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Jeon 01 / Jeon Jungkook (fuckboy,smut)

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🐰 Summary: You hated his name but part of you wanted to feel his tongue on your skin

🐰 Warnings: Mentions of Sex, smut

🐰 Previous chapters: chapter 02  •  chapter 03  •  chapter 04  •  chapter 05  chapter 06

note: i wrote this as a one shot but if someone wants a part 2 let me know, i know it’s very short

‘‘and i bent her over the table and I fucked her so hard, i don’t know how to explain this to you but fuck…’‘

here it is. his voice. that fucking annoying voice you hated so much. always bragging about how many girls he had fucked over, where he fucked them and most importantly how he fucked them.

jeon fucking jungkook

yup that was his name. the name that everyone was so familiar with, all the guys wanted to be his friends because they just thought how majestic he is, and between girls… well they all thought he was stunning, hot, basically a fuck boy.

you could lost count over how many girls he has slept with, and they all come back wanting more but he just pushes them away, getting ready to fuck a new girl.

you couldn’t listen anymore, you would be driving to school or home with the same bus as he because he lives very close to you, and every single day you would hear a different story of how he loves to fuck.

he basically had a group of friends that were pretty similar to him. always getting a new girl each weekend but no jeon was the ace of this group. it’s like he’s their leader and the other’s follow him.

‘‘can you be quiet for once jeon?!’‘ you screamed turning around to face him. he put a smirk on his face and licked his lips, biting them slowly and you focused on his bottom lip as it bounced a bit back ones he bit it. he turns to his friend and gets ready to say something before you turned around.

‘‘make me’‘ he says getting a laugh from his friend.

but funny thing is that no matter how hard you hated him, you still found him hot as hell. there have been multiple times of where he would say something to you ‘sex’ related and your cheeks were burning. that’s how fuck boys work, but you swore to yourself you would never let him touch you. or did you?

‘‘shut up’‘ you said before the bus finally hit stop and you were in front of school. getting your bag you waited for everyone to get off the bus, and then you stepped out. but before you could even get up a hand grabbed your forearm and dunked you down with them. you landed hard on someone’s chest, the person’s hand flung up to your mouth to prevent you from screaming.

the bus started moving again and no matter how hard you tried getting up it was no use. you couldn’t even turn to see who this person was, as they kept on having a tight grip on you. the bus stopped and the driver got off locking the vehicle. you jumped away from this person and turned around only to be met with him. jeon.

‘‘what the fuck jeon?!’‘ you screamed running up to the front of the bus, pushing the doors but they didn’t work. banging on them and windows was again no use as to no one was around, everyone already sitting in their school’s seats getting ready for their lessons, while you were stuck out here with him.

‘‘baby girl calm down, we’ve got the whole bus to ourselves’‘ he sat down on of the seats and put his legs up on a row in front of him. you stepped back towards him and hit him in his chest.

‘‘are you kidding me? get me out of here now!’‘

‘‘i don’t think so.’‘ he says before grabbing your waist and settling you down on his lap. 99% of the time he would wear black skinny jeans, where his thigh’s would show. those thigh’s that made you wet every single time you would look at him. let’s be real here you wanted to fuck him but at the same time you hated him. he was a douche bag for sleeping with so many girls, where in reality he could just have one and fuck her over and over again as many times as he would want.

‘‘w-what are you..’‘

‘‘shhh just relax baby doll’‘

his mouth went up to your neck and slowly he sucked and tugged on your skin, licking around your sweet spot before moving somewhere else. he glided his tongue across from one of your ear lobes to the other one slowly kissing them. his hands were still on your waist and he dug his fingers in them, but from time to time he would stroke them, revealing your skin.

‘‘j-jeon..’‘ you managed to say but he continued to lick and suck on your skin at the neck. at this point it was already too late and you gave in. so what, you’re just going to be another girl that got fucked by jungkook, what’s the big deal?

‘‘move your neck baby, let me suck on the other side as well’‘ he hummed in your ear before you moved hair, exposing your soft skin. his mouth felt hot and his tongue felt amazing, sending you shivers down your spine you had to grab his arms because it felt so good.

until you heard a knock. it was the bus driver.

‘‘hey! get the hell out of here!’‘ he screamed before you packed all over your things and got out as soon as he unlocked the bus. you two ran and stopped in front of the school. jungkook grabbed your arm and kissed you, surprised you pulled away with a confused look.

