Jexabelle: Don’t you think that this is all happening…too fast?

Jemma: Yes, yes I do. Sylas isn’t one to be patient and he’s waited such a long time. I-I’m sure that he is just a bit nervous just like you. 

Jexabelle: Really?

Jemma: Y-Yes, I mean he loves you so much. Today is going to be the best day of his life.

Jexabelle: I make him that happy?

Jemma: Of course you do. If you don’t mind, I have to go and get ready too.

Jexabelle: O-Ok, see you.

Jemma: Mhmm.


Sophie: “Spooky Day is coming up, Jakob! Do you know what you’re dressing up to be? Aunt Shells and Auntie Rain took us costume shopping. We already have our costumes!”

Jakob: “I have my costume too. This is the first year where I’m not going as some shirtless fool.”

Amelie: “Wow, that’s different.”

Jakob: “Oh, I know. I’m all grown up. Well, not too grown up. So, Sophie, what are you going to be for Spooky Day?”

Sophie: “I’m going to be Tinker Bell!”

Jakob: “Oh cool.”

Sophie: “I KNOW!! SO COOL!”

Jakob: “You know… my roommates and I have a costume party coming up… the weekend before Spooky Day… why don’t you all come?”

After a long day of painting, making a difference, and setting up what she needs for her new job, Selena went to explore the city. She called a cab and went across the light studded bridge to the fashion district to go to one of the food stalls near Planet Honey Pop! They only had three options but Selena didn’t care, she just wanted to know what the city could show her.


After School…

Levy: PAPA!!!!

Ehren: How was your first day little ones?

Nia: Ohhh, my little boy. Did everything go well?

Rudy: Mama! Papa! I made a friend! His name is Frankie and we sit together at lunch! 

Frankie: Hi!! I’m Frankie

Ehren: Nice to meet you Frankie, is anyone here to pick you up? Or do you ride the bus?

Frankie: My mom should be here…

Ehren: Why don’t you take Levy home, and I’ll wait here with Rudy and Frankie for Frankie’s mom….

Nia: Sounds good, nice meeting you Frankie!


Rudy @ Rudy: Just relax, it’s not so bad… Sitting here listening to a lady and writing stuff down.

Teacher: Okay class, I’ll give you five minutes of free time to chat before lunch.

Leigh: Hi! What’s your name? I’m Leigh and that’s Jazmin.

Levy: Oh it’s Levy! 

Jazmin: Super cool name, you should be our friend! Let’s sit at lunch together!

Levy: Okay! Cool!

Rudy: Doing what Levy does best, making friends…

???: Um… Hi…. 

Rudy: …………………. uh………. I…..uh…. sorry.

Frankie: I’m Frankie… I saw you sitting here, uh-alone… Do you want to eat lunch together?

inheritance is a cheap way of hedging your bets against your children. it uses them as props to posthumously decry your goodness while protecting any possible interests and control you might want to wield and maintain for your self(ishness) in life. i get the temptation because my urge is to create tangibles and then pass them on {goat farm, solar panels and batterises etc}… this is only mildly different. i have been indoctrinated. clearly. 

however, i recognize the extent to which my best and most of my energy has gone into breaking generational patterns and that this has created a “legacy” of freedom that is in many ways invaluable and is impossible, in a worldly sense, to corrupt or deny or take away or interrupt. my kid knows she has full freedom to choose – whoever she wants to be. money would make it easier but either way, no one can take that from her. so. we will see. 


“So let me get this straight; you love nature but you live in a tiny apartment in the city?”
Christopher laughed. “Yes believe it or not gardening and fishing isn’t the most fruitful job”
“Oh I believe you. When I just moved into town I went around collecting everything I could find for hours on end and it made me basically nothing” Alex shivered at the memory but Christopher’s eyes lit up at the mention of nature.
“But isn’t it so peaceful?” He said.
Alex laughed. “I don’t know about that, with all the dirt?? In this outfit?”


Sandy: Oh Frankie! I was just leaving to go get you…

Frankie: Mom! This is my friend Rudy! He waited with me after school for you! 

Sandy: Oh, hi.

Ehren: School ended at 3:00, we waited for 45 minutes so I decided to come drop him off before it became too late. I made sure to let their teacher know I was taking him home in case you got there after we left.

Ehren: I’m Ehren Villegas, and this is my son Rudy Villegas. If you ever need a ride for Frankie after school you can call me or my wife. I gave Frankie both of our numbers.

Frankie: Mom! Can I stay over at Rudy’s on Friday? 

Sandy: I-Suppose, since I know his parent…

Ehren: Time to go Rudy.

Sandy: I’m Sandy by the way, thanks for driving him home…

Ehren: Anytime