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What are some things you keep in mind when painting water?

*~ * ~ welcum to alyssa’s art corner ~ * ~* first off, use reference so your water direction will make more sense than what it will probably look like in your head lol. i think the most important things i keep in mind is to identify the darkest values and build and blend off from there and the other is knowing how far away the water is:

the closer the wave, the more it becomes a triangle; the further the wave, the more it becomes a thin line:

my process usually goes like: base color -> blend subtle tones to make a gradient -> draw in the shadow shapes -> build midtones from there -> highlights

here are some of my techniquez of how i lay down the values of water under the cut

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Muay Thai Leg Kick Combos, Tips and Setup Techniques

Muay Thai Leg Kick Combos, Tips and Setup Techniques

How To Throw The Leg Kick With Accuracy and Correct Technique The Muay Thai leg kick looks simple to some, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Timing, accuracy, and setting up your low kick with hand combinations and footwork is crucial to maximizing the strike to deal serious damage. Try out these various Muay Thai combinations and training tips to learn how to throw the Muay Thai…

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How can I stop hating myself

take a hot bath, sink into the water, squeeze ur tummy, kick ur legs softly like a merperson, hold ur breath above water and count to ten. look in the mirror and find at least 3 things tht u admire/value/appreciate/like abt urself, physical or emotional or mental. find the softest, purest part of ur body and put stickers on it. burn some incense and let it coat ur body-become smoke. tell urself tht it will not hurt forever. tell urself tht u are wonderful. i think u r

I’m loving having my own treadmill.
Just roll off the sofa and put on some sneakers.
No dealing with this Texas heat.
(Although my AC still isn’t fixed. It’s literally 85 degrees in here.)
70 minute jog this afternoon.
5.2 miles.
60 second plank.
50 fire hydrants each leg.
25 donkey kicks each leg.

Next in the Salabhasana sequence is Eka Pada Bhekasana. From sphinx pose, bend one knee and take a hold of the inner foot. Engage the foot by spreading the toes and articulating the arch of the foot. To prevent the knee from splaying outward, place the knee closer toward the midline so the inner legs touch. While kicking the foot into the hand, pull the hand into the foot to draw the heel down toward the outer hip. Spread and lift the fingers away from the foot, and if available, start to turn the hand so the fingers rotate a full 180 degrees from the starting position. In the end, the fingers will point in the same direction as the gaze as the elbow turns up and back. If there is space, straighten the other arm to lift the chest. Keep the second leg engaged and anchored throughout, just as it was in the previous sphinx pose. Stay and breathe.

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[ continued from x w/ shooty-moonie ]

« Imagine that being your femme, huh? » Bumblebee mused, relaxing his shoulders a bit. « I mean— your femme, the one you’re carrying— »

The sparkling had settled in Moonracer’s hold, though her legs continued kicking quite firmly. Her optics were the same shade as Bee’s, looking over the older femme’s faceplates curiously. After a moment, she attempted cooing back at Moonracer, though a garble of static followed.

« She’s— really tiny. Moon, yours is gonna be smaller when she emerges. » Bumblebee nudged said femme gently, optics ridges raising. « Imagine that. »

It’s me, Shizuka Joestar! Here to answer yooour questions!

//A?? Design for an older Shizuka?? (Aka i was gonna make this a both older/younger Shizuka badlydrawn blog at first but i kept it to the baby) kicks my legs ill take some questions as them for a lil bit and probably bring them back time to time v_v

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When throwing multiple leg kicks against your opponent, there is a good chance that your opponent will start checking your kicks. With this feint, I will show you how to get around your opponents leg kick defense and deal some damage or score some points with a big sweep. Key points to remember:

1. Set the feint up by throwing multiple rear leg kicks before the initial feint.

2. Make sure you bring your leg up to really sell the “fake” leg kick.

3. Quickly drop your leg down (hitch step) to readjust your footing and distance in order to get a good angle on your kick.

4. Don’t for get to turn your hips over!

5. Aim for the inside thigh of your opponents support leg, or if you want to go for a sweep, aim below your opponents knee, right above their ankle.

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Tegan and Sara singing The Con at The Dinah Club Skirts. Ugh the feels and Tegan does her signature leg kick. hahahah

Credit: lucky ass me (I’m Surfer Chick on YouTube)

Tegan and Sara-The Con @ Dinah Shore 4/5/14