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Hello there! A year has passed and things are AHAH worse than before. As a little recap of what’s happening: my mom needs medical treatments for her health (she suffers of many phisical illnesses, like cardiac disfunction, diabetes and psoriasis, as well as depression and anxiety). My biological father was sentienced to give us money bit he refused and now he’s breaking the law by sending us 70€ every month instead of 420€. My aunt is a fucking selfish piece of shit, abusive, who wastes money in useless trips and alcohol (and yes, she still abuses me verbally) and never, EVER pays bills (we got EVERYTHING cut out because of her, from phone to internet, gas and electricity). We still don’t have the money from a heredity, and it’s been 7 fucking years.
We’re forced to live with less than 350€ per month. And you can understand how that’s hard. I’m still searching for a fucking damn job, still with no luck.

So I’m here to ask you guys if you could commission me. Even few things could help us go on for another month of two. If you can’t do it, please spread the word around.

If you’re interested, you can message me here or at aduah@hotmail.it. Paypal payments, but if someone knows another way to pay for art, feel free to tell me (but I usually use paypal because I have my credit card associated to it).

Won’t draw incest, adult x minor, anything too morally wrong.

Art is all I can offer for people’s kindness. More examples of my art can be found here and here.

Thank you all.

Facebook Lite finds success in emerging markets

(BI Intelligence)

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Facebook Lite, Facebook’s stripped-down app aimed at low-bandwidth and emerging markets, hit 200 million monthly active users, according to TechCrunch.

First launched in June 2015, the app has grown rapidly.

In March 2016, the company revealed that Facebook Lite had accrued more than 100 million monthly active users in about nine months, making it the fastest-growing Facebook app to date. This success is partly a result of many users in emerging markets owning old Android devices, which run on legacy networks like 2G, but also because a lack of infrastructure means that low-bandwidth networks are more prevalent. Stripped-down apps enable these users to access the same apps as users in mature markets.

By adapting to low-bandwidth markets, Facebook is finding success, while others wait for network connectivity to grow:

  • Asia-Pacific and Rest of World (RoW) are strong growth markets. In Q4 2016, daily active users (DAU) in these markets grew 28% year-over-year (YoY) and 22% YoY, respectively. Meanwhile, DAU in North America and Europe grew only 7% YoY and 9% YoY, respectively. Facebook CFO David Wehner highlighted Internet.org, product improvements on Android (including the Facebook Lite app), and an increase in third-party promotional free data plans as important drivers of user growth.
  • Revenue potential in these markets is growing quickly. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in emerging, low-bandwidth markets in RoW grew 52% YoY in Q4 2016 to reach $839 million, compared with $550 million in Q4 2015. This also represents a significant jump sequentially — an increase of $149 million from Q3 2016. Staking a claim in these markets early will be essential moving forward. ARPU will only increase in developing markets as infrastructure catches up to mature markets and the share of the middle-class population grows.
  • Apps that rely on high bandwidth are missing an opportunity. Snapchat, for instance, which requires strong connections to support video, generated just $8 million from its 39 million DAU in RoW for all of 2016, TechCrunch notes. Moreover, the app notes that its reliance on high bandwidth could be a factor in its stumped growth.

Facebook isn’t alone in its efforts to capture an audience in low-bandwidth markets. Google, for example, recently launched a data-friendly version of YouTube for users in India and other emerging markets. The Android-only app, called “YouTube Go,” includes a resolution option for streaming to better support user data allotments. It’s likely that competition between companies with a vested interest in reaching these users will heat up as they vie for the mind share of potential users.

BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on social media demographics that unpacks data from over a dozen sources to understand how social media demographics and preferences are still shifting.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from the report:

  • Pinterest has tremendous reach among women. Among US female internet users, 42% reported being on Pinterest in Pew’s late-2014 survey, compared to only 13% of men.
  • Instagram has become the most important and most-used social network for US teens. 32% of US teenagers cited it as their most important social network in Piper Jaffray’s twice-annual teen survey, compared to only 14% saying that of Facebook.
  • Snapchat, Vine, and Tumblr had by far the most youthful user bases of the social networks we looked at. 45% of Snapchat’s adult users are between 18 and 24, followed by Vine (28%) and Tumblr (28%), according to comScore.
  • LinkedIn enjoys high adoption among highly educated and high-income users. LinkedIn is used by 44% of Americans with income of $75,000 or more, according to Pew.
  • Messaging apps also have become more broadly popular, but still skew young: 7% of all people in the US aged 12 and older use WhatsApp, according to the Edison Research and Triton Digital survey.
  • The aging of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest is more apparent than ever. That’s especially true of Facebook: Less than two-fifths of Facebook’s adult user base in the US is aged 18 to 34, according to comScore.