‘‘see you around baby’‘ giving you one final smirk he left off to the class.

let’s just say that wasn’t your last time seeing jeon jungkook.

Girls Like You (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


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Warnings: unnecessarily slow build up to smut, smut underneath last line break 

Requests- “teacher!Philip smut 👀”


A/N-( I wrote this with Philip as played by Jordan Fisher because we’ve had a lot of Anthony on this blog lately

Tags- @adothoe @coololdsoulpoetlove

Song - Guys My Age – Hey Violet (Spotify Youtube)

Words- 4,433

You rang the tiny bell on the counter and served yet another red-eyed college student. You were only two hours into your shift at The Brewhouse, campus’ student-run coffeehouse, but you’d guess that upwards of fifty cups of caffeine paradise had passed from your hands already. At least it wasn’t exam week. Quite the opposite, it was the first day of classes for the majority of students, including you.

“Hey, Y/N?” Your coworker Tyler tapped you on the shoulder. You tilted your head towards him but kept your eye on the latte you were making. First rule of being a barista, always keep your eye on the latte. “Can we switch, and you take over register for a bit? There’s a line now. You know how they make me anxious,” he said softly.

You smiled and handed him the finished drink. “Sure thing buddy.”  You turned around and wiped your hands on your apron quickly before greeting the next customer.  Several students behind her, a younger man caught your eye. He was staring at his phone with his other hand tucked into his pocket. It was a stance most people took when waiting in line. This boy had dark skin and even darker hair. In the suit he was wearing, he looked incredibly attractive. The fact that he was even wearing a suit while at college probably meant he was on his way to an internship of some kind, meaning he was successful, meaning triple the attractiveness points.

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Especially With You

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VIXX x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1,453

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“What, are you scared or something?” Taekwoon asked.

“Pff yeah, like I would get scared.” you lied.

“Then it’s settled.” Wonsik added coming in with a big box.

“What’s that?” you asked. “But never mind that, isn’t it like dangerous you know to go camping in this season?” you continued.

“Are you trying to make excuses not to go with us again?” Jaehwan questioned you.

“No of course not, why would I do that.”

“I don’t know why but she’s obviously scared.” Taekwoon stated.

“Wonsik why are you taking everything out of my fridge?” you asked him ignoring Taekwoon.

“Are you planning on not eating anything while we are there?”

“But why are you taking my food? How long do you even plan this camping trip to last? Do you really need that many?”

“Well we figured since you’re going we might as well take yours.”

“That doesn’t explain anything and when did I tell you that I’m going?” you were starting to get annoyed. This happened every time all of them got together. They decide on some stupid idea then come barging into your house dragging you along with them.

“I don’t think you have that many choices because we already got the van and took your food, so…” Jaehwan added.

“Ugh fine, let me get ready.”

“You have 5 minutes.” Taekwoon told you.

“5 minutes you have got to be joking.”

“Just hurry up the clock is already ticking.”

Trying to hold in your frustration you practically slammed open the door to your room. You thought about taking some warm clothes and when you were getting changed Hongbin came into the room without notice.

“Y/N do you have any pots we could borrow?”completely ignoring the fact that you’re half naked.

“What the fuck Hongbin, do you even know what knocking means?”

“Oh sorry but still do you-“

“Are doing this on purpose? Get the hell out of the room!”

“What, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.”

“What!?” you could feel your cheeks starting to burn.

“Oh! I made you blush! How cute!” he started laughing. You took your pillow and threw it at him.

“Get out! And find those pots by yourself!”

“Woah! You’re scary when you’re angry! Fine I’m leaving.” he said exiting to the hall and closing the door.

A few minutes later you were ready to go. You went to the living room and saw that now Jaehwan was the only one there.

“Everybody went to get the van.” he told you standing up and taking your backpack from you. “What happened there?”


“Is Hongbin giving you trouble again?”

“No, he’s just being and idiot.” you stated. “Let’s go.”

Jaehwan just gave you a quick look and followed you through the door. They weren’t lying when they told you they got a van.

“It’s huge!”

“That’s what she said.” Sanghyuk added.

“Hello to you to.” you said punching him in the arm. He got into the far back of the van, you, Hakyeon and Taekwoon sat in the middle, while Wonsik, Hongbin and Jaehwan sat in the front, Jaehwan being the one driving. He started the engine and you were beginning to reconsider your idea of actually going.

