this castle, and this one too
  • Aria of Sorrow: Fuck I'm Dracula
  • Lament of Innocence: Fuck the night, once more, with feeling
  • Dawn of Sorrow: Fuck we're not Dracula
  • Curse of Darkness: Fuck Isaac, or maybe don't, he'd probably enjoy it
  • Portrait of Ruin: FuJONATHANckCHARLOTTE
  • Order of Shadows: Fuck anyone who wants to play this game
  • Dracula X Chronicles: Fuck they're still mad at us for Dracula X
  • Order of Ecclesia: Fuck reasonable difficulty
  • Judgment: Fuck canon
  • Pachislot Akumajou Dracula: No seriously, fuck you
  • The Adventure Rebirth: Fuck we should probably make up for The Adventure too, shouldn't we
  • Harmony of Despair: Fuck active servers
  • Lords of Shadow: Fuck QTEs
  • Mirror of Fate: Fuck my dad's Dracula
  • Lords of Shadow 2: FUCK AGREUS

Leave EU (the sorta formal Brexit group during the EU referendum) keeps sharing stuff about ‘when will politicians act against terrorism’ and it’s pretty obvious if you read between the lines that they’re after mass deportations of folk, even British born folk.

And like it’s important to note the ease of which how the formal right wing (and largest) Brexit campaign has morphed into thinly veiled fascist/ultra nationalistic rhetoric. Like it was literally the official wing of Brexit.

Janet Jackson is the ONLY ARTIST to have THREE albums with five or more Billboard Top 10 hits:

  • Control: 5
  • Rhythm Nation 1814: 7*
  • janet.: 6

* Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 surpassed the record set by brother Michael & Bruce Springsteen, by having 7 singles reach the Billboard TOP 5! This record has yet to be broken. According to Billboard, she may have extended her record to eight, as “State of the World” was a Top 5 airplay hit but never commercially released. 

In addition, with the exception of “The Pleasure Principle”, EVERY single commercially released in the US from 1986′s “What Have You Done For Me Lately” till 2001′s “Someone To Call My Lover” reached the Billboard Top 10, giving Janet 24 solo Top 10 hits. 22 of these reached the Top 5, while 10 went to #1