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Burgess Meredith, 1940.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

Parker taking over as the mastermind is so awesome for so many reasons, but I was watching the Ho, Ho, Ho Job and just. It’s episodes like this that continually amaze me at how good this show is at character building. Because Nate’s greatest achievement, as far as shaping Parker into a mastermind goes, isn’t that he “fixes” her or shows her the “correct way” to be or any of that shit, it’s that he nurtures Parker’s ability to see the good in people.

Because that’s what the Ho, Ho Ho Job is about essentially. Parker’s goodness and want for people to be good, to have a happy Christmas even though you know she never had one, is what saves the day. It gets them the job, it gets Nate’s head on straight, it makes things better. And it’s not that Parker’s any more trusting at the end of the series, but she wants to see the good in people, she wants to help good people, when at the being of the series she would have passed by good people without a second glance.

And I think it’s so, so lovely that Nate nurtured this to foil against the way being a mastermind eroded him, turned him into someone who slowly was poisoned against the good in people. Because Nate stopped doing the job for the right reason, and unlike the way Archie molded Parker into his own image, Nate wanted to give Parker the best of herself, something that would sustain her for a long, long time.


“It’s cold. This place is empty. It’s dirty. Are these jumps from the dump?”

“Quit whining, Smellery. A competition is a competition. I’m going to destroy you.”

“Big talk. Bet you can’t do that big one on your tiny pony. You are just a girl.”

“You’re on, at least I’m riding my own pony and not borrowing Rafe’s because he broke his foot.”

“Acorn is lame - ”

“No, he’s too fat to get over the jumps.”

“Ceili, stop picking on Celery breath, he’s gonna cry. But if he knocks my cousin’s pony into a pole I’m gonna deck him.”

“I think Weebiscuit likes it! Do you think we’ll get ribbons?”

“Maybe. Look, that old person is asleep.”

It’s the 22nd in here and I just wanna tell everyone that it’s okay to be sad. You’re allowed to be sad but please, also remind yourself that all our dear MCR boys are doing good so let’s try and be happy too, okay? Let’s be respectful of them specially today and continue the legacy that the band left us. We’ll all carry on. Let’s keep running! :)