“You know what, I remembered that I have something to do, so you guys have fun.” you smiled opening the door when suddenly Hakyeon pulled you back into your seat and closed and also locked them.

“I think it’s a little bit late for that. We should get going before she tries anything else.” he told Jaehwan who finally drove out of your apartment’s parking lot.

“You know, I think it would be even better if you sat in the middle.” Hakyeon stated, standing up as much as the car’s roof let him. He got into the space between your legs and the front rows seats, hovering above you, his face too close to yours. You looked at him from the bottom up when your eyes met his and you started blushing.

“What?” he asked. “What did you just think?”

“Nothing.” you said, quickly getting into his seat.

“Hey now, don’t be like that. Tell me.” he begged. “Hey! where you blushing just now?” he asked, pinching your cheek.

“No, I’m not.”

“She’s blushing a lot today for some reason.” Hongbin laughed from the front seat.

“Shut up you! Ahh I’m going to sleep.” you said taking out your travelling pillow and positioning it on Taekwoon’s shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re the most comfortable to sleep on.” you spoke putting your head on the pillow. Taekwoon just looked at you.

“Okay, whatever.” he said.

“Hey why do I have to sit in the back alone?” Sanghyuk asked.

“Because you’re the youngest.” Hakyeon stated.

“No I’m not. Y/N is younger than me by a whole month.”

“It’s somehow scary sitting in the back alone.” you mumbled.

“What did you say?” Sanghyuk asked getting closer to you.

“I said it’s scary sitting in the back alone!”

Sanghyuk stared at you for a while in surprise and then started laughing loudly.

“Haha, what a crybaby!!”

“Ugh. I ought to better not talk with any of you.” you said making yourself comfortable on Taekwoon’s shoulder and closing your eyes. You don’t remember when you fell asleep but you woke up in the car alone, a blanket on you. You looked around and saw that the boys were building the tents outside. You stepped out of the car and went to help them.

“Look who decided to show up.” Wonsik told everyone.

“Why are there only three tents?”

“So you could sleep with me.” he smirked.

“No way am I sleeping with you.”

“This one over here has enough room for three, while the other two have enough for two, so either way, you’re gonna have to sleep with somebody.” Jaehwan said.

“I say we do rock-paper-scissors and whoever wins gets to sleep with Y/N.” Sanghyuk suggested.

“Why do you get to decide for me?” you were about to ask but they already started playing. Hongbin won.

“I guess I can keep you all to myself tonight” he joked to which you just rolled your eyes.

You decided to start the fire instead and before dark you were all ready. You ate your dinner and were now roasting marshmallows over the fire.

“You know, I heard a bunch of people disappeared in these areas.” Hongbin started.

“Are you serious?” you gulped.

“Of course, the last one disappeared just yesterday.”

“Stop joking like that, it’s not funny.”

“I never said I was joking.” he looked at you with a serious face.

“Hongbin, stop. She’s scared of camping as it is.” Jaehwan said.

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah right.” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Why don’t we talk about something else instead.” you tried to change the subject.

“Okay then. How about we play truth or dare?” Hakyeon suggested. “I start. Y/N what did you think about back then in the car?”

Everyone looked at you.

“Okay I’m going to sleep.” you told everyone standing up.

“Hey, stop avoiding the question!”

“Are you going to sleep without me?” Hongbin interrupted, trying to make an offended expression.

“Yes I am.” you stated and went to tent, everyone following you with their eyes.

“What’s up with her?” Taekwoon inquired.

But before anyone could answer his question you came back.

“Back already?” Wonsik asked.

“Well you know I thought since we are all here maybe I will stay for a bit longer.”

“You’re scared, aren’t you!?” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Oh come here you! You look so cute when you’re shy.” Jaehwan said pulling you to the bench and putting a blanket around your shoulders.

You talked with them about everything and nothing and before you knew it, it was already way past midnight.

“Maybe we should go to sleep.” Taekwoon suggested.

“I’m going to be here for a little while longer, the fire calms me down somehow.” you told them.

“I will meet you in the tent then.” Hongbin winked.

As they all went their separate ways you grabbed Hakyeon by his jacket sleeve.

“Could you maybe stay with me?” you begged. He looked at you with warm eyes.

“Of course.” he said, sitting next to you. You decided to share your blanket with him and now both of you were sitting silently by the fire.