In full, the report:

  • Looks at overall social networking adoption in the US and globally
  • Assesses the most important demographic skews at the top social networks, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr
  • Examines the rise of image-sharing social networks like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Compares how demographics have changed over time as older social networks have matured

To get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:

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The choice is yours. But however you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of social media demographics.

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Hey so instead of working on a research paper (procrastination is bad don’t do it kids) I decided to make a fandom family! (pls excuse the terrible gif)

the rules are simple:

◕you don’t have to be following me but hey it’d be nice

◕reblog this post to spread the word

◕check to see who’s claimed on the family page

send me an ask with your url and the character you’d like- oh and send a backup in case the person you want is taken (I already claimed Nine whoops)

◕if you want to be a character not listed, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to add it

what you’ll get:

◕my eternal love and friendship (◡‿◡✿)

◕a permanent spot on my blog

fandoms on the page:

◕Lorien Legacies (mostly)


◕The Hunger Games

◕I may be adding John Green in the future we’ll see

Enjoy! :) 


The Huntington’s Education staff recently formed a partnership with WriteGirl, a Los Angeles-based creative writing and mentoring organization that, according to the WriteGirl website, “launched in December 2001 to bring the skills and energy of professional women writers to teenage girls who do not otherwise have access to creative writing or mentoring programs.” Huntington reader Ayana Jamieson is the founder of the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network, a group of scholars, artists, activists, and fans devoted to the works of science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, whose papers reside at The Huntington. Jamieson helped develop curriculum for the partnership, which included a one-day creative writing workshop at The Huntington using Butler materials. She shares a description of the day.

Happy Birthday, Octavia Butler!

Today on VERSO, in “Writing Herself In,” Ayana Jamieson talks about a recent creative writing workshop that involved some of the Butler archive, which was acquired by The Huntington in 2009.

Octavia E. Butler near Mt. Shuksan, in the state of Washington, 2001. Photographer unknown. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

The Butler archive, which The Huntington acquired in 2009, includes more than 35 cartons (350 boxes) of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera. Photo by Kate Lain.

(Note: When we originally posted this, we quoted from the VERSO post. The wording of that bit of the blog post has changed a little in response to a great note from racheldoinglines, and the quote block above now reflects that.)

why this network?
  • let’s be honest, tumblr skews pretty young on the age scale a lot of the time (which is fine, and really – expected) but some of us “older” folks love the site, too - and It can be really hard finding fellow fans to relate to that aren’t 10-15 years younger than you. It’s nice to find people going through the same phases of life as you and still love this AMAZING SHOW. we need to bring these people together.
how to join
  • must be following this cranky old lady
  • reblog this post to apply (like for bookmarks is a-ok)
  • have ask box open (to contact those accepted)
  • have your age somewhere on your blog so I can confirm (or msg me to let me know when you apply)
 so what do I have to do to get in on this action?
  • gotta love spn & be 22+ (generally the “post school” age)
  • have a blog where spn is a main fandom (multi-fandom is a-okay)
  • quality theme, url, tags and all that jazz
  • frequent posts with quality content 
  • intriguing personality (◕‿◕✿)
  • bonus coins if you make things/contribute to fandom
so if I join this thing, what's in it for me?
  • followbacks
  • a place on the network page/promo
  • access to the members only network page for chats and things that are sure to be life changing.
  • new peeps to follow who are a little “older” too
 the fine print
  • when accepted you will be contacted with more info
  • once accepted, add a link to the network to your blog
  • tracked tag to follow: legacies network
  • will start considering members once this grabs some notes
  • will choose somewhere between 7-10 members at first
  • will add more if there are people interested and stuff