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on the set of Beat Bobby Flay

blobber looks at me and asks, “chef, what’s your signature dish?”

i take a deep breath and holler, “knucklesandwich!” and i just deck him in the mouth. he goes down hard. the studio audience screams in celebration. alex guarnaschelli stands and shakes my hand.

i look into the camera and kiss my knuckles. “i just beat bobby flay.”

Ppl are like 

“The SAW films lack political subtext, they aren’t like classic horror films.”

My guy

wHAT is more politically relevant than a self-righteous babyboomer demanding that millennials engage in nearly impossible acts of self torture for the dubious reward of being allowed to go on living????? 

When you have no cell service (multiple bars of service but nothing works) at a crowded event, turn off LTE in cellular settings. Phone will revert to a slower, but less crowded, 3G signal.

Carriers use multiple completely different frequencies for different generations of cellular technology. Since the vast majority of people have phones that support LTE (the fastest available now) this network will get clogged first, but the legacy network on different spectrum is indifferent to congestion on the LTE network.

if you’re in the hamilton fandom, you probably know about the amazing fanfic writers on it. with them in mind, we joined forces to create the newest place for you to find all the fics you want: hamwriters.

what is hamwriters? hamwriters is a network where you’ll be able to share your work and the work of writers that you like and admire. here you’ll also make new friends on our group chat and find people that you can brainstorm with to find new ideas, talk about headcanons and story ideas!

can i join? if you’re a writer, of course! here’s how to join:

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and that’s it! if you’re picked, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. there’s no limit to how many writers we’ll add to our net, so there’s aways a chance! do not throw away your shot! 

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Hello there! A year has passed and things are AHAH worse than before. As a little recap of what’s happening: my mom needs medical treatments for her health (she suffers of many phisical illnesses, like cardiac disfunction, diabetes and psoriasis, as well as depression and anxiety). My biological father was sentienced to give us money bit he refused and now he’s breaking the law by sending us 70€ every month instead of 420€. My aunt is a fucking selfish piece of shit, abusive, who wastes money in useless trips and alcohol (and yes, she still abuses me verbally) and never, EVER pays bills (we got EVERYTHING cut out because of her, from phone to internet, gas and electricity). We still don’t have the money from a heredity, and it’s been 7 fucking years.
We’re forced to live with less than 350€ per month. And you can understand how that’s hard. I’m still searching for a fucking damn job, still with no luck.

So I’m here to ask you guys if you could commission me. Even few things could help us go on for another month of two. If you can’t do it, please spread the word around.

If you’re interested, you can message me here or at aduah@hotmail.it. Paypal payments, but if someone knows another way to pay for art, feel free to tell me (but I usually use paypal because I have my credit card associated to it).

Won’t draw incest, adult x minor, anything too morally wrong.

Art is all I can offer for people’s kindness. More examples of my art can be found here and here.

Thank you all.

Hello slowly reviving Lorien Legacies Fandom! This is The Lorien Legacies Rp Network, where you can rp as your favourite character! To join;

  • Follow this blog, its important to keep updated on the rp!
  • Read our Rules and Tags pages, for the sake of your fellow members.
  • Send us an ask or a message off anon asking about the character you would like to play! There are no applications, just ask! Not all characters are open, but most of them are.
  • Make a tumblr blog for your character, and join the discord server with the link we give you. These are where you will rp! Blogs can be main or sideblogs, but try to make a blog exclusively to rp your character. 
  • Have fun!

poizoned  asked:

Hey can you describe Capricorns,

Virgos and Scorpios are ambitious, but no one can outthink, outplan, outsmart a Capricorn (unless that Cap is deep in love, like stupid love… or on hard drugs, and even then, they can be pretty mentally impressive). Capricorns are master diplomats and they know how to move easily between different groups of people. They have the gift of gab and charm on the same level of Libra. they can understand others’ feelings, though they’re not really partial to dealing with them. they don’t even like dealing with their own feelings, honestly, so instead of dealing with how they feel, they commit themselves wholly to their work, which is why they’re all really successful people who are emotional wrecks lmao. they really need stability, someone to keep them from whirling off into a unending spiral of networking and legacy-building, someone who can handle a panic attack, someone who has a mind for details (Caps are big-picture people). Caps are also the worst enemies in the world besides Aries, Geminis and Scorpios because they’ll perfectly plan your demise. it’ll be flawless and deliciously petty so they can bask in how clever their revenge is and how sorry you are for ever crossing them. they need people around them who truly believe in them no matter what. if you doubt their dream for a minute, they write you off. this is because they’re usually faking it until they make it in regards to believing in themselves, and the facade is VERY barely held together, so they have to eliminate outside doubt in their camp so they won’t begin to REALLY doubt themselves and fall apart. 

