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Human Sardonyx(es?)
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I really don’t feel like coloring this, but at the same time, I don’t believe it needs colors? It has been a long time since I did a black and white pic. Also, Leticia Curi is my real name! I’m figuring out how to sign it in a cool way. 

Also thanks everyone who send me helpful messages, I’m ok, I’m just on a “meh” state! Sorry to worry you guys!

tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
p.s. thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!! They were super sweet and I love you all so much

  • Me (11 years old): I want Harry Potter bedsheets
  • My mom: no you can't have them because in 10 years you won't want to sleep under them anymore
  • Me (23 years old): *buys Harry Potter bedsheets*

BTS Reacts: making them jealous

It’s been a frustrating week. The guy you’ve been hooking up with has totally been ignoring you. It doesn’t make it easy to have to see him everyday, but that’s what you get for hooking up with the resident of a house you’re employed to keep clean. Maybe it would do him some good to know he’s not your only option.

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::he heard you giggling from across the house, and followed the sound until it lead him to the mon studio. He waited outside the door for a moment, but he could only make out the sound of your laughter, and the low rumble of his brothers voice::

“Yah…” ::he swung the door open to find you sitting beside Namjoon, your legs tossed over his right thigh. His hand exploring the skin just under your skirt.::

“So this is how it is?”

“Those weren’t just hookups to me. I thought they were more to you too…”

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::he sat across from you at the dinner table. He watched you drink glass after glass of soju. He locked your gaze with his for just long enough to let you know you needed to calm down.::

you: “Jin oppa! I didn’t realize your thighs were so muscular….” you reach down and gently slide your hand up his thigh.

::Yoongi ignores the comment. Silently (but aggressively) watching the show you were putting on::

“Jin hyung. If you’re gunna fuck my girl, could you do it away from the salad.”

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::your moans flooded the house. Namjoon pulled his headphones down to listen with more intent. It was definitely you… and it was definitely moans… but why. He thought of where you could be and who you’d be with, knowing you weren’t nearly that loud when you were alone. Leaving the wireless headset resting around his neck, Namjoon walked down the hallway, following your sounds of lust::

“Wow. Jimin’s room.” Namjoon smiled as he snickered to himself. He swung the door open, only to unexpectedly find his youngest brother on top of you.

“Jungkook… the fuck is happening.”

Jungkook was quick to back away from you; pulling his fingers from your core, and allowing you to pull your dress back down over your lap.

Namjoon leaned down to you, his hand sliding across your waist. “Listen slut. I didn’t even ask you out. You’re not mine, and I’m not yours. If you wanna fuck the maknae, go for it. Just shut up. I’m trying to work.”

He winks at Jungkook on the way out. “She’s all yours, kook-ah. Just keep her quiet. The goddamn neighbors can hear her.”

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Half asleep in the back of the taxi on the way home, jhope sat between you and the door, with Taehyung on the other side of you. He wasn’t sure if he was bored with you, or just too busy to care but he hadn’t been showing you much attention at all. He was contemplating exactly what had happened between you two when he heard a very breathy, light moan escape from your lips. He shot his head around to see your back arched, and Taehyung’s hand between your legs. Hobi just smiled.

He leaned back himself, and whispered “I knew you were a fucking whore.”

Hobi’s hand made its way up your thigh and in between your legs, along with Tae’s. They both teased you with their fingers until you arrived back at the dorm. Hobi suddenly pulled away.

“We’re here, baby.”

“We’ll be in our rooms…. whenever you decide who you’d like to finish you.”

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::texts you at 2am, looking to hookup. When you respond with a picture of you sitting on Yoongi’s lap in some night club, he’s infuriated::

“Really.. who does she think she is?!”

At the club, you decide Yoongi’s too drunk to play. He came in to kiss you and ended up just leaning on your shoulder. You hate it, but you have to text Jimin to come help you get him home.

After you and Jimin get Yoongi safely tucked in bed, Jimin grabs your wrist and pushes you against the wall.

“I know what you’re doing. I didn’t find it funny.” He harshly pushes a hand up your thigh and under your dress. You smile to yourself, because he’s finally giving you what you’ve been wanting for days.

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::you tried texting him earlier this evening, and he just ignored it, stuffing his phone back into his pocket. He just wasn’t in the mood to talk to you. He knew you’d still be there when he wanted to play with you.::

Tae walked into the kitchen to get a drink. As he lowered the water bottle from his mouth, he saw you. You sat facing away from him on the couch. He gulped down hard when he noticed Jimin’s hands clutching your waist. You were straddling the boy on the couch.

Tae watched as your hands explored Jimin’s neck and chest. Jimin’s fingers dug into your sides as he thrust gently up at you. You’re both still clothed, but the sensation was enough to make you whimper just slightly.

Tae clears his throat as he leans against the door frame between the kitchen and living room.

“Having fun?”

You try to get off Jimin, but he pulls you back down onto him.

Jimin: “ignore him. focus on me, baby.”

Tae laughed and cocked his head to the side. He angrily stomped toward you, lifting you in the air by your waist. He threw you over his shoulder and carried you into his bedroom. You looked up as you were being carried away, and saw Jimin toss his head gently on the back of the couch and sigh desperately. Maybe next time, Jiminnie.

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Jungkook had no desire to make you his. He rudely expressed that on multiple occasions. You were his toy and that was that. Still though, you thought maybe if he saw you with Hobi… it would trigger something in him.

You began flirting with Hoseok one night when you and the boys decided to watch a movie. You “coincidentally” sat beside Hoseok on the couch. The boys were all tired from their schedules, and began to doze off on the floor and couch. Hoseok was quick to wake up when you leaned your head down to his shoulder, pulling your knees to your chest and letting your legs fall and rest against his side and stomach. He hesitantly reached up and put his hand on the outside of your calf. He stroked his thumb lightly on your leg, taking his moves slowly just in case he was reading the situation wrong.

You make eye contact with Jungkook for just a second before leaning in to Hoseok, your lips just an inch from his ear and neck. “I need you… daddy.” Hoseok visibily twitched at your word choice, and turned his body to you. Forgetting you weren’t alone in the room, Hoseok pushed you down to lay flat on your back on the couch. He positioned himself in between your legs, his necklace dragging along your stomach as he kissed and sucked on your neck.

You turn your head to see Jungkook staring at you. You smile at him in the most evil, “see what I’m doing” way you could possibly create. Jungkook was quick to stand, kneeling down to you; his brother still working your neck and collarbones. Jungkook reached for his brothers hand, and you were so relieved he was going to stop this and finally make you his.

Instead though, when Hoseok‘s hand met jungkooks, it just sort of slid off, and then they first bumped each other. Jungkook smiled at you, knowing what you were trying to do. “Have fun, baby girl.” Jungkook kissed your forehead, and stretch his arms above his head as he walked back to his room.