Mtg Financial Update: 23/10/16

So now that the ProTour is over & Gameday is going on, Standard prices are stabilizing! There hasn’t been any big events for Modern or Legacy, but some big GPs are happening soon for those formats, so expect some change. 


Seeing how well the UW Flash deck is doing, as well as the RW Vehicles, Gideon Ally of Zendikar is going up in price a bit. Jace Unraveler of Secrets went up a bit as well because of the UW deck. The rest of the rising prices is not too important and mostly due to the same decks, as well as Grixis Control. On the drop though, Aetherwork Marvels is not performing as well as predicted, since the big decks right now have an advantage on it. The hype over Metallurgic Summonings died off and the price lowered, I expect to see it stay around 5$ though, so it’s not too bad (it IS an amazing card after all). Panharmonicon dropped a bit too, I still think the deck has a lot of potential, so if you can try to grab some when they drop still a bit because it’s going to go up in the long run. Saheeli & Dovin are reaching some nice lows at the moment so it could be a great moment to grab one if you need it for you EDH decks or something; Saheeli has a lot of potential in eternal formats so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her rise up during the next months/years. Also, Cataclysmic Gearhulk probably reached it’s rock bottom; I don’t see it staying under 5$ for too long, the card is too good for that; it just didn’t find a Standard home yet.


I’m sensing a slight increase in Bant/WG/Abzan CoCo decks as Tarmogoyfs, fetches & Noble Hierarchs are rising a little; nothing to worry about though. Other than that Modern is pretty boring right now; keep an eye out for the next big Modern GP early November though! Also, I’ve noticed that Tasigur the Golden Fang is now like 2$; if you’re into that sort of things I’d recommend grabbing some since it’s an amazing card and it can only go up since it’s played in EDH, in Modern and in Legacy.


Since Halloween is coming up, All Hallow’s Eve is going up in price…again…Armageddon as well for whatever reason that might be. The rest is mostly random moves and don’t matter too much. Legacy hasn’t moved much, at the end of November though there’s a big Legacy GP, so be prepared for some movement! Btw, I’m recommending looking out for Cabal Therapy; ever since the EMA reprint the rice went from a dozen dollars to like 4$ so if you’re thinking of playing them in Legacy or you just want some for whatever deck you’re playing, now might be a good time to trade for them, or at least keeping an eye out for their price. Also, I’d recommend, if possible, to get some Crop Rotation; the card is just plain good, it seems play in EDH & Legacy where it shines and is still below 2$ and has been for a while, but right now the price is slowly going up and it seems constant enough to expect a good gradual rise over a while. 

Wrap Up

That does it for this weeks’ financial update! Come back next week for some more speculation about cards & stuff. Also, the new EDH product will start it’s spoilers soon so that’s probably going to affect some prices, I’ll make sure to talk about the new cards through the next few weeks!


Claire, my dear,  you have been a driving force in my life for decades. It’s almost sad how my entire existence seems to only matter in regards to you. I only stayed in school so I could be with you. I only ever came back to be with you. I only exist so that I can exist with you. I can’t imagine being this in love with someone ever again or at all. I don’t really want to, either. You’re it for me, Babe.”


>> ARROW [S5E1]

“After Laurel’s death and the departures of both Diggle and Thea from Team Arrow, Oliver takes to the streets solo to protect Star City’s citizens as the Green Arrow…“



Next presidential debate:

Hillary: I know that Donald trump is here and he would rather not have this debate; I’ll remind you that he is NOT Secretary of State!
Donald: *tries to interrupt*
Hillary: he knows nothing of loyalty
Hillary: smells like new money, dresses like fake royalty. Desperate to rise above his station- everything he does betrays the ideals of our nation.

To be a queer teenager is to exist in a vacuum. We are cautioned of a darker time just a decade or so ago when, by the popular telling of it, openly queer Americans seemingly didn’t exist. We are so often reminded of how quickly the world changed, and how lucky we are to live in the present, that it often feels like we are a new phenomenon.

Of course this isn’t true; the freedoms that LGBTQ+ Americans enjoy today were made possible only because of queer activists who spent decades fashioning a disparate social identity into a vocal, proud community. But how many of us can name them?

When we don’t grow up learning this history, our only point of reference for what it means to be queer in the U.S. becomes the ever-complicated present. There is something deeply isolating in that. History is a mirror. Every person looks to the past to find those exceptional people who have altered their way of life, who validate both their distinct identities and their ability to change the world. Discovering your heroes, no matter who you are, is an act of hope.

—  What We Lose When We Don’t Teach LGBTQ History In Schools | Michael Waters for The Establishment
@ The Eddsworld Fandom

It’s been a few months now since ‘The End’ was released and I took my leave from the world of Edd. I just wanted to say… Thank you so much. Seriously. The resurgence of the Eddsworld fandom has been so wonderful to witness. During the four years of Eddsworld Legacy (and even immediately afterwards) I felt like such a failure. I thought I’d failed my goal of honouring Edd’s memory and giving his show a proper send-off. However, after seeing the mind-blowing amount of new faces, fan art, and passion in the fandom I truly believe that my team and I did Edd proud. It’s a fantastic feeling and it gives me some desperately needed closure. Thank you.

Legacy - 5x01 - 3 reasons to believe

Reason #1 - Oliver hasn’t lost hope

It is obvious across the episode that Oliver hasn’t lost hope when it comes to Felicity. The way his eyes linger on her when she is not looking, the frustration you can almost feel emanating from him when he has to restrain himself from touching her, the smile on his face when he talks to her or about her.

Oliver is not over Felicity and his feelings for her, even though certainly bruised after their breakup, are very much intact. Oliver is all restraint and frustration, very much similar to the mid-season 2 Oliver, when the sexual tension between him and Felicity grew stronger… and when he ended up in Sara’s arms.

The final scene is very much the one that seals the deal on Oliver’s feelings. Oliver is never as honest as he is with Diggle. He has no reason to lie to him, no reason to hide a part of himself from his brother.

His “I don’t know” is a real confession. He doesn’t consider his relationship with Felicity something that belongs to the past, something he needs to move on from. He still hopes. He still loves.  

Reason #2 - Felicity’s body language

Some will say that Felicity doesn’t love him anymore. Some that she is fooling herself. Some that she is trying to move on.

My opinion is very much “Wait & see and show me how & why”. I’m waiting for the writers to tell me what the hell is going on and to give me a reason to accept this path. Acceptation or not, one thing is obvious.

Detective Malone is not Oliver (duh, Em!). What I mean here is that Felicity’s body language is very much telling the story we need to hear. (For the purpose of this exercise, I’m putting the loft gif under the cut…).

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