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Maybe write about monaca on the moon? Like, what does she even do up there?

NEET in Space

So Monaka left the earth and was floating idly in space.

“Well this is boring as hell.”

She didn’t know what she expected but she should’ve known better that there was absolutely nothing out here. She dropped by the moon and saw a monokuma shuttle there so there’s that. But aside from that, there wasn’t really anything exciting to see. Or to do.

“No signal? But I’m right next to a satellite!” She whined and she was about to pull off a tantrum if only it wasn’t too tiresome to do so.

She just can’t be bothered to put in any effort anymore so she lazily laid about.

“This sucks.” She complained as she idly kicked her legs.

In hindsight, maybe becoming a NEET in space wasn’t such a good idea. After all, she still had to go back down to earth once she ran out of food. And worst of all, there wasn’t even any signal up here. How do you expect her to live her life as a proper NEET without internet? She would have googled the answer to that but oh, wait. There’s no signal here.

Just when Monaka had finally become an adult, she realized one of its inescapable truths.

Adulting is hard.

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If u scratch haise behind the ears he will do the leg kicks like a dog

AWWWH OH MY GOD lil haise just jigglin on the floor with his lil tongue poking out. Petplay lovin lil sonofa

An excerpt from Remember Enough for the Both of Us

(in which we ask the question: what if a terrible accident causes Bruce to forget who Tony is when he Hulks out? Years of love, life, and memories lost in a single incident. Can they ever recover what they lost without being destroyed in the process? And what if they do, and it happens again?):

“Maybe looking at some pictures might help,” Tony said quietly with a small smile, almost holding his breath in hopes that this might bring back even the tiniest of memories. Bruce nodded and slowly scrolled through the pictures, occasionally smiling or furrowing his brow. Tony glanced surreptitiously sideways at him, searching for any spark of recognition, then laughed a little when they got to a picture of Hulk giving Clint a noogie, Clint’s face red and legs kicking.

“Oh my God, I’d almost forgotten about that one. Hulk and Clint made some stupid bet about Steve accidentally-on-purpose losing his cowl halfway through every battle. Clint lost,” Tony said, chuckling. Bruce made a disconcerted noise, looking uncomfortable.

“Was he all right?” he asked, looking at Clint’s red face. Tony’s smile dropped.

“Yeah! Bruce, yeah, he was fine. Clint and Hulk are best bros, they give each other shit all the time…” Tony studied Bruce’s concerned face for a moment, then flipped to the next photo, smiling again. This one was a candid shot of Bruce holding Steve’s shield and talking animatedly to Tony, while Steve fixed the zip on his uniform.

“Oh, this was when we had to do that bullshit interview for Entertainment Weekly. All they wanted to ask about was our love life and whether Steve was an eligible bachelor, and it ended with Nat getting fed up and shoving her Widow’s Bite into a nest of wires under the table, taking out the power on the whole block.” Bruce laughed, scrolling again.

The next picture was of Tony and Bruce with their arms slung around each other’s shoulders, Tony in a grey suit and Bruce in a cheerful yellow shirt. Tony was quiet a moment, as Bruce held the tablet nearer, closely scrutinizing the joy and laughter radiating from both their faces.

“That was right after the Battle of New York, just over two years ago before we started dating. You- Hulk saved my life that fight, caught me from falling from space,” he murmured. “We were getting ready to come back to the tower. I didn’t want you to go on the run again, I wanted you to stay here and quit wasting your brain playing Florence Nightingale in places without running water. Your lab and R&D facility was set up, and I was hoping you’d want to try it out and stay awhile. You did.” He looked down at his hands, swallowing hard.

“I look so happy,” Bruce whispered.

“You were.”

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It was just after midnight. Franziska had notified her brother that it was time for her to go now after spending some quality time with him in his office, for once. She had to admit she had a good time with him.

However, as soon as she was out on the dark, empty streets, a middle-aged man stumbled upon her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, making it look like he grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall. “Whoa there! Are you alright, young lady?” he asked. Frightened, Franziska jumped at the intrusion and glared at her attacker. “Wh-what in the world do you think you are doing, you fool?!” she hissed.

“Whoa there! Calm down, I’m only trying to help!” he pleaded, despite not having let go of her yet. The prosecutor shivered in fear as well as disgust and kicked his leg to break free. “Why, you little–!”Growling, she chased after her while throwing every obstacle he could find toward her direction. She managed to dodge some of them, but it was quite difficult.

It was at that time he finally caught up to her. Grabbing her tightly and covering her mouth, he dragged her off to an abandoned alley. “Gotcha!” he laughed, but the woman fell sleep soon afterward because of the hankerchief he used to cover her mouth.