Akira, sobbing: I screwed up… I did a bad thing, I didn’t mean it, I thought it was her and I had too much to drink and-

Phoebe: Dude, calm the hell down, it’s ok to make mistakes. She’d understand. I know it hurts. But, at least you got to build a family with her, you have two beautiful children, you have a piece of her walking around the house every day. I wasn’t that lucky… All I have are memories… 

Thank you @qvoix for the poses (ΘεΘ 


Daria: Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what has gotten into my head lately

Dalia: It’s not me you should apologize D! I’m just glad Diva doesn’t get hurt easily.

Daria: Since we went to that new school all you’ve done is hang with her! I felt left aside.

Dalia: What about you and Camil? Before Diva I always spent the days alone.

Daria: Lets make a treaty then. We can have and spend time with other friends but we can never forget about each other!

Dalia: Done! You’re my twin D! I’d never forget you

Henry: I’m glad you’re enjoying school, Sabrina, how are your -

Noah: She may be enjoying school, but she’s definitely having more fun at the gym. Isn’t that right?

Sabrina: Noah, I -

Noah: She came home all smiley, she couldn’t even frown when she got annoyed at me. It was hilarious. Young love, right? Remember what that’s like Henry? I can’t believe -

Sabrina: Noah! Shut the hell up!

With that, she left her half-eaten burger on her plate and stomped off to her room, leaving an incredulous Noah and a stony silence behind her.

Henry: Dude, maybe just… tone the teasing down a notch.


Emmett wrapped his fingers around Alina’s and led her to one of the canopy-covered couches. As if he had been on cue, one of the few staffers on the island magically appeared from the bungalows bringing along a couple of mimosas and a plate of poisson cru, which had quickly become one of Alina’s favorite dishes from the island. Then, as quickly and modestly as he had appeared, he was gone. 

Alina shook her head in disbelief. <<Do you think they have been seeing us having sex?>>, she asked embarrassed.

Emmett bursted out laughing, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. <<Even if they did, they are respectful enough to turn the other way>>, he reassured her kissing her cheek.

Alina sighed, smiling. <<We should probably be a little more conservative about what we do out and about>>, she suggested.


Daria: Finally, I thought Dalia would never leave

Diva: Excuse me?

Daria: Look weirdo, Camil told me a lot of things about you and I don’t like what I heard. Plus you’re a bad influence on my sister. I want you gone.

Diva: Wait, what? And you’re actually going to believe Camil? Look Daria, I know we aren’t exactly friends but I never said or done any bad thing to you

I’ve been following quite a lot of simblrs lately and started my own a few days ago. I’m currently working on a legacy based on The Caliente Household (Mainly Dina) and for people that have played The Sims 2 I have added Michael Bachelor into the mix. I will be posting scenery shots as well and delighted to follow any other simblr back. Thanks. 


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