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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves // Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 

meet bear!

a month after johnny’s death, wyla was spending a lot of time alone, wandering around oasis springs in the more unsavoury parts of town. she came across a german shepherd dog – bear – in an old junkyard, chained to an ancient, rusted hunk of metal, starving and alone. 

it took a little coaxing, but after an hour of sitting there talking in a soft, soothing voice, bear finally let her close enough to pet him – and the rest is history. 

wy named him ‘bear’ because he’s big and bad and absolutely lovable. strong like a bear and soft like a teddy. 

he’s been with the borowski’s for five months now and it feels as though he’s always been there. there is no way he could at all replace johnny, but he’s been a big help in mending the hole left in the family’s hearts after his loss. and how could you not love him, really? look at that face. 

his traits are: loyal, smart and adventurer.