“You know, I might come off as a bitch sometimes but I actually really like spending time, like this, with you guys.”

“I know.”

You put your head on his lap.

“I wish moments like these would last forever” you whispered.

Hakyeon looked down at you.

“Me too.” he said stroking your hair. “Especially with you.” he thought to himself.

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Exercise regimen for somewhat beginners?

Sorry for the late reply! I tried to be as detailed as possible! 

Usually beginners perform the best with 3x a week full body routine. This means working your entire body when you go to the gym, but only going 3 times a week.

[#] indicates how many exercises from each group to do in your workout. To save on time, cut out arm exercises from your routine.

Chest: Bench press (dumbbell or barbell). Incline/decline bench press (dumbbell or barbell). Chest Flies. Chest dips. Push-ups. [1]

Back: Bent over rows. Seated Cable rows. Lat pulldown. Dumbbell rows. Pullups (or variation). Deadlifts. [2]

Shoulders: Dumbbell shoulder press (sitting or standing). Lateral side raises. Lateral front raises. Rear lateral raises. Face pulls. Machine shoulder press. [1, or pair 2 when doing front/rear exercises.]

Legs: Squats. Leg press. Calf raises. Lunges. Abductor/adductor machine (or with resistance bands). Leg extensions. Leg curls. [2]

Arms: Bicep curls (chose from preferred variations). Tricep extensions (choose fro preferred variations). Tricep dips. Use dumbbells or barbells. [pair 2]

Core: Planks + variations. Hanging leg raises or knee raises. Kneeling cable crunch. Russian twists. [1]

(It doesn’t have to be in this order, generally you do the heaviest and hardest exercise first). Again, to save time, cut out arm exercises. Your arms will be worked out doing the other major muscle groups. [Triceps get worked with chest, biceps with back.]

Example Day 1: Incline bench -> Lat pulldown -> cable row -> Lateral side raises -> Leg press -> Dumbbell Squats -> Bicep curls + tricep extensions (super-setting if you want) -> Plank 

Example Day 2: Deadlifts -> Lunges -> Calf raises -> Shoulder press -> Chest flies -> Dumbbell row -> Bicep curl + tricep extension -> Hanging leg raises.

Example Day 3: Pullup -> Bench press -> Front lateral raises -> Rear lateral raises -> Bent over row -> Leg extension -> Leg curl -> Bicep curl + tricep extension -> Kneeling cable crunch.

You can also follow a beginner routine.

The Ultimate beginner full body workout.

Beginner fullbody workout.

Complete workout with only your body. (long read)

I also have a youtube video on a home routine.

Once you stop progressing with this you can move onto a new routine such as a bro split (day 1: arms / day 2: chest, etc) or PPL (push [chest, shoulder, triceps], pull [back, biceps], legs), or Upper/lower splits.

I sorta have my own routine going on to work on my personal weak points.

~3 year progress ^^^, and I started with no help, no knowledge, just doing whatever in the gym.

You can do it!!

  • me: i need a distinct image. i need a dynamic way of dressing. i need a style
  • also me: hwo many times can i wear the same pair of leggings in a row before the holes in the thighs legally count as indecent exposure

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25 ( a n g s t)

“I want an answer, goddammit!”


“I want an answer, goddammit!”

“And you will have it,” the nurse told him calmly, “as soon as we have any more information to give you. Until then, Mr Rogers, we’d appreciate it if you’d take a seat.” 

I’d appreciate it,” Bruce said, voice tight, “if you’d take a seat. Please.” 

Steve looked at him for a second, jaw visibly clenching, and then he let out a long breath and sat, rocking forward and clenching his hands into fists in his hair. 

Tony was over at the reception desk, attempting to sweet talk the duty nurse into providing more information; Natasha had her hand on Bruce’s back and was humming something, sweet and low. 

To Clint, it kinda felt like it was happening somewhere else. Somewhere a galaxy away. Maybe his aids were malfunctioning, ‘cos everyone sounded like they were talking underwater, but every clatter of the doors they weren’t allowed to go past was like a thunderclap in his head. 

He closed his eyes, stretched his legs out along the row of chairs he’d appropriated, folded his arms tight across his chest. 

“He can sleep at a time like this?” Steve asked someone, in a universe two steps over, and Clint focused his efforts on remembering how to breathe. 