WannaCry: How to stay safe from the deadly ransomware if you own a Windows PC

A deadly ransomware named WannaCrypt or WannaCry is holding hostage troves of data across the globe, until their owners pay up. The hackers are still unknown but institutions and individuals across nearly 100 countries have been infected with over 100,000 attacks.

The ransomware exploits a Windows vulnerability for which Microsoft released a patch but most older systems like Windows XP, Windows 2003 and more have failed to install it. Microsoft has acknowledged the great ransomware threat and issued security guidance for all Windows users on how to protect your data.

Trending: Hospitals across UK in lockdown as hackers hold them ransom

“Many of our customers around the world and the critical systems they depend on were victims of the malicious ‘WannaCrypt’ software,” the company said in a blog post. “We are taking the highly unusual step of providing a security update for all customers to protect Windows platforms that are in custom support only, including Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. Customers running Windows 10 were not targeted by the attack.”

The company recommends all Windows 10 users to immediately deploy the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010. A special update has also been released by them for customers using Windows Defender which will detect this ransomware threat.

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The company also recommends updating your anti-virus software regardless of the company it belongs to, to its latest version. If organisations want to protect their network of computers, they have been advised to block legacy protocols on their networks.

As most Windows machines around the world are far from having the Windows 10 installed on their systems, Microsoft has issued manual patches for these versions. This means users still on these versions will have to manually download the patch, follow instructions and install the patch to fend off any ransomware threats. Below are the patches issued:

  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86
  • Windows XP SP2 x64
  • Windows XP SP3 x86
  • Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86
  • Windows 8 x86
  • Windows 8 x64

This guidance is only a preventive measure. For systems that have already been affected by the ransomware, there is no decryption tool yet. Your only way to get your data back is to pay the ransom or wait for a decryption tool to arrive which is expected to take a long time.

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s speech last night at the 7th Annual Night of Opportunity Gala for The Opportunity Network! Still unreal, so blessed to have been a part of the night!! (@ the Cipriani Wall Street)

SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage in the final moments of its flight during the launch of the Iridium-1 mission earlier this month.

Carrying a total of ten Iridium-NEXT satellites, Iridium-1 starts the process of replacing the legacy Iridium satellite phone network. These satellites have much longer design lifespans, higher bandwidth, and can handle far more traffic than their predecessors… and the lack of the large polished aluminum transmitter plane arrays will finally eliminate the infamous “Iridium Flares” that have plagued stellar photography and observations for the last 20 years.

Roaring aloft from Vandenburg AFB’s SLC-4 at 9:54am PST, the Falcon 9 headed south out over the Pacific Ocean with the ten satellite of the Iridium-1 mission safely tucked away in the fairing atop the second stage.

The first stage carried the second stage and payload through the thickest part of the atmosphere and added about 1/7th of the downrange velocity needed to reach orbit before detaching and flipping end-for-end and firing three of its nine engines for several seconds to reduce its downrange velocity and put the stage on a rough course for the targeted LZ, the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (ASDS) “Of Course I Still Love You”.

This was followed by the entry burn, a unique aspect of the Falcon 9 mission profile. Due to the high speeds of entry and the lack of a high-performance thermal protection system, SpaceX has adopted what the industry calls “hypersonic retropropulsion” to protect the first stage as it reenters the atmosphere. This slows the stage from 6 times the speed of sound to about 2.5 times, and provides a much finer trajectory correction to help put the stage on track for recovery.

While all this excitement is happening with the first stage, the second stage has been pushing to orbit, going from about 1km/s to, at this point, around 5.5km/s. (For those of you who don’t know metric, that’s REALLY freaking fast.) The fairing which has protected the ten satellites of the payload has been ejected, as it no longer needed to keep even the most tenuous wisps of atmosphere off the satellites.

Back at the first stage, the four sets of grid fins at the top of the booster have steered the stage to a pre-determined point in space above the ASDS, and the centermost engine lights for a fourth and final time. With a maximum thrust of nearly 100 tons, the engine provides an incredible thrust to weight ratio at this point in the flight. As a result, the engine is throttled back to around 70%, which is still a staggering 70 TONS of thrust… which is still more than the stage weighs!

Careful management of that thrust allows the onboard computer to put the stage at a dead stop right as it touches down on the ASDS, and the stage has successfully been returned to Earth.

High above the Pacific Ocean, the second stage completes most of the push to orbit and shuts down its engine, entering a 30 minute coast phase before a final burn to enter the target orbit, followed by the dispersal of the satellites.