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Why do we shame people for liking things?

No, seriously.

When a person likes make-up, leggings, Ugg boots, Starbucks, popular movies, popular songs, or going on Instagram, they have to call themselves “basic” or no one will like them.

If someone likes no make-up, jeans, sneakers, junk food, Animes/sci-fis/superhero movies, comics/mangas, or role playing online, they have to call themselves “nerd trash” or no one will like them.

Why do people have to insult themselves for what they like? Why do you care so much? Why do you judge them? People are allowed to like whatever the fuck they want to. They can like all of these, none of these, some of these in any mixture, anything goes. Stop trying to steal people’s happiness.


@killmygalaxy@unhealthydoctors​ I DID THE THING

so like me and my two mutuals discussed an AU in which Kamogawa gym had a gym tape of some kind and I HAD TO DR AW IT BC IM ALL ABOUT THAT TERRIBLE 80′S CLOTHES IN HORRIBLE COLOURS


the osaka tiger

And vol–

okokokokok i think thats enough for today goodbye everyone

I just wanna say this real quick before the new episode tomorrow

Listen, I’m fully aware that there is very real possibility that Victor is eventually going to abandon Yuri and it will be incredibly angsty. I’m also fully aware that all the gay in the anime so far could just be queer-baiting.

Will I be disappointed if all the gay is just queer-baiting?

Well, yeah.

But is that gonna stop me from watching the anime and from shipping Victor and Yuri?

Probably not.