Maybe he did sleep, a little, or maybe the universe - for once in his goddamned life - did exactly what he wanted and, for a time, went away. A clatter of thunder, a couple, a storm, and he pushed himself upright and stood shoulder to shoulder with Steve. 

There was blood on the doctor’s scrubs. 

Oh, Clint thought. His hand shot out without conscious thought and slapped against the solidity of the wall, kept him standing. 

“Mr Barnes,” he said, and Clint’s brain didn’t quite grab hold of that, slipped and skipped and took a second to refocus. 

“ - severe injuries,” the doctor was saying when he managed to tune back in, and her face was probably best described as sympathetic, which was possibly the worst expression that a face had ever worn. “His healing abilities were actively unhelpful when we tried to remove all the shrapnel, and he lost a significant amount of blood. Until he wakes up, we won’t know exactly the extent of the -”

“Until?” Clint interrupted, his voice about as steady as his legs. “So he’s - he’s gonna, you know that he’s -”

“Yes,” she said. “Absolutely. That at least is not in question.” 

“Oh,” Clint said, and it took a couple seconds of skewed perspective to notice that he had hit the floor. “Oh, shit.” 

“Clint?” Steve asked, confused and worried in about equal measure, but there was no way Clint could answer all choked up like he was. 

“I think,” Natasha said carefully, “our archer’s in love.” 

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Would you care to write a drabble of the castle redoing Mrs. and Mr. Potts's wedding because Chip found his mother's wedding dress and was bummed that he missed it?


“Oof.” Lumiere sneezes. “I try not to go up to this attic, much—”

“Why? Worried you’re going to find an old flame?” Plumette teases.

No! No. Where do you hear such stories?! I never dated a Christmas ornament, I told you that never happened—”

“Mm-hmm. So why do you live in terror of the attic?”

“It’s not terr—AGH.” Lumiere sees a spider and leaps. Stubborn, still, as he stands on top of a chair: “It’s not terror. I just…don’t like old things.”

The two of them stand, surrounded by the dusting heaps of objects. Unmoving hat stands, cutlery, trunks, closets, knick-knacks: it is all too silent for Lumiere, too dead. Nothing here moves or feels or glows. Nothing has a heartbeat.

 It reminds him too much of the night of the curse.

Plumette sees his eyes start to glance toward a dusty, broken feather-duster, and sidesteps in front of it so all he sees are her skirts. “Mon amour! Come, now. We don’t have to stay. She just wants her old trunk, to get the linens from it—”

“Oui! Oui.” He starts from reverie and jumps toward the old trunk, hauled up in the back of the attic. “Beatrice” is inscribed on it, hard nails in cracked leather; and it still smells like tea and clean muslin and English-garden-rosemary. “I suppose she hasn’t had this out since she came across the channel—uff.”

Lumiere has never been strong in his arms. They get it down the stairs—where Adam, thank heaven, is there to pick it up with ease—and the maître d'sighs and massages his limbs.

“We’ve found you your trunk!” he calls to Mrs. Potts. “And about ten thousand pounds of dust. Did you secretly want to kill me? You know I’m allergic—”

“You’re just French, that’s what, no backbone for the harsher things in life,” says the housekeeper, bustling forward and smiling at the chest. “Now! Look at that! You’ve done wonderfully, Lumiere, Plumette. Hold it there, there’s a lock—”

The trunk flies open, with another cloud of dust. Lumiere sneezes in misery and stands back.

The whole castle has gathered for the momentous occasion of opening Mrs. Potts’ bridal trunk—Belle and Chapeau and Adam and Chip and all the rest, to see Mrs. Potts’ old life in all its dust and rosemary. She herself hasn’t looked at it for years; but she wants the linens, now, the ones her mother wove for her. They’ll look nice, out on the table. Mrs. Potts doesn’t like to hide things away, any more—she has the good china out at every meal, and lets Chip run around to his heart’s content.

He is not running now, though. He peers into the box with an eager face.

“I don’t see any linens,” he says.

“It’s not pirate treasure, dear, I told you,” says Mrs. Potts, digging down inside. “Just a trunk, with a few old secrets. Like—oh!—that.” She takes out an old, English-style Christmas ornament—a hammered-tin angel, with cunning eyes.

“I told you,” Plumette whispers, poking at Lumiere. He pretends to sneeze and looks away.

“Now let’s see, this isn’t table cloths—nor this either—now! Dear! What’s this?”

