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Finnish band ‘Santa Cruz’ to release a single named after River

Santa Cruz’s new single named River Phoenix will be released on May 26 through Sakara Records.

The album will be released only in the fall, but its first single named “River Phoenix” will be released worldwide on May 26. In Finland, the album will be released by the renowned Sakara Records and distributed by Sony Music.


The first single, “River Phoenix”, has a great symbolic significance for the band:

‘’River Phoenix is a tribute to the late actor River Phoenix, while also referring to the legend of the Phoenix, which built the nest of cinnamon sticks by burning itself on fire and emerging from these ashes. Just as River Phoenix’s legacy is going to live forever, it is also important that the Phoenix is ​​a symbol of eternal life and immortality. At the same time, it’s time for Santa Cruz to rise from its ashes and after a bit of a bit quiet, put a new gear in its eye and return to the road,’’ the band notes.

The singer of the band has been a fan of River since childhood. 

Note: That’s what I was able to translate from a Finnish website - so I’m sorry for the lack of information and the poor language. As soon as I know more about it, I’ll post here. 

Burgess Meredith, 1940.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.


i like 2 call this 1, “post-bowling feels”


Why Tom DeLonge Doesn’t Deserve Blink-182

Tom DeLonge, vocalist of Californian punk band blink-182 has left to prioritise his research into UFOs and subsequently aliens. Alkaline Trio frontman, Matt Skiba will fill the shoes left by the former member.

This all came to fruition in the aftermath of DeLonge’s inability to commit to any of the band’s upcoming studio obligations as well as live shows, most notably the Eighth annual Musink Festival. There were contrasting stories in the midst of a full blown social media meltdown, with various articles coming out of every source you can name. DeLonge admitted in an interview with Mic, he quit blink-182 to focus on a ‘national security issue’ and that he couldn’t tour alongside these plans. Whilst former bandmates, Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker called DeLonge “disrespectful and ungrateful.”

This, however, isn’t the first time Tom has left the band. blink-182 announced their hiatus in February 2005 whilst being arguably at the peak of their notoriety, having released their critically acclaimed self-titled record. Tom DeLonge’s 23-year involvement with the pop-punk juggernauts gave him a platform to be able to focus his energy and resources onto other avenues.

DeLonge has been criticised online by using blink-182 as a ‘cash cow,’ milking the brand for all it’s worth when they announced their reformation in 2009 and the signs are all there. Tom reportedly only wanted to participate in blink-182 related activities when it suited him. He would apparently become silent for months on end and then appear out of the blue insisting the band should succumb to his demands. Tom also used most of his social platforms to openly speak about his other projects, be that Angels & Airwaves or more recently his series of novels, or investigative research into UFOs. Many felt he wasn’t truly behind blink-182’s resurrection.

The tour that followed the band announcing their renewed friendships at the 51st Grammy Awards came under scrutiny through DeLonge. During this summer tour, Tom would often be heavily intoxicated and unable to drag himself through an hour and a half of blink-182’s greatest hits from their back catalogue. Failing to hit the right notes vocally, and his sloppy guitar playing left fans disheartened that a man who they once idolised had so much disregard for the band. A band that had influenced a new wave of bands the same way bands like Descendents and NOFX paved the way for blink-182.

The bands highly anticipated comeback album ‘Neighborhoods’ suffered at the hands of DeLonge too. The recording sessions for that album were disjointed and not traditional by any means. Tom worked from his studio over in San Diego whilst Barker and Hoppus worked from a studio in Los Angeles. The two parties sent over files but this led to a disappointing record that divided opinions. It was an album that seemed to lack identity, not knowing where it wanted to take itself. DeLonge was criticised for influencing the newest reincarnation of the SoCal punks with his other musical project Angel & Airwaves.

So all these arena tours, headline slots at huge festivals and an abundance of terrible, terrible merchandise went directly into the band furthering themselves and pushing themselves right? Of course not! They progressed Tom’s other projects, his novels, his other bands music, his research, his movies and what other crazy schemes DeLonge had planned. Tom had the platform to win back the hearts of fans time after time and his inability to even address the situation of his band, let alone adhere to the bands commitments was inadequate.

All this said, there are parts to DeLonge’s logic that is understandable. Tom, a man in his 40s perhaps doesn’t want to be playing teenage anthems about girls or songs that delve into the crude nature blink-182 sometimes have in their past. But then that begs the question, what were Tom’s motives for reforming the band in the first place? Also, if that is the case, Tom’s behaviour during live shows, spouting obscenities in-between songs is a tough one to comprehend.

Tom’s decision to leave the band shouldn’t leave a bad taste in fans mouths this time. DeLonge has moved onto pastures new and blink-182 are in a far better frame of mind with Matt Skiba. It’s Tom’s initial move to reach out and start playing music once more with a band of that stature, and to not treat it with the care, or finesse he once used to; tarnishing a legacy of a band that was running on borrowed time.

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You are so right about how ppl will surprise you. I don't think that H is necessarily a bad person over all, but he clearly has always wanted to be a solo act and he took the opportunity. He wanted his own legacy more than he did a band legacy and h*rries gotta face that fact. He's not perfect, get over it peeps. Lol

oh no, this doesnt make him a bad person at all, but its pretty selfish, especially for the fact that he had his ducks all lined up and the other boys were left wondering wth they were gonna do….that aspect kills me. 

It’s the 22nd in here and I just wanna tell everyone that it’s okay to be sad. You’re allowed to be sad but please, also remind yourself that all our dear MCR boys are doing good so let’s try and be happy too, okay? Let’s be respectful of them specially today and continue the legacy that the band left us. We’ll all carry on. Let’s keep running! :)