She draws it out, with careful fingers. A beautiful, light-blue dress—of the old sort, the kind from thirty, forty years ago, the kind Belle knows from the sketches of her mother. It’s a costly dress, for Mrs. Potts; it would have taken a year’s salary for a miller’s daughter to afford such a gown, though it looks plain enough in Adam’s hall.

Chip gapes. “Is it a fairy-gown?”

“No, dear, though it might have fit through a thimble once—my mother made this lace herself.” Mrs. Potts smiles, and fingers the fading fabric. “I got married, in this dress. To Mr. Potts himself. Pretty, isn’t it?”

“You—got married in this?” Chip’s eyes wander over the little English primroses embroidered on the silk.

“Yes, dear. My mother cried to see it.”

“Why wasn’t I there?” he demands.

“Luv! You weren’t born, yet.”

“Well, why didn’t you wait until I was born?” Chip is inexhaustible. Plumette hides a laugh, and Belle’s close-lipped smile tucks up in one corner.

“Oh, dear, it was such a long time ago. You wouldn’t have wanted to be there for it.”

“But I did! I do! Oh, mum, please! Can you do it again? So I don’t miss it this time?”

Mrs. Potts starts to say no. But then she remembers—don’t hide anything away—and Chip is so eager, so happy, as he holds the dress made by a woman he will never know.

“Well,” says Mrs. Potts, “my mother surely wouldn’t mind. She always said we’d have to do it again, do it proper, without the cats all crawling on the altar.”

She doesn’t let Lumiere help. Plumette, she does—“Because you’re a rational soul, dear, and don’t get these extravagant ideas”—but she keeps a steady order to things, and turns down the buckets of roses and the twenty bridesmaids and the gold-trimmed invitations the maid suggests.

“No, no, that won’t do at all,” she says. “We’re honest folk, me and Mr. Potts. We’ll get married in the ordinary fashion.”

“But a swan cut from ice is the ordinary fashion—”

“In Paris, maybe. But we’ll have a Yorkshire wedding, here in Villeneuve.”

So they trim up Pere Robert’s little church, and order in blackberry ice cream, the kind that Stanley makes himself. (he’s taken to new hobbies, since the old ones went out of style.) Belle researches old English vows, and together with Adam cobbles together some little promises the two old lovers can keep—to keep a steady hob, and love each other beyond curses and broken crockery. Mrs. Potts gets out the dress, and looks at the seams with a furrowed brow, and carefully lets it out an inch here, and an inch there. She washes the lace and tucks it up on a chair, with little rose-bundle sachets to keep it sweet.

Chip is everywhere. He cannot be stopped. The castle gives up on keeping up with him—he slips past Adam’s fingers, and skyrockets past Lumiere’s, and Belle can only get him to sit down after giving him peas to shell, or rings to polish, or shoes to shine. He is never happier than when his father asks him to pick out a proper corsage—“no enchanted roses, now; there’s my boy.”

The wedding is held on a morning. Plumette insists that late afternoon would be more fashionable, but Mrs. Potts maintains that afternoon weddings are always rainy. Never mind if that was in Yorkshire—she has a morning wedding, and Chapeau’s sisters help her get dressed.

Chip is perched in the front row. His legs won’t stop jiggling. He grins at the church’s high ceiling, and the fresh-scrubbed altar, and Belle standing there with her fingers on her lips.

Mrs. Potts looks beautiful. The old dress suits her perfectly; and Mr. Potts cries to see her, and opens his arms, and lets Adam give her away. Cogsworth dabs his eyes, and hands the two the rings—crafted to look like two clasped hands, and the ones they’ve worn forever, but shined to look new by Chip. And they say the gentle vows that Belle wrote, and Pere Robert blesses them, right as it starts to rain.

“Oh! This is lovely,” whispers Mrs. Potts, slipping on her ring. “My mother would be so proud.”

“I know she would, love,” says Mr. Potts. “And—oh! Oh! Dear!”

There are cats flocking all over the alter, tipping over the candles and strewing the bread. Chip stands by, an open sack in one hand, another cat crawling across the other.

“I thought,” he says, beaming at his mum and dad, “if I spoiled it again, we could have another wedding every year. Like your mum would want!”

And the Yorkshire rain—come just to Villeneuve to say hello to Mrs. Potts—can’t drown out the laughter in the little church.

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